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University of Tennessee Volunteer Criminals

Updated: September 8, 2007

Has anyone every wondered what they put in the water at the University of Tennessee?

Well, I don’t either….but UT football player names involved in legal issues started to ring a bell after remembering that Travis Henry played football there. So, I did a little research.

Let’s go for the run down from worst to first.

#8) Peyton Manning – QB – Indianapolis Colts

While at UT, Rocket Arm’s failed pass attempt at a young female trainer led to two separate six-figure sexual harassment settlements. Who knew that dropping your pants while being treated would result in “Moon-Gate ’96”? Peyton then went on to star in every commercial ever and has a snotty little brother who went to Ole Miss.

#7) Jamal Lewis – RB – Cleveland Browns

After insisting on his innocence in helping broker a cocaine deal for one of his childhood homies in 2000, Jamal pleaded guilty and served 4 months in prison in 2005. Just another example of someone needing to cut ties with the old neighborhood. Luckily, his plea helped him avoid conspiracy charges which could’ve landed him in court for 10-plus.

#6) Travis Henry – RB – Denver Broncos

Who dat now? That’s just my nine-time baby daddy! But Travis has thoughtfully spread out his assets. He and all nine different mothers get to dedicate time to the babies without any direct sibling rivalries to worry about. Who’s daddy’s favorite? All of them! Or none of them considering that he’s dodging collection agencies and borrowing money to make past child support payments. But hey, at least he uses his bad checks to try to buy expensive jewelry according to one collection service.

#5) Jason Witten – TE – Dallas Cowboys

Currently plays for the Cowboys. ‘Nuff said.

#4) Frank Weary – G – Houston Texans

This UT defensive standout was recently involved in a fight at a nightclub in Houston. Perhaps he was still fuming from being pulled over by the cops in November ’06. One afternoon, Weary was pulled over for suspicious behavior. He allegedly was making improper lanes changes, did not have proper plates on his Impala, and was “suspiciously” looking at the police while still driving. Not surprising that he was pulled over. Upon refusing to give his license a couple times and upon reaching into his console, was asked to step out of the car. The rest involved him being belligerent, slapping a cop’s hands away from him and then Weary getting tasered by the Po-Pos. Look, you can question the justification over the traffic stop, you can cry racial profiling all you want….but the fact is that if you are pulled over and are not smart enough to cooperate with the police, you are asking for trouble. White, Black, Asian, Choctaw.

#3) Albert Haynesworth – DT – Tennessee Titans

Where to begin with Albert?….easy, bullet points.

  • At UT, Temper-Tantrum Al was kicked out of practice by Phillip Fulmer for fighting with a teammate. He later had to be restrained from resuming the fight when he returned with a large pole….guess he wanted a gentlemen’s jousting match.
  • He’s kicked a Titans teammate in the chest….not sure if he was kicking a man down, or showing him his Bruce Lee impression.
  • Off the field, Al has had arrest warrants issued because of “Road Rage”

  • But Haynesworth’s most famous incident (to date) occurred in October of ’06. After being scored upon by the Cowboys, Al decided it would be best to pull the helmet off of opposing center, Andre Gurode, and stomp on his head with his cleats. After a whiff on the first attempt, he got Gurode in the forehead good, narrowly missing his eye. Gurode needed 30 stitches, but it gets better. Al was not immediately ejected from the game, rather given a 15-yard unnecessary roughness penalty. It took his polite protest of removing his helmet and throwing a fit to get him kicked out the game. He was suspended for 5 games and Gurode is still medically affected to this day.

#2) Leonard Little – DE – St. Louis Rams

Leonard Who? Well, this former UT standout came into the NFL in 1998. He celebrated his pro arrival, and birthday, one night by elevating his blood alcohol level to 0.19. He then got into a wreck and killed a woman. At least he waited out his 90 day jail sentence, 4 years of probation, and 1,000 hours of community service, (actually, he waited a whole 6 years), before he got pulled over for speeding and drunk driving again. A judged ordered him to never consume alcohol again.

#1) Dwayne Goodrich – Former CB – Dallas Cowboys

This UT ’98 National Championship team member is currently serving a 12 year prison sentence for trying to one-up Leonard Little. No word on whether Goodrich was drunk or not… In 2003, Goodrich was speeding down the highway in his BMW when he hit three people on the side of the road. The people were trying to help a man from a burning car…so no, not exactly a couple of drifters in the dark. Well, the two of people died and there weren’t even skid-marks on the scene to indicate that Dwayne might have slowed down. And maybe it was totally an innocent mistake that one of those who died was dragged 155 feet by Dwayne’s sedan. He was also arrested for disorderly conduct while at UT, but hey, who hasn’t been?

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