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Game 12 Blog: Washington Wizards vs. Golden State Warriors Live Game Blog

Updated: November 24, 2007

I was disappointed getting off a plane late Friday night to find out that the Wizards lost in a barn-burner to the Warriors. Thankfully, I was able to catch up on the game cause my boy Adam filled in on the live game blog. I’ve gone back and left some comments of my own. I’ll be back tonight when the Wiz take on the Grizz (uhh…that just doesn’t sound right). Anyway, take it away AJ……

Now for all you readers out there looking for the usual witty humor on today’s entry, sorry. Adam, the trusted ghost writer – is here to save the day.

Right from the start we are going to mix things up. I may miss a bit of the 1st quarter of the Wiz game because I am captivated with this LSU v. Arkansas 3OT game here in Baton Rouge.

Kayanne just decided to note “Too bad you don’t have two TVs.” Thank you Queen Obvious.

So, since I can only watch one game, I will give you a little PBP on this game, which I might add has National Title implications. LSU has a first down on the Arkansas 12 and needs to get not only a touchdown, but also has to go for 2.

If they don’t score we could be looking at a damn West Virginia v. Kansas/Missouri BCS game on Feb 8. How terrible is that?

That’s it…..LSU is officially out of the title game. We NEED a college football playoff.

Okay, so let’s get down to business. With Agent Zero out, we need a big performance from either A.D. or my main man Captain “Get shot before your rookie year.” Funny thing about the league, people always step up at the right moment. This could be A.D.’s breakout year.

As I sit here answering Kayanne’s questions I just got the thought that I should probably not use so many “slang” terms when speaking about Wash Wiz players – in the hope that there is a random reader who doesn’t even like the Wiz. So, A.D. = Antonio Daniels and Captain “Get shot before your rookie year” = Andray Blatche.

Lucky for me the actual tip doesn’t happen ‘til 7:15 so I am not going to miss a darn thing. So, I apologize for the early rambling.

1st Quarter

Warriors control the tip and my man A.D. already snatches a steal.

11:30 – Jamison just dropped in one of his signature moves – a crazy layup from about 4 feet. Wiz by 2.

10:57 – You know I have never been good at play-by-play with bball. The game is so damn fast. Here we go again, my man A.D. drains a 3. Wiz up 5-0.

DeShawn Stevenson just snagged a Baron Davis miss. Jamison with a crazy scoop shot. Wiz up by 7. I always loved how at UNC, Antawn Jamison always got about 30 points on 12 touches. His game is not the prettiest, but it sure is efficient.

8:07 – The Wizards are off to a bit of a shaky start; they are not really moving the ball, which kind of scary, and they aren’t really playing much defense – Golden State is just shooting poorly. Nevertheless, Wiz are up 11-7 .

Baron just drops a trey ball. Speaking of Baron, I would have to rate that dunk last year as one of the best in NBA playoff history.

What a great hustle play by Jamison. He just missed a jumper, ran down his own rebound, saved the ball, tossed it to Caron, got it back and gets fouled. Those are the kinds of plays they’ll need to make in order to win while Gilbert is out.

7:04 – Nice offensive rebound – Wiz have 8 offensive boards at the first break. They are up 17-10 and look like the Wiz are getting yesterday’s turkey and gravy out of our system. Jamison has 10 pts and 2 boards.

Wiz throw the full court press and promptly get burned by G-State’s good ball handling

6:40 – Jamison gets the ball stolen then commits a silly foul, his 1st personal.

6:22 – Nice steal by Haywood, outlet to Butler, great no look pass to Jamison – AND 1! Wiz up 20-12 on AJ’s three point play. Wiz are on a nice little 9-2 run

6:04 – Great block by Haywood. Man, he has really stepped up his game this year. I guess all that bitching for playing time was warranted – well maybe not, but he is playing like a beast nevertheless.

5:03 – No perimeter D by the Wiz guards leads to an easy two by B. Dave.

