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Game 15 Blog: Washington Wizards @ San Antonio Spurs

Updated: November 29, 2007

“Caron said it best, ‘You can’t under estimate our will.’ And he’s our leader.”
-Eddie Jordan

A couple other good games on the NBA League Pass tonight. LeBron James makes his first trip back to the Palace in Detroit since…..well, you know. And I’d also like to keep my eye on the Raptors-Grizzlies game…aww eff that, Raptors are up 19 now with 6:43 left in the 3rd, back to LeBron. Thing is, I only get the NBA League Pass on the main TV. The compromise? Wizards-Spurs on the left and right TV feeds, sound up. Boo-ya. (I can’t believe I just typed ‘boo-ya’)

In any case, here we go. For some reason, I decided to switch my hosting services late this afternoon, so is down right now because things are switching over. Oh well.

So, the Spurs…. gotta defend that pick and roll Son. And let’s play church….I, the preacher, will say, “And the Lawd says, you gotta stop Tony Parka” (in my best Eddie Murphy, Coming to America, talent show scene voice), and you, the choir, say, “Amen.”

Happy belated birthday to Brendan Todd Haywood btw….turned 28 yesterday. Aww naw, I know the Spurs dance team is not wearing chaps tonight, the only thing that would top that is if they were all wearing glasses and business suits. Another BT-dub….look out for my NBA Cheerleader Rankings in an upcoming blog post.

Now let’s start the show.

1st Quarter

11:34Tim Duncan ice-cream layup attempt…B-Locked by BTH (Brendan Todd Haywood ya’ll).

10:43Tony Parker for the lay-up (first points of the game)…he’s EXACTLY who we thought he was!!!

Pistons up 5 at the half…48-45.

The Wiz have started off a little cold. 2 points in 3 minutes.

8:43Dee-Shawn for 3…and good. 6-5 Spurs.

Everyone talks about the Spurs D, but their offense is so damn efficient. Ball movement: One of them expensive college textbooks.

7:39 – Even a double team of Tony Parker doesn’t work…he gets free and finds an open Oberto.

7:20BTH a hook over Tim Duncan. Showing no fear from the get-go. His 6th point.

5:55 – Timeout Spurs after AD dribble pen…a bobble, but a recovery for a baseline J. Spurs up 14-11. Solid start by the Wiz so far. They are showing the Spurs that they came to play.

The Spurs are very active in their defensive movement…even running a guy to double Butler and get the ball out of his hands on the first Wiz possession after the TO.

Oh my dear lord….obscene traveling non-call on Duncan with about 4:40 left. There is NO excuse for that, baseline ref. Maybe those Suns fans are on to something……

3:37 – Tony Parker out already…Jacque Vaughn is in.

Some Wiz turnovers, a couple missed shots, and as expected, the Spurs take advantage. Timeout Wizards. San Antonio up 5 – 21-16.

Damn. Antonio Daniels has a fine wife (the just showed her on TV in the crowd). Good for him, cause he definitely has a mis-shaped head.

Wiz are staying with the Gold & Black unis….the Dallas win makes them 9-8 in them now, right? Did they even bring the blue roads on this trip?

1:21AJ 3 follows a Butler 2, 23-21 Spurs.

Nice layup by AD…he had the Francisco Elson mismatch on him and took it to the basket from the short corner. Tie game.

End of the quarter……home arena clock doesn’t allow AD to get the final shot off in time. 24-23 Spurs.

2nd Quarter

11:18Brent Barry 3 – Man, the Spurs set off-ball screens in a way that I’ve never seen before.

11:04AD answers with his own 3. I see you cap’n, showin’ out for wifey.

The Spurs are really making things difficult for Caron Butler. He’s got 5 points, on 2-2 FGs, 2 tough shots. It’s as if they are saying….we will let anyone else in this Goof-Troop beat us, just not you Caron. Hey, I didn’t call the Wizards a Goof-Troop, the Spurs did.

8:24Tuff Juice 3 from the top. He didn’t even hesitate. Hey, doesn’t that make 7 made 3s in a row for him?

8:10 – Elson hits a deuce. Spurs keep a 2 point lead, 36-34. “Aww, how cute, the Wizards are trying to keep up with us.” -San Antonio

7:50 – DeShawn curl, receives the pass, dish to Blatche for 2, And1 (Andray missed the 1)…but a nice play by Eddie Jordan coming out of a timeout.

One thing I really love about Butler’s game is that he never really tries to force the action. You definitely can’t say that about Gilbert.

Detroit is looking now….The Prince just received an oop from Rip, they are up 69-53 with 3:49 left in the 3rd.

5:50 – Timeout, Spurs up 40-36. Knock-down deuce for Roger Mason coming out of a timeout. While Navarro has made us all stop talking about Jarvis Hayes….I’m fine with keeping Mason Jr. over Jarvis so far this year (he’s much cheaper).

4:11 – Dee-Shawn J makes Pops call a TO. Wiz hangin, down 1.

Legal Sea Foods question of the night…who are the only 2 NBA players to win a title with 3 different teams? Robert Horry is the obvious call. The other answer is John Salley, the best damn comedian on a show with Best Damn Sports Show in the title. I’m not sure I remember who with….the Bulls, Lakers, and Pistons?

