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Seen and Heard on NBA League Pass

Updated: November 7, 2007

Yes, I’m a little amped…I’ve been watching the free-preview and just got off the phone with the actual order. Not to complain, I am more than enthusiastic that RCN has the NBA League Pass available this year…but the BIG beef, where’s NBA TV? Shouldn’t that be part of the deal? Alas, I’m deprived of the first Knicks-Nuggets rematch since the brawl last year.

First tip-off of the night, Phoenix Suns @ Charlotte Bobcats. The Bobcats TV announcer, Steve Martin, talks about an upcoming trip to Philly — “the city of brotherly love, where they boo at funerals.” A lot better than I would’ve put it. Jermareo Davidson of the University of Alabama gets in and scores his first NBA bucket. Considering that he went undrafted, and the tragedy he faced in college, good for him. The Suns are going about their business sans Amare Stoudamire in a rather pedestrian manner. Phoenix is a well-oiled moochine, the Bobcats work about as well as a public toilet in U-kraine.

On to the Atlanta Hawks @ the New Jersey Nets. I read a lot of NBA Fantasy reports speculating about who, after Josh Smith and Joe Johnson, would break out from Atlanta. Well, Marvin Williams drops a versatile 9 on New Jers in the first quarter. Personally, I thought Josh Childress would break out with his ability to fill the stat sheet….

Skipping the Orlando Magic @ Minnesota T’Wolves game, and….

The most intriguing early matchup of the night: Toronto Raptors @ the Milwaukee Bucks. I really think both of these teams will make the playoffs this year. Little trouble early in the game with the facilities, evidently the confetti from Saturday’s opening night Milwaukee win is making it rain on the court today. You can overhear Raptors Coach Sam Mitchell say, “you gotta get this stuff off the court!” Michael Redd is a stronger and Andrew Bogut is playing a little more determined this year….probably cause he got rid of that girly haircut. Don’t be fooled by Desmond Mason’s 11 points in the 1st quarter, most of those were on Jason Kapono.

Checking out the Clippers @ Bulls, primed for the debut of Joakim Noah. And boy does this kid hustle. He sprints to the spot on the floor where he is supposed to be, all those intangibles that coaches look for…Scott Skiles is going to love him. But he’s NOT going to love an 0-4 start.

The best matchup of the night: Spurs @ Rockets. If you caught my NBA Predictions, you’ll know that I picked the Rockets to win the West. When I was in Vegas the August before last, I almost put a chunk of change on Houston to win the championship…more so because the crazy odds, [67-1] I believe, at that time. Well, we all saw them come up short against a surging Jazz team in the first round. So, I just think I was a year ahead of myself. They got a crazy-nice mesh of components:

  • Superstar: T-Mac
  • Dominant Center: Yao
  • Depth at the Point: Skip to My Lou, Mike James and Luther Head (all of whom can nail the 3)
  • Big Bangers: Deke and Scola (steal of the summa)
  • A Possible 3rd Prime-Time-Playa: Bonzi!! (reunited with Rick Adelman — remember the Kings-Spurs playoff series two years ago?), and what could be the most important factor…
  • Two Key Glue Guys: Shane Battier and Chuck Hayes.

What’s not to like? (besides the fact that T-Mac can’t get out the first round and Yao is always an injury threat) Awww….eff it. Lemme call my boy in Sin City.

Sorry Kevin Durant, I’d like the check out your Seattle Sonics @ the Sacramento Kings (after the end of a close Bulls-Clips game, Baby Bulls 0-4), but your team is already up 16 and I’m more interested in the last two games of the night.

New Orleans Hornets @ LA Lakers – Hornets started off strong, but let the Lake Show get back into it. Andrew Bynum gets 9 boards in 15 1st half minutes…it’s really nice to see him respond nicely so far this season after Kobe’s immature and irresponsible public comments about him this summer. Laker fans really know how to kiss some ass. It’s a little bit early to be chanting “MVP” with Kobe at the line at the end of the first half in game 4 of the season. In the end, Chris Paul shredded the Lakers D and ripped them a new one. SSL (sick stat line): 19 points, 21 assists, 3 steals, TWO turnovers. If Peja’s back holds up, CP3 will straight resurrect his career….his penetration and dishes left Peja only 10-13 on 3s.

Cleveland Cavs @ G-State Warriors BOOBIE! The playoffs were not a fluke, he made a 3 with 19 seconds left to put the Cavs up 4. Game Over.

I’m out. (Don’t worry, I can’t do this every night)

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