4:38 – Crazy drive to the basket and a miss by Stevenson leads to a fast break Baron Davis 3, cuts the Wiz lead to 1, 20-19

4:20 – Steal on the next possession by Pietrus leads to an easy dunk for Pietrus….caps a 9-0 run by Golden State, they are up 21-20.

This is exactly what the Wizards cannot afford to do. Sloppy play, poor execution, and no patience on offense leads to turnovers, and transition buckets. I guess those are the signs of a young basketball team.

Now we’re just trading baskets. Caron hits a 3, Azubuike drains a 3, DeShawn hits a 3, then your boy B-Dave drains a 3. Time elapsed: bout 45 seconds.

2:16 – Andray Blatche gets the rock on the post and drains a NICE turnaround. On the other end, Pietrus takes baseline and trys to dunk on Andray….but it is NOT happening. Nice block big fella!

1:41 – Wow – Caron just drained a crazy jumper with two hands in his face. Caron’s mid-range game is nasty. Tie game at 29.

Another block by Andray, his defensive presence is going to be key for the Wiz this season. If Haywood can handle big men one-on-one while Andray comes from the weak-side, they can be a deadly force in the East.

0:32 – What a crazy turn of events. A rebound by A.D., who then throws an 85’ outlet to Caron, who throws the ball off the glass and tips his own shot in.

A.D. is in a bit of a mismatch versus Baron Davis. B.D is strong as a horse. No soon do I type that, Baron gets fouled by A.D. on a jump shot of all damn things.

3.5 seconds left in the quarter and the Wizard are up 3 with Jamison on the line. Antawn, a normally reliable foul shooter misses both.

Wiz close out the 1st on a 8-1 run to finish up 33-30. Nice quarter for AJ, 13 pts on 5-7 shooting. The Wiz offense is solid so far, 58% from the field.

I have got to say, I have much respect for all the live game bloggers out there. I never knew how tough it was to watch, think, and type all at once. This definitely is NOT my forte.

2nd Quarter

11:40 – Start of the second. Nice move by Blatche on the baseline. This kid is going to be real nice in two more years.

Wiz have a bit of a younger squad in right now. Nick Young, Roger Mason, Blatche, Jamison, and Butler. I guess things have to change w/Gil out.

10:52 – Nice finish by Nick Young. Speaking on Nick Young, has anyone seen that documentary shot about Nick? Second Chance Season, I heard it is pretty good.

(KB: I haven’t seen it either, but here’s a good DC Sports Bog post about it.)

10:20 – Another shot by Young. Wiz are now up 39-31. Nice little run to start the 2nd qtr.

9:40 – Wiz are up 41-31. Monte Ellis just drains a jumper.

Man, can you imagine if guys like Monte Ellis or Martell Webster went to college? They are average NBA guys, but they would have dominated the collegiate ranks. I sure am glad the 1 year rule is in place now. It actually saves a lot of guys from themselves and their snake “friends.” In addition, I think it makes for a much improved college game. I despise seeing average guys playing at upper tier DI schools.

Blatche has been extremely active in this first half. He has two blocks, 5 boards, and seven points. I told you his play would be vital, and he must have heard the same from Eddie Jordan.

7:50 – Whoa, Nick just got called for a questionable blocking foul on Monte. I personally think he slid his feet very well. Regardless, that foul lead to a tough shot in by BD.

7:29 – Blatche with another bucket (he’s got 9). And a shot altered on the defensive end. The kid is all over the place.

Despite their best efforts though, the Wiz can’t seem to extend the lead. We are up 48-40 as Eddie Jordan calls timeout with 6:46 left in the half.

The Wizards bench is playing well in the half. They are outscoring GS’s bench by 7 and are giving Caron, Jamison and AD a good little breather. The bench play will be magnified this year, as they’ll be depended on much more now that Gil is out.

