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Keys to Game #4 – Washington Wizards @ New Jersey Nets

Updated: November 8, 2007

The Live Game Blog should be in full effect for tonight.

A past Dan Steinberg DC Sports Bog post mentioned that my word count was up to 80 K through 3 Wizards games…..close, but it’s only been like 55 hundo. But game 1 went OT, and the verbiage has decreased with each game. But we’ll see about tonight.

In any case, I’m not feeling good about this one. Less to do with the current state of the team and more about what we did against the New Jersey Nets last year. Bullets Forever reminds us that two of the four losses were without Gilbert. But the way we lost the games….and that miracle Vince Carter new-ball dead-rim 3 pointer to send the game into OT seemed to set the tone for the next 3.

But last year is last year….and tonight’s game needs to be looked at like a roulette table. People always get fooled by the previous spin number board. It doesn’t matter if it’s been red 18 times in a row….(The Rock says: Repeat! It doesn’t matter!!)…the probability on the next spin never depends on previous spins. How many times have you, or a buddy, said, “well, it’s gotta land on black some-time”…and then you lose more money that you should have. Well, you ain’t Wesley Snipes and you shouldn’t always bet on black (vague Passenger 57 reference).

So, my keys to tonight’s game:

1.) *obvious alert* – FG% – The Wiz have been sub 37% all games, above 44% gets us in the door, at least.

2.) Bench Support – Here’s the Wiz bench points production so far: Magic – 14 pts., Boston – 18 pts., Indiana – 17 pts.

If the Wiz get 27+ points from the bench tonight, I guarantee a win. (of course, EJ needs to play a certain someone a lil’ bit more)

3) plain and simple, Agent Zero – the knee has been drained….which made me wonder, why do knees fill-up with fluid anyway? And what kind of fluid? Mucus? Eye-cole? Puss? A Bullets Forever discussion helps with some answers.

Hey, if G.A. ain’t playing any D, he better get that net wet with some drained fluid tonight.

Peace ya’ll.

BTW…Congrats to Gil for winning the Best Celebrity Blogger Award. Way to go Wizards nation for pushing out the vote, now no one has to die.

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