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NBA All-Star Votes, 07-08 (right now)

Updated: November 16, 2007

Filled out my first ballot yesterday. I’m voting for the players who I think should make the all star team judging by their performance at this point in the season. So, while I would love for Caron Butler to make the team…and if he keeps playing like he has been, he deserves to…but let’s be real, we should all go ahead and pencil in LeBron James and Kevin Garnett as the starting forwards for the East. Caron needs to keep ballin’ (along with the Wizards needing to do better as a team) and the coaches will take care of the rest.

EAST FORWARDS: LeBron James & Kevin Garnett

Richard Jefferson and Rashard Lewis are having nice seasons so far. Or course, the names Caron Butler, Zach Randolph, Hedo Turkoglu and Paul Pierce are always in the mix. I’d like to see more from Josh Smith (like maturity) and Chris Bosh before consideration.

WEST FORWARDS: Dirk Nowitzki & Carlos Boozer

A resurgent AK-47 may be in the mix. And I’d bet money the ‘Melo Anthony is as good as there. Shawn Marion always puts up numbers..but then again, he thinks a little too highly of himself. Don’t sleep on Al Harrington or David West either.

EAST GUARDS: Gilbert Arenas & Ray Allen

This one is tough. Okay, I’m almost having to retract the ‘who would make the team right now’ statement by putting Gilbert there. Yup, it’s my DC bias. He will play better. But it’s so hard to leave Chauncey Billups or Jason Kidd out of the starting line-up. Ray Allen is playing really well, he’s up there over the previously mentioned two cause he’s a natural shooting guard. Wait, am I saying Gil is a natural point guard? No, not really. Raymond Felton and Joe Johnson should also be mentioned…and I’m just never comfortable talking about Vince Carter, ever since he quit on the Raptors. J-Rich, TJ Ford, Michael Redd and Igoudala are on the outside looking in.

WEST GUARDS: Chris Paul & Kobe Bryant

Man, the West is guard heavy this year. If you’ve read my previous blog post, I’m putting CP3 on there unanimously. And it has nothing to do with him being ranked #2 (after Marion) among all fantasy players on Yahoo right now. We know that fantasy numbers have nothing to do with it. The kid is just that sick. Plus, he plays for the host city…just an extra incentive. Kobe? Well, regardless of what you, me, or anyone else thinks of him…it’s still Kobe Bryant. But look at all the contenders: Steve Nash, Mani Ginobili, A.I., Kevin Martin, T-Mac, Baron Davis, Deron Williams…even Jason Terry and Leandro Barbosa warrant mentioning. Wow, what a list.

EAST CENTER: Dwight Howard

Hands down. No one else. I really shouldn’t even write anymore. I just want to say that Rasheed Wallace should be about as close to starting over Howard as I am to making it in the league…and he’s the best of the rest.


I know he doesn’t need any help from me, there’s a billion Chinamen at their computers voting for Yao as I type. But plain and simple, he’s the best center in the league and is having the best year of his career so far. Marcus Camby and Tim Duncan would probably be the next most deserving. Amare hasn’t exactly impressed me with his rebounding and defense. Chris Kaman should seriously be considered for a spot. Whudda thunk that?


Tim Duncan at center? He’s been listed at forward for just about ever. That was the great debate….you had Timmy, Dirk and KG (and, as always, some other random contender). Who do you choose? You’re telling me that now KG moves to the East and makes it easy on all of us, Timmy Duncan is listed at center? Looks like he will never start an All-Star game again.

Why the HELL will Wally Szczerbiak on the ballot? Can anyone explain? Just cause he got lucky and made the team once in 2002?

I knew what they were thinking with Luis Scola…I thought he was going to be Oxy Pad this year (Get it? Break out? No? Ok, I’ll stop). But for some reason, he just hasn’t been able to adjust to the speed of the game and lack of a trapezoid lane.

Don’t they know that Nêne gets injured every year? And should dropping your last name (Hilario) and giving yourself one name be akin to giving yourself a nickname? Well…I guess, if he did it the legal route, it’s okay.

SLAM points out that ‘Chris Wilcox Feels the Disrespect‘ of not being on the ballot.

Speaking of….Fat ‘Toine Walker is on the ballot as a guard? Cat’s a couple milkshakes away from having to pay for two seats on the team plane.

Was putting Luke Ridnour on there a pity move?

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