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NBA Photoshop – Washington Wizards Style – VOTE 4 NACHO!

Updated: November 20, 2007

The campaign has officially begun. We first heard about Gilbert Arenas serving chips & dip on his Agent Zero blog….guess that since Brendan Haywood came up with “Hibachi”, Gil, being the marketer that he is, decided to coin a new name on his own: NACHOOOO!

Vote 4 Nacho – NBA All-Star 2008 [go vote now]

NACHO aka Gilbert Arenas 4 All-StarOk, I know you have a lot of campaigns to keep up with. There’s the Bullets Forever Nick Young Dunk Campaign, which actually originated with Mr. Irrelevant. I don’t see why you can’t get behind that issue, the more Wizards at the NBA All-Star game in the NOLA, the better.

Speaking of…..people really need to get behind a ‘Tuff Juice 4 All-Star movement. In case you are outside of the DC area, or just don’t know any better, “Tuff Juice” is the nickname for Caron Butler. Thank you Lakers!!

Remember this movie? (sorry Antawn… I had to make you Steel)

Caron Butler - 'Tuff Juice
And last but certainly not least…..I could not resist. In case you haven’t read or heard, DeShawn Stevenson has an “active” off-season (outside of signing a new contract). He’s working on a new tattoo so when he plays shirts & skins, all you fools will not only recognize his name, but his number too. DeShawn also did some free lance internet production, he took a picture of himself with his American Express Black Card and posted it on his MySpace page. Is he trying to show off the black card, or the fact that he bought that sweet grill with his black card? Either way, Randy Moss would not approve…”Shoulda paid straight cash homey.”

Most importantly, DeShawn made the first ice-breaking step in an attempt to publicly court the young Ms. Lindsay Lohan. (Also via MySpace….and BTW, his profile as since been made private. Huh? Well, you’re just c-blockin’ yourself with that move jack.) But really, I don’t know about you people out there, but I believe that DeShawn’s intentions were 100% true. Any of us can easily recognize that Lindsay Lohan is a girl who is crying out for help, but how many of us will actually do something about it? Step in O-Town’s finest spiritual leader….kinda reminds me of the scenario in Black Snake Moan. Better brush up on those guitar lessons slim. (Hey, I can see that beard is getting long….beat Drew Gooden!)

DeShawn Stevenson & Lindsay Lohan in Black Card Moan
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And thanks for the props from all those who recognize (where you at Dan Steinberg?):

The Hype Guy
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