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Links Fo’ That Ass – Stop Snitchin’ Stephon!

Updated: November 14, 2007

Ever wondered what Michael Vick’s house looked like? No, not the dog killin’ house in VA; this link evidently takes you on a virtual tour of Michael Vick’s Georgia house. I’m still surprised that there’s no doggie rape-room. Guess his place now looks more like Redman’s apartment from MTV Cribs.

Stop Snitchin’! So let me get this straight….if you are a criminal who snitches on another criminal, that’s against street-code, right? Ok, makes sense. What? Innocent people are getting killed for snitching on criminals who have had a detrimental affect on their lives? Well, that’s pussified-code. Of course, you always have Cam’ron…he won’t even snitch on the dudes who shot him in DC.

Stephon Marbury better start watching his back, he’s about to break a street-code. This report from Slam Online has links pertaining to Starbury snitchin’ on Isiah Lord Thomas the 3rd. I told you that both Steph and Zeke had something going on. Dirty Dirt.

Gilbertology wants us to get ready to vote for Gilbert again…..this time for the All-Star game. And at first, I was like, Why? But then I looked at the other guards from the East….straight weak. If I had to predict, Boston is going to rally around Ray-Ray Allen…and the next tier (well, not really next tier, but an additional 5 to include in the top 6 potentials), would be Chauncey Billups, Ray Felton, Joe Johnson, Jason Kidd and Gilbert Arenas. D-Wade is hurt, and Michael Redd should always come off the bench. Then, I started thinking about all the times that bum Vince Carter was voted as an All-Star Game starter and said “Eff that! Let’s all get out and vote for our hometown DC boy!” Good luck Gil.

Uh oh, Phil Jackson is up to his Zen Mind Games again. He actually praises Kobe Bryant‘s, get this, lead-er-ship in this article.

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