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And Then There Was Bill Simmons…..

Updated: September 14, 2007

Greg Oden. Out for the year.

My co-worker and I almost said it simultaneously, but he beat me to the punch. Damn. Not the ‘beat me to the punch part’, but the Greg Oden part. First, I felt bad for the league. The NBA needed the pub, all that’s going on. Okay, draft picks 1 & 2 went to the west coast. They’re in small markets. Oh well. Point is, they’d arrived. Oden and Durant. Durant and Oden. Debate all you want, but they were both in the league and both were selected by teams which should feel damn lucky to get them in the first place. Both of them still are in the league, we just have the debut for one a little bit delayed. Good, Oden and get adjusted to NBA life.

So what did I do when I first heard the news? Check out Henry Abbott’s True Hoop blog of course. Timely, sensible, reasonable, and on-point. And the ‘Grieving with Greg Oden’ entry was not only a first responder, it actually made sense. Go ahead, read for yourself.

But wait Henry…what’s all this “Don’t even talk to me about Sam Bowie” crap? Where’d you get that? I want a name and I want it now. News is so fresh…who’d think, who’d consider? Yea, it would eventually cross all of our minds. But really. Even comment #2 to the blog entry questioned the ‘Beware the Bowie mention, mention’.

And then there was Billy Simmons…..

Checking later that night, there is was in big letters, ‘Sam I Am?’ on the homepage. And who wrote the lead column? Bill Simmons of course. Say it ain’t so.

“It’s one of the saddest stories in recent NBA history…” Really Bill? Really? I would think that the Eddie Griffin story was pretty sad. But a kid with his life still ahead of him? Yes, it’s tough-luck, but sad? No.

Simmons goes on to conveniently use Oden’s injury as support for his Durant for #1 argument. Seems a little early to crow, not to mention unfair to Greg Oden. It’s sad that a knee injury happened to this kid. The burden of the franchise has already been put on his shoulders. It is sad that the media wants to now depreciate the hope of the franchise, and Oden, with Sam Bowie comparisons.

I like Bill Simmons, I really do. He’s extremely readable and writes with distinct logic. He attracts readership by bringing out the inner cynic in all of us. It’s just that in this case, he’s a little quick to turn an unfortunate situation into a decisive judgment on his predictions.


Henry Abbott supports the ‘Greg Oden is Not Sam Bowie’ argument here.

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