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The BCS System Is EFFED!! Let’s Start A Campaign.

Updated: December 2, 2007

Well, that’s it, the BCS is f#$ked. As if we all didn’t know already. At this point, what can the American public do to get the college football championship structure changed? Can we unionize? No, let’s start a campaign. What kind of campaign? I’m not sure yet.

But if something is not done, we will continue to say…”If there was ever a year which made the case for a playoff system….” for well, every year. But this year is something else. Absurd doesn’t even begin to describe. Who is going? Stay tuned for the results this evening.

    • You’re going to tell me that Ohio State has a National Championship team?
    • Oklahoma either?
    • Georgia without even getting to the SEC championship game?
    • LSU’s two losses?
    • Hawaii? Please.
    • Va-Tech? Nope, they got blown out by LSU.
    • USC? Only beat two teams with winning records. Way to go Crap-10.

Here are the voting results from the latest ESPN SportsNation poll. Pretty safe to say that my feelings are in tune with America’s. Save for I think March Madness would still be a bigger event, and playoff format….doesn’t matter, just get one. So, get the POINT college football. Change now.

Vote: Will the BCS get it right?

1) Do you think the two best teams in the country will play for the national title?
81.6% No
18.4% Yes
2) Is Ohio State one of the two best teams in the nation?
64.4% No
35.6% Yes
3) If Ohio State moves up to No. 1, which other team most deserves to play in the title game?
29.5% LSU
22.5% Georgia
13.4% Hawaii
11.5% Oklahoma
8.7% USC
7.4% Virginia Tech
5.8% Kansas
0.7% West Virginia
0.6% Missouri
4) Should college football have a playoff system?
85.5% Yes
14.5% No
5) If all were involved, which team below do you think would win a playoff this season?
20.7% LSU
20.4% USC
15.1% Georgia
13.0% Ohio State
12.5% Oklahoma
6.5% Florida
4.1% Virginia Tech
3.4% Hawaii
1.5% Kansas
1.5% West Virginia
0.7% Missouri
0.5% Arizona State
6) If college football adopted a playoff, how many teams should be included?
38.0% 8
20.9% 12 (top four seeds receive first-round byes)
18.1% 16
13.3% 6 (top two seeds receive first-round byes)
9.7% 4
7) Would a playoff system make the regular season less compelling?
79.8% No
20.2% Yes
8) Would a playoff system make bowl games not involved in the playoff less compelling than current non-BCS games?
67.0% No
33.0% Yes
9) Which do you think would generate more interest if college football had a playoff system?
64.4% December Delirium in college football
35.6% March Madness in college basketball
10) As a fan, which better describes your take on the current state of affairs?
59.4% It’s a complete joke and an embarrassment.
40.6% It’s great drama and makes for good debate.
Total Votes: 278,450
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