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Say It Ain’t So Gil!

Updated: November 22, 2007

I miss my first game blog of the year (I was traveling and my sub fell through), and then the Wizards miss Gilbert for 3 months. Damn.

I’m really feeling for Gil. He opens up in his latest blog entry about his knee, surgery, and strained relations with his girlfriend.

It’s just tough to realize that his “go-hard” mentality in dealing with adversity perhaps could have led to this second surgery. But how was Gil to know? Arenas only knows working too hard to overcome obstacles. I would say the attitude has worked pretty damn well for him so far. Perhaps there’s a lot of blame going around…finger pointing at the team, doctors, or even perhaps Gilbert himself. It needs to stop.

Thing is, no one is wrong here. This 3 month set-back is the fault of no one. Only Gilbert knows his knee, so I’d find it pretty hard to place the blame on surgeons, doctors, or even the team and Eddie Jordan for playing Gil.

It’s just a lump, a fact of life that needs to be taken in stride. There are much worse situations in this world. After reading Gilbert’s latest blog entry, I almost feel proud of him. He’s a very talented individual, and he knows this. Yet, Gil is also humble in understanding what he needs to do to make himself better…..and coming to realizations that don’t just involve basketball.

This team, this city needs to support Gil. We want Arenas to overcome this and continue a successful NBA career, and we want this to happen in DC. Go through the hard times together and share in the good times together.

Is Gilbert Arenas’ injury a disaster as Bill Walton puts it? well, let’s see what the other bloggers think:

  • As always, thanks to Ivan Carter & Wizards Insider (you too Michael Lee) for keeping all of us in Wizards Nation in the loop. Damn, seems like meniscuses are just tearing at the drop of a hat these days.
  • The Pradamaster at Bullets Forever asks many questions which cannot yet be answered, while Jake the Snake gives us some reasons to stay positive.

    I’m caught. I also want answers to all these questions, but then again, part of me just wants to put the current scenario behind, move on, and hope for the best.

  • Gilbertology is pretty broken up about the news. Yea, it’s easy to get upset….but then I start thinking about Gil and I say ‘Hey, he’s the one with the knee injury, why am I getting upset?’….then I start thinking about the Sudan, child slavery, poverty, or pretty much any other crappy injustice going on in the world and think ‘Hey, it’s Thanksgiving and we should be thankful for the positives we have and the negatives we don’t.’

    And actually, I’ve been walking around with a partially torn ACL, debating whether to get surgery. But unlike Gilbert, my career does not depend on my knee, then again, my passion for playing the sport I love does. I need to get together a post on knee injuries.

  • Thanks to the DC Pro Sports Report for keeping me updated on what the guys did against the Bobcats last night.
  • True Hoop also has a good run-down of the latest on Gil’s injury history. It’s also nice to know that I’m not the only one goading people into posts.
  • Wizznutzz….well, uhhh…interesting.
  • And the White President at We’re Off to See The Wizards is trying to drink all his troubles away. Wait…that was before the latest injury news on Gil.

Finally….after reading the DC Sports Bog, I’m going to go back and correct my 76ers live game blog. Thing is..I thought I heard Steve Buckhantz say DeShawn hit that three (1:06 left in the 2nd quarter)….and I remember the player looking like DeShawn…and I even typed that he hit. But when I checked the play-by-play, it said it was Antonio Daniels, so I changed my blog. Does anyone else ever find that is lacking in functionality?

So basically:

Happy Thanksgiving.
Stay Up Gil.
Stay Up Wizards Nation.
Step Up Young Fellas.

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