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Game 6: Wizards vs. Hawks vs. Redskins vs. Eagles

Updated: November 11, 2007

Here are the points: Yes, Gilbert’s knee is bothering him, and the 07-08 Washington Wizards are not the same as a result. But this should not be the case.

Now the facts: The Wizards are not playing any defense and they have shown glimpses of quitting on their coach, Eddie Jordan. The solace taken is that the players, the team, know this. Do they have the desire to change the course? We will see today at Phillips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia. Like no dancing for Chad Johnson ’till .500, no keys to the game until a Wizards win.

Just win baby. Hey, at least the Skins seem to be gaining steam after a slow start. They’ve got a 12-7 lead with just under 2 minutes left in the half as the Wizards and Hawks tip it off.

1st Quarter

The Hawks have promising youth on the inside in Horford and Josh Smith, but the Wiz do well in trying to establish a Haywood inside offensive presence early. Reliable, easy, points need to start coming from somewhere. In fact, I’d be curious to give a detailed look at all NBA rosters. I’m willing to bet that the Wizards are the only team in the entire league without a consistent post scorer. If you’re looking for some answers, you could start there.

A lot of run ‘n’ gun to start the 1st. A fast pace is something the Wizards need to get used to doing again. They show a little rust, with a hint of sloppiness….Caron Butler also needs to be getting himself better looks at the basket. But a 16-11 lead with 5:40 left is not bad.

Why did everyone say that Al Horford was the most “NBA Ready” coming out the draft? Strength. He displays a solid core and veteran-like balance in the post. However, his offensive game is so raw that you have to question his “readiness.”

2:13 – Wiz timeout as the Hawks cut what was an 8 point lead to 3 at 24-21. Brendan Haywood has 11 points and 4 rebounds at this junction.

Tyronn Lue doesn’t look right without the braids. When Stevenson cut them, it was an improvement. 26-21 lead for the Wiz to end the 1st.

2nd Quarter

Josh Childress is another player with a peculiar shooting style.

5:06 – Even though it’s a low scoring game, Wiz up 36-32, the team is moving the ball at a fair pace. I just wonder about the level of communication on D. Some boxing out would help too. Shouldn’t these things be easy to accomplish? They just need the will to do so.

3:04 – Timeout, Wiz up 40-36. Very even game so far in terms of shooting %, rebounds, turnovers…..balanced scoring spread out among the players of each team.

Between, the Skins game, the Wizards game, my boy Adam’s custom seasoned and fried buffalo wings….and a conversation among friends, it’s pretty hard to concentrate. A perfect Sunday contingent on the outcome of these two games.

No compression sock for Gil this game, just a knee brace. He’s an experimenter. Gil ends the quarter with a drive to the basket, earning him a trip to the FT line for two makes. Not exactly Agent Zero-like, but encouraging nonetheless. Wiz up 11, 51-40 at the half.

Uh oh, somebody’s hot buds just got challenged over the potency of these wings. Hot sauce challenges are being thrown around and manhood is being questioned. Where can you get the best hot sauce in DC? I say Uncle Brutha’s. They have a store near Eastern Market.

Touchdown Redskins! Obscure receiver touchdown day. James Thrash and Keenan McCardell are getting it done.

3rd Quarter

9:05 – Strong start to the first 3 minutes of the 3rd allows the Wizards to push their lead to 60-43. This team doesn’t need Gilbert Arenas, they need each other. Now that “every team in the NBA makes a run” thing? The Wizards need to put the kibosh on that…..along with the Skins and Eagle scores. Critical time for the DC sports scene here, 9:55 left and the Redskins are only up two points, 22-20.

Brendan Haywood is back! After two mediocre games against the Nets and Nuggets, B-H-Wood has 13 points and 10 rebounds with 6:30 left in the 3rd. Wiz up 18, 65-47. So goes Gilbert Arenas, so go the Wizards? goes Haywood, so go the Wiz. Uhh….not really.

What about awkward high-fives? I know you’ve participated in one of these before. Not like the premise is off, but more the timing, movement, and the end result of a misaligned connection. The resolution, one party needs to hold their hand still, allowing the other to perform the hitting action. Is this too many words about a high-five? Definitely.

1:40 – The Wizards continue to move the ball well. They really seem to be working from the inside-out more than they have in any other game this year. Like I said, go for the easy ones, the higher percentage chances. The Hawks are staying around though, their fast-break lets them keep the deficit in the 16 point range.

Very nice team effort so far today. Wiz lead is 78-65 going to the 4th.

4 minutes left in a game where the Skins are up 5. D. McNabb is due for an interception.

4th Quarter

Damn, Eagles touchdown on a screen…but there’s a lot of time left. 3:16 left. Stopping the Philly 2 pt. conversion attempt makes the task at hand a little easier. Down 26-25, this is your time Jason Campbell.

Eagles right tackle, Jon Runyan, is playing with a broken tailbone today. The Fox report is that he can’t sit down much and he has a hard time sleeping…evidently does it in 2o minute intervals throughout the day. My boy Chris calls BS on that. I really doubt that the Cosmo Kramer sleep schedule theory works in real life.

Crap. Hawks have cut the Wizard lead to 8 (8:10 left) and the Skins don’t look like they’re going to get it done. DC sports fans should be used to this scenario.

I would say that Gilbert Arenas is doing a decent job at managing the game, a la Brett Favre….but he’s shooting so poorly. 4-14 from the field, 0-4 from 3 point land, and 7-11 from the stripe.

Stick a fork in the Skins by the way. Aaand the Hawks are down 5 with 3:40 left in the game. It’s really starting to pile on now. One of my football fantasy teams is even close to getting doubled-up….thanks to 4 TDs from D. McNabb. Really Skins? Really?

Looks like the Wizards are going to close out the game. Jamison came up with some cagey buckets to seal the deal…..par for the course for him. There needs to be a combined YouTube clip off all Antawn’s trick shots, I tried searching to no avail. Not all is lost on this Sunday. Congrats on the first win Wizards.

You really have the be proud of this win. For one, it was on the road. Two, it was a solid win pretty much from start to finish. The last thing the Wizards needed was one of those wins that still leaves a bad taste in your mouth. No, beating the Hawks today is something to build on.

The Vet says: “I got this!!”

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