Wow, two bad plays on the offensive end – a poor shot by Jamison and a turnover by Songaila – leads to 5 quick points by GS…the advantage is disappearing, Wiz up 48-45.

Nice fading shot by Caron. He is playing very well, 13 points and 8 assists already in the game. Could we possibly see a Wiz Triple-Double by night’s end? I have got to say, Grunfeld really got over on LA in getting Caron. I thought for sure they were doomed to have Kwame until the end of time, but luckily we found a sucker in Dr. Jerry Buss! I personally hope the Big Three stays in tact for about 5 more years.

The Warriors are a dangerous team, as the Mavericks found out last spring. If you allow them to get up and down the floor and their long ball is falling, they can be tough to beat. I wonder though, is Golden State just not focused this year, or are they the rag-tag team that has tons of talent, but lacks focus so they can’t be depended upon to do much.

(KB: Yea, it didn’t seem like the Steven Jackson suspension would hurt the Warriors that much. Two of the losses in their 0-6 start were 21 and 23 point blow outs to Utah. They lost to the Clips, Cavs, Mavs & Pistons in the other 4 by an average of 5.5 points. I guess it did hurt, cause those are decent teams…and playing without your 2nd best player could be the difference.)

Whatever they are, they are giving the Wizards their moneys worth tonight.
Golden State just ties the game after they snagged three offensive one possession.

1:32 – Man, when it rains it pours. The Wiz miss two dog gone free throws (Haywood), and then go right ahead and give up another 2 offensive boards as GS goes up 2, 58-56.

:11.7 – Wiz are up 59-58. Not only are the Warriors on the line, but my man AD decided to run his mouth to the ref and draw technical foul.

Nice play out of the timeout leads to a drive to the bucket by AD who gets fouled. His two free throws put the Wizards up by one at the half. 61-60.

Overall, the Wizards played pretty well in the half. But turnovers, and soft perimeter defense cut the 11 point cushion to one. If the Wiz get out on the shooters and become a bit more patient on offense, this can easily turn into a “W.”

Man, quiet as kept, your man Baron Davis is having a great game. He has 22 points and 6 assists. If somebody doesn’t start d-ing him up, he is going to end up with Kobe numbers tonight.

3rd Quarter

Start of the 3rd and the Wizards come out with an easy bucket by Jamison. Need more of that.

10:58 – Jamison just missed an 18 footer. I know he has that kind of range, but it always looks funny when he shoots. He has a strange release and a funny rotation on the ball. I guess he can shoot however he likes so long as it consistently goes in.

How in the world can two of the all time best shooters in NBA history – Reggie Miller and Larry Bird – have the worst form? I was taught from my first day at basketball camp that you need to have your elbow straight and follow through on each shot. Well I don’t think I have ever seen either Reggie – who shots with his elbow off to the side – or Larry – who barley followed through – do anything fundamentally correct.

10:25 – TV timeout and the Wiz are down by one after a few missed opportunities and three offensive boards by the Warriors – those have killed the Wizards all night.

10:04 – Nice baseline jumper by DeShawn. puts the Wiz up 66-64. Wow, what a drive and dish by Baron, who is closing in on a triple double himself (22 pts, 8 assists and 5 boards).

Although Andray displays very good weak-side defense, his on the ball D can use some work. Biedrins just muscled him – yeah, Biedrins, the 7 foot 200 lb. Euro – on the block for an easy lay-in. Game tied at 70. I know that Andray is only 20ish, so I have to cut him some slack on his physical stature, but he’d better beef up quick – hopefully Greg Oden style, not Barry Bonds style – otherwise he is going to get eaten alive on the low block.

6:49 – The Warriors are on a nice 6-0 to push their lead to 78-72. Crazy part about this game is that the Warriors are up because of their exceptional shooting. They are actually on pace to set a team record for three pointers in a game, 12-19 from behind the arc so far.

Well, the Warriors have now amassed a 9 pt. lead with a little over 5 left in the qtr. The Wizards just are not doing the little things.

