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Game 3: Wizards Game Blog – Orlando Magic in Town

Updated: November 4, 2007


Gilbert comes out with a compression sock on his left leg. I’m assuming that it has something to do with his knee, think I see a brace too.

Haywood is man-ing up against Howard early…makes first contact a couple times on both ends of the floor. This could be the turning point for his career. He’s got a very Wizards-friendly contract right now… two years, $11.5 mil after this year. Can he keep this up for that fat reward down the road?

No more chemistry excuses. This is basically the same team from last year. The rapport should be built by now.

Very nice new scoreboard…gives the entire arena a crisp look. Of course, it is having opening night jitters too, can’t keep the player stats right.

I’m disappointed with the crowd. Very tepid1. A lot of empty seats.

Really, how is it that Brendan Todd Haywood is the only one working?

Gil gets the ball again with the clock winding down….and he surprises everyone with dribble penetration and a pass to Roger Mason on the wing, who nails the jumper. Nice move on GA’s part to boost the kid’s confidence. Down 1 after 1.


D-Mac checks in the game and seems to be a little nervous. He makes Hedo Turkoglu look like an All-Star. D-Mac got taken to the basket twice, one of which was a hard dunk. Where’s the confidence he showed in the preseason?

I can’t exactly tell, but I thought I just heard the ‘MVP’ chant coming from the other end of the arena while Brendan Haywood was shooting free-throws. Of course, he missed both…would’ve put the Wizards up 7.

….continued scoreboard stat trouble.

Another Turkey-Gloo shot? Hedo hits a 3, that makes 7 for him in the quarter with 5:45 left. A pattern is developing.

Caron starts to warm up…he sure has the mid-range game down. Just hope he doesn’t get pigeon-holed there. I’d like to see Tuff Juice take it inside a little more.

Time for the Chipotle Burrito Toss….I really wish they would use the sling-shot for this; handing the burritos to people? Really? Better yet, can you imagine if they just fired them from the t-shirt gun?

After a semi-promising start to the 2nd quarter, Wiz go to the half down 8, 50-24.

People-watching is fun at Wizards games…especially those who like to be seen walking court side. Early in the half, I noticed this cat…neon green shirt, what looks to be a cream blue-jean outfit, and a sandy-blond mullet. I told my friend, “that guy’s gotta be Eastern Euro.”

And what do you know, this guy was boys with Alexander Ovechkin who was sitting three rows in. My buddy was a little amazed that perhaps the best young hockey player in the NHL (yes, evidently a better all-around player than Sid ‘the kid’ Crosby) was just strolling around the concourse, unnoticed, can of Skoal in hand.


Gilbert is that much stronger than Jameer Nelson. I’m beginning to wonder why he hasn’t tried to back him down more….for one of those fade-away baseline jumpers he hits.

Turkey-Glue running jumper…another pig food slop game for the Bullets.

He may have off nights, but Caron Butler doesn’t know the meaning of the word ‘quit’…nice 3rd quarter from him gives hope.

Andray checks in for Jamison with about 4 minutes left in the 3rd. Is this his first time in the game? It is, very curious. I see he’s gotten rid of the Mohawk though.

Gilbert scored the first six points in the game for the Wizards, he didn’t score again until 49 seconds were left in the 3rd. It’s not like the Magic are this great defensive team, he is containing himself.

Wiz end the 3rd up 3…showing nice resilience.


Songaila is really bad at on-the-ball defense…but he can sure pass. I give him this, at this point, he is a more reliable player than Andray Blatche.

What’s up with Stan Van Gundy’s dark grey suit? Well…not so much the suit, but that mock turtle-neck under it, (which seems like the same color as his suit), just makes him look like a used watch salesman. Guess it runs in the family, because Jeff Van Gundy looks like he would run a store that sells fake fur coats and spare radio parts.

You can clearly tell that Gilbert is a step slow. He seems like he’s relying more on his physical strength in getting to the basket, rather than his quickness. Just noticed that he lost the compression sock he wore to start the game.

The 4th has been rather uneventful. I’m not sure what type of vibe I get from the Wizards…disconnected?

More of the same from the Magic and Hedo. Doesn’t look good for the Wiz down 9 with 2:43 left in the game.

I wish I attended NBA games waaay back in the day. Today, it’s just hard to get a feel for the game, unless you are court side perhaps, with all of the distractions…..[glow-in-the-dark thunder clappers, Big Tigger on the digi 1 & 2, cheerleaders, master of ceremonies, spirit fingers squad, blasting music, G-Wiz, G-Man, shirt-gun, etc., etc…..]

And the Magic just easily close out the game. Well, I’m glad I don’t live in Vegas. That was ugly, uninspired basketball. I’m sure many are pushing that famed panic button. I don’t even want to read the comments on Wizards Insider.

I saw a piece on Comcast where Eddie Jordan was talking about training camp, the preseason. He was basically saying that he didn’t have to yell a lot. The players knew the system, what time it was, the vets were going to take care of business…yada yada yada. At times, Eddie is stoically quiet..perhaps a man of limited words. And not like I have a problem with this. But what happens now?

A fire obviously needs to be lit under some asses. But Gilbert is too goofy to be a leader, Caron shows more of a ‘lead by example’ attitude with his toughness, and Jamison seems to be a great locker-room character, but not the type to get pyro on people. So who gets this going? Where’s our Garnett? Shouldn’t this come from Eddie? I certainly know what Greg Popovich would do. Alas, this IS the NBA….and massaging player egos is always an unfortunate concern.

Grow up Wizards.

“Gilbeeart, I challaunge yuw tu a blog-ing deul.”
– The Hedo Monster

The image above actually comes from, but I stumbled across a pretty cool site when I initially found it — check it out

1 tepid crowd: coined by the very same friend, Chris – who attended the Magic game with me, during the Wizard-Cavs playoff series two years ago – 2006 Playoffs, Round 1, Game 3.
Tepid, meaning slightly warm or in this case, unenthusiastic, was a fitting description for the “playoff” crowd back then….but the Verizon Center on opening night was even more tepid…if that’s possible.

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