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Isiah Thomas…He’s a Bad Coach, Don’t You Get It Charles Barkley?

Updated: November 30, 2007

The New York Knicks lost to the Boston Celtics 104-59 tonight. Would’ve set an all-time Knicks franchise low for points scored in the game had it not been for a Nate Robinson 3 pointer at the buzzer. And I laugh.

So I’m watching Inside the NBA on TNT at halftime of the Lakers-Nuggets game. First of all, Kenny Smith compares the Knicks to the Washington Generals….hilarious.

But Charles Barkley? I’m with you 99.9% of the time captain, but you feel bad for Isiah? Because the players quit of him? The key part of ‘the players quit on him’ is the Him and not the Players.

Now look, I know that coaches are supposed to coach and not play. I also realize that it’s the responsibility for the players to go out an win games. They are on the court. Coaches are on the sidelines.

And hell, the Knicks players DO deserve criticism for their lack of effort. But to say you feel bad for Isiah Thomas because the players quit on him? Let’s do two things Chuck: Be real with us and be real with yourself.

Isiah Thomas is the one who cultivated this whole losing environment for the New York Knicks. Don’t look at this one horrible, horrible loss to the Celtics. Look at Isiah’s whole tenure with the Knicks. What has he done?

Nuthin’ for nobody from nowhere.

Why should I care? I don’t. I despise the Knicks.