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Game 4: Wizards v. Nets – En Vivo!

Updated: November 9, 2007

1st Quarter

Uhhh…not an auspicious start: botched tip, albeit the Wiz got it; a missed DeShawn lay-up; and a missed DeShawn jumper.

So, at what point does Caron put the headband back on? Seems very odd to me, as many pro athletes are superstitious, that he’d lose it after an all-star year.

Haywood is playing unselfish. Passing at the right times, keeping the hustle swag up, taking charges….(and dishing them out)

I’m not saying a thing about Gil’s 3’s. Oops. Timeout, 7 minutes left. Nice start Wizards.

As long as R-Jeff is kept out of the lane and shooting jumpers, the Wiz will be alright. At least, if he gets in the lane, make him take tough shots. He’s been pretty solid for the Nets this year.

I wonder if all the talk between Jefferson and Arenas this summer, about who is the better Arizona alum, is going to come into play during the game tonight.

I’m beginning to think that Nick Young is one of the “others” cause he is straight Lost on D.

Look, I know that Jason Kidd is the best rebounding guard in the league, but can’t someone, anyone, at least try to block him out? Where you at Nick Young?

Andray Blatche sighting! The problem with him so far: One, he just stands in (or around) the lane on one possession. No movement. And he’s GOT to be more physical with the Canadian Magloire.

Sweet Nick Young reverse lay-up to close out the quarter…you know he’s not going to slack on O-ffense. Does he have a nickname yet?

Really couldn’t ask for a better start – Smart D. Shooting 55%. Forced 7 Net turnovers. Wizards up 12.

2nd Quarter

As Steve Buck says, Eddie is really mixing up the line-up and I like it. AB, D-Song, C-But, AD and Tricky Nicky.

An aggressive AB to the rack. Me likey…..But me no likey him trying to bring the ball up the court on the break after a steal.

Nick Young is….rangy? He should be using those long arms to block more shots.

Watch out ladies, post-divorce J-Kidd is back on the market with that clean sans goatee look. Wait, was he really ever off the market? How personal do you think NBA trash talk gets? Do other players get on J-Kidd for saying that his wife abused him? (I’m sure that would violate some ‘code’) But I wonder who is the most egregious violator otherwise. Can anyone answer this?

Brendan in and Blatche out…bout the right time for that (just under 8 minutes left in the 2nd). AB ended up with a very solid run after my initial critique.

Wiz get a little sloppy and let the Nets go on a 7-0 run, cut the lead to 13. See…if anything, this team can-not get comfortable with a lead. They need to stay focused and go for the kill. I know, I know….a lot of time left and it’s the NBA, every team makes a run.

Well, an Eddie Jordan timeout does not help. Nets continue…it’s a 18-2 run now. The Wizards are settling for Js on offense and giving the Nets a lot of extra chances.

Well, Agent Zero ends the quarter with a Whodini on Jason Kidd’s jock and a nice jumper. Gil seems to be okay from the outside….but I’m scarred that he’s lost (or is incapable of) his aggressiveness in attacking the basket. Will his confidence develop? Considering this, how do teams play him on D. Granted, he can still do what he just did….get past someone and pull up J. But the team needs him on that line. Wiz up 5 at the half after an UGly 2nd quarter.

Why the Wizard aren’t losing:

  • shooting 17% higher than New Jers
  • and that’s about it. Zero offensive rebounds for the Wizards (16 total) compared to 6 for the Nets (22 total). Plus, the Nets got to the line 13 times, compared to 5 for the Wizards.

3rd Quarter

My bad…J-Kidd is not totally without facial hair, he’s got the ‘tickler’ below his lip….or is that a shadow?

Great block by Haywood, but he misses the reward basket at the other end and goes down but not hurt…which makes me think, and trust me, I cringe at the thought, but what do the Wizards do if Brendan goes out for an extended period of time (6-8 weeks)? Would Ernie tell Eddie to just “make do” with what he’s got?

The game has slowed. Wiz up 4 with 7:20 left.

Gil misses (and takes) his first FT shot in two games.

