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Linked In – Kobe, Kwame, Timmy & The Onion

Updated: November 30, 2007

Have you voted for your NBA All-Stars today?

Yea, most of these links probably have been circulated twice over….but I thought these were the most interesting nonetheless.

  • Kobe Gives OJ Advice – No, not that OJ…but I would not be surprised. Although, it’s a little too late for OJ to buy Nicole a diamond ring. But in this Sports Illustrated article, Kobe Bryant gives a little advice to USC’s OJ Mayo.

    “It’s different if you’re throwing it to a player you feel can make that shot,” said Bryant. “But throwing it to him just because he’s open doesn’t give the team the best shot of winning.”

    I wonder how Michael Jordan’s philosophy lined up with this? Probably similar. Then again, if MJ didn’t trust a teammate, (and yes, he even yelled at those he trusted), that guy wouldn’t even set foot on the court.

  • I’m beginning to like Phil Jackson, the Zen Master, more and more…..especially when he talks about Kwame Brown. Oh yea…check out

    Here’s an excerpt from a recent LA Times article:

    Kwame Brown could return next week from moderate sprains in his left knee and left ankle.

    “I kind of ignore him like he’s a leper on the table, but as I was walking through the training room, the trainer said, ‘Kwame’s ankle looks great today,’ so that was really good news,” Coach Phil Jackson said.

    [And in case you forgot the Photoshop of Phil]

  • From Ball In Europe – Oklahoma alum Hollis Price the victim of a racist attack in Lithuania. Skinheads man, you gotta watch out for them.
  • The NBA is changing the rules for Tim Duncan. I’m not exactly sure about how I feel about this. In my NBA All-Star vote blog entry, I did wonder why Duncan was listed at center for the first time ever….of course, in the past, I always wanted him listed at center so he, Dirk, and KG could start for the West. But the ballots are out…should they change now? Are the Suns conspiracy theorists going to be coming out of the woodwork?

Today’s Voice from the Onion — always good for a laugh.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Pot Smokers Well-Adjusted

A recent Swiss survey reveals that that teenagers who smoke marijuana function better than those who also use tobacco. What do you think?

Black Man

Terry Gerdes,
Lathe Operator
“I think it’s because pot smoking teaches kids to slow down and take stock of what’s really important in life: sandwiches.”

Young Woman

Alice Muldowney,
Customs Official
“What about those teenagers who aren’t musicians, painters, and deadbeats? How well do they function?”

Asian Man

Ivan Chernikoff,
Metal Furniture Restorer
“Is this some kind of trick to make kids think that pot isn’t cool?”

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