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Updated: November 9, 2007
  • Hmmm…maybe Scott Skiles doesn’t love Joakim Noah. Then again, I think Noah would know about teams playing together. How many NCAA championships did Skiles win at Michigan State, much less back-2-back? None.

    But really, I liked Scott Skiles the player a lot, especially when he was a Bullet. They just don’t make ’em hard-nosed like that cat anymore…Adam Morrison would be Skiles’ antithesis. And speaking of hard-nosed..the interesting things you can find on Wikipedia. Did you know that while at Michigan State, Skiles was arrested and charged with cocaine and marijuana possession? The cocaine charge ended up being dropped, but he was later arrested, and spent 15 days in jail, for drunk driving. I suppose partying with Scotty back in the day would be akin to partying with this character from Conan O’Brien. [Damn, I wish I had a video]

  • Jamont Gordon is putting Mississippi State on the radar – And no other college coach has had it tougher than Rick Stansbury. My facts could be wrong, but I think Mississippi State is the only program in the country to have three committed players go to the NBA before setting foot on campus (prior to the recent rule change): Jonathan Bender, Travis Outlaw, and Monta Ellis. But he’ll get over it.
  • Don’t be like LeBron, be better than him and start yelling at your co-workers. Pronto.
  • Philadelphia Eagles Coach Andy Reid speaks out on recent family problems.
  • And things aren’t getting any better for Notre Dame.
  • The Kobster says: “They need a life,” Bryant said. “It’s silly. People look way too deep into things. They just need to do the same things I’m doing, which is focus on the team and what we’re trying to accomplish here. It’s the kind of focus that we bring to practice every day and to every single game. Stop worrying about whether I crack a smile or not. I don’t smile when I play that much anyway. I’ve got a job to do.”

    In a way, he’s right…..but if you look at it this way…..Kobe, you get paid a lot of money. Why? Because people pay a lot to see you. So what’s the result? Well, the media knows the market demand and where the money is, so there is naturally going to be overwhelming coverage on every little aspect of your life. Is it right? I don’t think so. But hey, that’s life Kobe.

  • There going to be about Eleventy Billion people watching the Yao v. Yi matchup between the Houston Rockets and Milwaukee Bucks tonight.

    If you think about it…considering all the random endorsement deals that NBA players, among other professional sports players have in Asia…this game could be very lucrative for the other players in the game. Who knows, Mo Williams could be a spokesman for Karaoke machines, Andrew Bogut might have one of those crazy game shows named after him, and Charlie Villanueva might become an anime character. Come to think of it, aren’t all those things Japanese? Oh well.

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