I don’t understand…I just looked up and LeBron is on the bench in a suit, with his fingers taped. He has played in the game….but I guess he wanted to show off the gray turtle-neck under the pin-stripe suit jacket. Me, not a turtle-neck guy. Yea, I’ve owned one in my life (never will again), but all that fabric around my neck? Maybe if I’m shoveling snow, but not profilin’ court-side at an NBA game. Guess the King can do what he likes….but remember LBJ, I have you in TWO fantasy leagues….I even regrettably (at the time) chose you with the 3rd pick over Gil
bert in one league, when I already had you in another…..I went lasik eye surgery over recovery from knee injury. No regret now, but please don’t be hurt….for the sake of the league! (ended up being a sprained finger…still, those aren’t fun)

Meanwhile…the quarter is closing down. Back and forth game….Spurs can’t really improve past a 3-5 point cushion. For some reason, I get the feeling that the Wizards are exerting a lot of effort while the Spurs are casually going through the motions.

0:06.5 Haywood open J…..then Duncan hits a two at the buzzer at the other end (off a Tony Parker miss)…it’s under review. Phil Chenier and Steve Buckhantz think that it’s no good…and the refs agree. Going into the half, Spurs up 49-46.

Believe it or not, the Spurs and the Wizards were both 20-38 (52.6%) from the field in the 1st half.

Well…now my site is back up, but the layout is all jacked. Sorry bout that….it’ll be fixed soon.

3rd Quarter

The Spurs start the quarter off hot. They extend their lead to 61-51 by the time the Wizards, and me, realize what’s going on. I need to stop being distracted by my jacked up website and blog the Wizards to a win.

7:53 – Timeout Wizards. Nick Young checks in, he didn’t play in the first half. Let’s hope the kid can spark.

Meanwhile…Steve Javy is giving AJ the “business” by not giving him any calls on some made baskets.

6:10 – Young knocks down some FTs – Spurs 63-57.

We need a new contest at the NBA All-Star game…it’d settle a lot of arguments and it would be simple: Who can get the ball up the court the fastest. 3-2 odds on Tony Parker to win.

4:37 – F*&kin Sh&T…another Parker lay-in…misses the And1, Spurs up 14 now.

3:54Nick Young was more open than he realized as he rushed a WIDE open 3 from the corner and missed…..Parker layup on the other end. Absolutely amazing to watch….now somebody take him out.

Good Rockets-Suns game going on in Phoenix. 1st half just ended with Steve Francis complaining to the ref and the Rockets up 56-52.

Man, if you make ONE mistake against the Spurs, they take it, multiply it, put it in a paper bag, take a dump it in, and mail it back to you Next Day Air.

Wiz are hanging around though….kinda. I’m getting tired of typing bad things.

1:13 – Very nice offensive bound by Blatche, catches his composure, takes a power dribble, and put-back. Only down 9.

0:26 – Fast Tony Parker gets ’em moving and whips a pass to Bruce Bowen in the corner for trey.

Nick Young is trusted with the ball with the quarter clock running down…he gets fouled and drops the FTs.

0:04.5 – Of course, the Spurs take it right down…EASE-ily, Manu whips it to Elson who is wide open for a dunk…only, the ball was still in his hands. No basket. Spurs up 9 after 3 and I need a beer.

Spurs shot 68%, Wiz shot 38% in the 3rd…and yet, they somehow survived. Bring out the guts.

4th Quarter

10:45 – Just Manu being Manu…the lefty splits the D and goes in for the slam.

9:57 Ginobili…Man of Fire. The 3 he just hit gives him 19 for the game. Spurs lead goes from 7 to 10 just like that.

I tell you what, Nick Young sure isn’t afraid to attack the basket. Gotta like the resilience in the young kid. Hits two FTs, Spurs 86-78.

8:35 – Nice pass from Antonio to Andray, after a Blatche ball swipe at the other end. Hustle young man, hustle. Wiz down 6.

8:03 – Ouch…Butler baseline jumper attempt sticks between the rim and the backboard.

7:41Duncan miss…Songaila really played some nice D on Timmy that time, stood his ground…for all those D-Song haters out there.

7:10 – AD turnover…that’s his 4th for the game.

6:02Brent Barry 3…Spurs are up 93-80 now, timeout Wiz. Spurs are a great team, but the Wizards have been squandering their offensive possessions by taking ill-advised shots.

Somewhere in Dupont Circle, one guy is turning to his partner and saying…”And for you, a rear seat entertainment system.” (please accept my apologizes, that Volvo commercial walked right into that joke)

5:25Nick Young jab and 3 in Brent Barry’s face. Funny thing is, he jabbed to the side, don’t they coach you to jab towards the basket?

4:29 – 2 Tony Longoria FTs and the Spurs are up 98-83……the turkey is almost done.

4:07 – Steal, spin, reverse back to the basket layup-scoop, circus, clowns, elephants, made bucket by Tony Parker.

3:35 – Parker runner. Spurs up 102-85.

3:01 Tony Parker. Aaaaaagin. Ok Belichick….err…..Greg Popovich, sit him down.

Blah, blah, blah…Parker, Duncan, Parker….new BTH season high in points…..Michael Finley 3….Spurs up 109-91…..1:23 left……why is Eddie Jordan taking a 20 second timeout?…….

Tony Parker is finally out of the game…a meager 29 points, 11 assists, 8 rebounds for him tonight.

Put ‘er in the books. Final: Spurs 109 – Wizards 94.

I preached to the choir about Tony Parker, but unfortunately it’s Wednesday and not Sunday so no one was in church. Oh well…it’s the Spurs, what did we expect?

I should’ve just been happy with the Dallas win, but I’m not. Off to fix this damn website, drink beers, and sulk. See ya Friday.

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