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’07 MLB Playoffs – Fans Can Cheat Too

Updated: October 5, 2007

What was the deal with the guy behind home plate at the Cubs-Diamondbacks game last night? Look, I feel bad enough for the D-Back fans for having to deal with all those lovable losers in their stadium…..that’s why I’m pulling against Chicago. But to have some dude, in your house, flashing what looks to be a Cubs neon light/sign, right behind home plate in the top of the 9th with the game on the line is absolutely ridiculous. Wait, what’s even more ridiculous is that the 3rd base ump stops the game to get him to cut it out…which he does, but he doesn’t get kicked out of the game? Really?

Forgive me if the guy was not a Cubs fan, and supposedly “working” as the TBS announcer purported….throw all of that out the book, his actions could only have hurt the pitcher. But to be allowed to stay behind home plate? In the stadium? Preposterous. No, he’s back there talking on his cell, shaking hands, and kissing babies. Like I said, I feel bad for Arizona fans…they can’t do anything about the fact that the Cubs have spring training in their state and thus, resonate with rooting for a popular team because it’s the “thing to do”….(BTW, why ARE there so many Cubs fans anyway? They’ve NEVER won…what’s the opposite of bandwagon jumping?)…

…Back to my point, doesn’t the Diamondbacks franchise have some pride? Ban this guy from the stadium…some d-bag wearing a form-fitting Under Armor shirt with a gold chain a DNA thread away from getting his son hopped up on goofballs and attacking the 1st base ump. This incident should not slide.

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