We do have two great individual performances here tonight. Baron Davis (24, 10, and 10) and Caron (19, 8, 10) Both looking good, albeit Baron looks better b/c his team is up 85-77 with 4 to go in the 3rd.

I wonder when the last time two players on opposite teams had triple-doubles. Even better question is when is the last time two players on the same team had a triple double. I really can’t even think of two players that would be capable of doing something like that. Maybe Jordan and Pippen?

3:44 – Wiz are down 6….er make that 9 after the Warriors nail their 13th three pointer of the night.

What is the deal with the Washington Wizards fans this year? At the 3 minute mark and our team down 9 our fans are – as our friend Chris so poetically dubbed – “tepid” at best. Have the fans taken on a loser mentality? Is the lust of professional sports gone since we have not had a champion here (and no, I don’t count the DC United) since 1991? DC sports has a proud tradition, from the Hogs to Hoya Paranoia. That has not be lived up to in quite some time.

Stephen Jackson is on damn fire. He has 13 pts in the qtr and is 5-5 from the field. That dude is straight crazy – almost Artest like, hell he and Artest we boys in Indiana – but he sure can ball. Yep, the Warriors have been missing him.

Question answered. It would be the first time since 2003 that two players on opposite teams had a triple-double in the same game.

(KB: Who you ask? Tracy McGrady and Jason Kidd; Orlando vs. New J
ers on Feb. 23, 03)

Wizards just went on a mini spurt due to a turnover and a missed shot by the Warriors and an aggressive drive to the basket by Nick Young, who I just learned finished as USC’s second All-Time scorer. I wonder if #1 was Harold “Baby Jordan” Miner?

(KB: I don’t know who is giving out those numbers, but I just downloaded the USC media guide. Indeed, Baby Jordan Miner is first with 2,048 points and a career 23.5 scoring average. But, he is followed by Ronnie Coleman, Sam Clancy, Desmon Farmer, Wayne Carlander, and then, Nick Young comes in at 6th with his 1,486 career points, for an average of 15.5)

1:50 – Here we go, AJ just muscled his way in for an offensive board and a put back…AND 1, but he cannot connect on the free throw. Wizards are down by three 88-85.

0:40 – And another good play by Jamison. A strong tip follow cuts the Warriors lead to 1, 90-89.

A steal by Darius Songaila gives the Wizards a chance to take the lead with 4 seconds left in the half. Caron drives…..and charges as time expires on the half. Good news is that Washington ended the qtr on a 10-2 run to pull back within 1 point.

I like the way the Wiz are shooting – a solid 51% — but damn they let the Warriors shoot 65% in the quarter.

4th Quarter

Does not start well. Azubuike hits a nice lay in and then Nick Young turns the ball over.

Oh boy, while in transition, Nick Young seems to have hurt his shoulder. Wasn’t too serious though, he nailed one out of two free throws to cut the lead to 92-90. If his shoulder is hurt serious do you think the petition to get him in to the Slam Dunk contest will work?

Great defensive possession. The Wiz forced a bad shot by Jackson as the shot clock expired. Now the crowd is starting to come alive.

Solid night for Jamison. 25 and 10. He was a quality pickup from Dallas. Mark Cuban really got the short end of that Carolina trade. An ailing Stackhouse for our man AJ – “I’d buy that buy a dollar!”

(KB: Don’t forget AJ…the Mavs also got Devin Harris out of the deal. But I’m still more than down with the trade…it allowed the Wiz to get out of the Laettner & Stackhouse contracts. Not to mention that at the time, Stackhouse was becoming a locker room cancer….they got rid of him almost a year after Stackhouse was busy assaulting lady landlords in Atlantic Beach, North Carolina. To his defense, that story did seem like a big crock of….)