6:20 left, Antoine Wright drives to the basket and gets fouled. Olive Branch Haywood helps him up…and how many times do you see an opposing player do that? Maybe 5% of the time?

It’s happened a couple times this game….has Vince Carter finally lost his flight? He just doesn’t seem to be able to get up like the old, or even last year’s, Viggity.

Wow. Old School footage of Eddie Jordan on Comcast (from Rutgers and NJ Nets basketball playing days). Nice work with the film of him celebrating, in college, on a bus that looks eerily similar to the ol’ rickety bus from Major League: Back to the Minors.

Since he looks so young, should Lawrence Frank color his hair grey? You know, to give him that weathered, vintage, I’m not 14 look…..In fact, why does he go by ‘Lawrence’ anyway? Larry Frank sounds much better (even porn-star cool). Kinda like Joey Harrington, as Bill Simmons loves to point out, should go by Joe.

Rather mundane 3rd Quarter….the Wizards let New Jersey creep back into the game; Washington is up 1 heading into the 4th. (58-57)

Keys to the game aren’t looking good. Wiz have digressed to 37.9% from the field and they’re only getting 10 points from the bench.

4th Quarter

Mostly reserves are still in: AD, D-Song, AB, AJ and Rog-Mase Deuce.

Wizards are having the same problems getting out on the 3 point shooters…and that is compounded when Nachbar hits two straight 3s from the same spot in the corner. Agent Zero and Tuff Juice put on their capes and check back in.

Another Boki 3….exactly who is guarding this cat again? ….apparently everyone. J-Kidd just threw a lob pass to Boki Nachbar while he was in the lane surrounded by about 4 Wizards, and he hit a very tough shot. Just over 6 minutes left, Nets up 4.

A very back and forth game. Minor glitch by the Wiz and a turnover leads to a Vince Carter break-away….Lay-Up? Huh? Like I said….

Timeout, Wizards down 3, 2:16 left in game.

Hey Gilbert! ISO (in search of): Swag. The Nets deserve it.

Well, the Wiz contained R-Jeff in the 1st half, like I said they should….but then they forget about him and let him go 5-5 in the 2nd half. And he’s got to the basket to go 10-10 on FTs.

Every time Gil goes to the basket, gets fouled hard, goes down….and then gets back up….things can only get better for him and his knee from experiences like that. His FTs cut it to 2.

Great hustle by the Wizards on the O end. Wiz Nation, you have to admit that D-Song is a gamer. Tie game, 39 seconds left.

R-Jef rebound (and he gets fouled) after a Carter miss. Magloire should’ve gotten an offensive foul for checking Songaila as he was going out the contest Carter’s shot. Makes ’em, Nets up deuce.

Gil with the ball in his hands, clock winding down, and……

Well…I’m speechless, that was an absolutely terrible, no, tuurrible shot by Arenas. I would’ve rather him take a 3-pointer 10 feet behind the line. He wasted too much time, let the Nets trap him, forcing him into the corner…where he can’t pass, has no time to do anything else, and is forced to take a wild fade-away 2 pointer off one leg.

Were the Wizards out of time-outs? I mean, they just took one before the 2nd Jefferson FT, so something good should’ve been set up, right?

BTW…I’m very curious to know what Kidd and Arenas were talking about right after the game, well, it was Kidd doing more of the talking. Didn’t seem aggressive at all, but didn’t exactly seem amicable either. Looked pseudo serious in any case…maybe Kidd was telling Gil what he did wrong?

Absolute Frustration. Wiz played a semi-solid game. Actually, their best effort of the year so far. But I’m sure that everyone is blaming this on Eddie Jordan already.

The facts are, the Wizards shot below 40%…Nets were below 39%. And as expected in a close game like this, most all the stats were even, except…..

Bench Production.
28 points for the Nets (in 93 minutes of work)
17 points for the Wizards (in 70 minutes of work)

I’m done. I’m out. Going to the Nuggets game tomorrow (wow, they got run off the court by the Celtics last night like the Wiz did).


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