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The End of the Beginning: The Abject OJ Mayo Era

Updated: November 11, 2007

OJ Mayo: “I’m all about some me” – Okay, not a direct quote. But after my introduction to the kid via watching this video of Mayo’s last high school dunk, it’s easy to assume. Nice dunk, but then you realize there’s still time left on the clock after he throws the ball in the stands and celebrates himself while showing up the other team, along with getting a technical foul.

Still not convinced he’s a jerk? Well, go watch this video of OJ pushing a ref to the floor. He gets one technical foul after a dunk. The clip is cut, but he seems to hold onto the ball after the jam in yet another celebration of himself. A player from the opposing team seems to bait OJ into getting a second tech, after which he knocks the referee to the floor.

If you still aren’t convinced, I implore you a read more:

So why am I shedding all this attention on a selfish punk?

Well, today marked the college debut of OJ Mayo and he could not be happier. The USC Trojan freshman scored 32 points while supporting his teammates with 27 shots and numerous turnovers (try 8). Really frosh, an arm/elbow sleeve on both arms? Really? You should wear sleeves on both legs. Oh, you have those too? Well, how ’bout that wack-ass headband that Ron Artest used to advertise for in Slam Magazine? In fact, the only people who should even own those are Ron Artest, OJ Mayo, kids who live in padded rooms, and adults who wear diapers for pleasure.

Oh, did I mention that 18th ranked USC lost to Mercer? Way to go boys.

Curious enough, this was USC’s first organized game of the year. Period. They play one exhibition game….and that’s on December 8th. What are you doing Tim Floyd? Letting a kid run your show and then not adequately preparing your team? OJ Mayo, basketball’s Terrell Owens.

Oh yea…shot out to my boy Ben West who turns the Big Three-O tomorrow. And where did Ben go to school? USC of course. Don’t worry son, I’ll buy you shot later.

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