9:26 – Wiz are down one after a 1 out of 2 trip to the line for AJ. Other end, three more for Baron and just like that, down 4. Baron looks impressive (27-10-10). For as pudgy as he looks, he sure can ball.

8:22 – Nice deep jumper by Nick young as he comes off the curl. Wizards are down 99-97 .

8:08 – On a brighter note, Baron Davis just missed the second of the free throws and Caron snags the rebound to come up with the 1st Triple Double of his career – let’s hope it is not the last.

Wizards are down 3 with 7 min left. The pace is picking up, but they can’t seem to find the hole – until Caron hits a runner off the glass, but right away GS rushes down the floor to trade buckets.

This is the time in NBA when all you ever see is isolations and guys pounding the air out of the ball. Yup, just as I predicted, Baron Davis dribbles, and dribbles, and dribbles…

Damn, Crazy Stephen Jackson just hit a trey ball, but the young fella, Nick Young, comes right back and answers! The fans are alive in the phone booth now! Wiz are down 105-104 with 4:49 left.

Man, it is going to be hard to win when you allow a team to shoot over 50%….FROM THE THREE POINT LINE!

4:17 – Andray just came up huge. He stops a 3 on 2 fast break with his third block of the night. even though he has five fouls. Playing tough, he is. He just went 1 of 2 from the line to close the gap, but Monte Ellis sneaks in and tips in a Baron Davis miss on the very next play. Wizards down 3, 108-105.

(KB: It’s been mentioned, but Wizards Nation needs to find a nickname for young Andray Blatche…..can we give him Mini-‘Tuff Juice in the interim?)

3:25 – Caron is on FIIIIIIRE. He drained a trey ball with zero on the shot clock to tie it 108, but the crazy shooter – both on the court and outside the club – drains another trey. That is six for Stephen Jackson on the night.

2:24 – Are you serious? The Wizards get the Warriors to miss an uncontested — well they didn’t get them to miss if it was uncontested – jumper, but they fail to get the board and the Warriors get a stick back to put them up 3 (113-110) with 2 left in the game.

2:03 – The Wizards just got saved. Joey Crawford calls a loose ball foul on Harrington as time expired on the shot clock. Can anyone tell me how the Joey Crawford-Tim Duncan issue just got swept under the rug? Well I guess if you have refs gambling on games, a little bad behavior isn’t such a big deal.

2:00 – Jamison hits two FTs, to cut the lead to one, but the Wiz then allow GS to get an easy basket. I feel like the Warriors have not had to work for a shot all night – as evidence by the score right now. Another B-Dave shot, Golden State 117 Washington 112.

0:37 – Baron just scored again – the story of the game – and that pretty much seals the deal. That and along with Andray fouling out, giving B-Dave an And 1.

I was very impressed with Andray Blatche tonight. He played strong. His athletic ability is no doubt going to be an asset for the Wiz this year and well into the future.

There were some good individual performances – Caron’s Triple double, AJ dropped 30, and Andray’s all around output – but the lack of perimeter defense and rebounding ultimately was the downfall of the Wizards. You really can’t expect to win when you give up 120 points, 16 threes, and allow your opponent to shoot over 50% from behind the line.

(KB: What a surprise…the defensive theme of the year is the Wizards lack of ability in guarding the 3 point line. You know why? I think that the coaching staff is worried about protecting the basket and hiding the bad one-on-one defenders on the team, thus, the Wiz are playing more zone leading to the soft coverage around the arc. And of course, ESPN & Stevie A. Smith are gushing about the Celtics D, thanks for bailing Tom Thibodeau. Randy Ayers…time to make some game adjustments.)

(KB: And actually, I was surprised to learn that right now, the Wizards are only 9th worst in opponent 3PT %, opponents shoot .327 against the Wiz.)

Well, as a wise man once say “you live to play another day,” and it looks like the win streak of 6 is over for now, but they will get better.

A’ight guys, I enjoyed my time with you, but I will leave the blogging to the pros. Holla at your boy when you need me!

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