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Current or Former Washington Nationals in the Mitchell Report

Updated: December 13, 2007

(refers to the page number on the bottom of the Mitchell report pages, not in the PDF)

Paul Lo DucaPage 208

Who he got them from: Radomski

When he got them: July 26, 2004 – $3,200; August 7, 2004 – $3,200; at least 4 additional transactions.

When they worked: Probably when he started dating pop star Rietsa

…or maybe Lo Duca had the mojo the whole time.

…or when he became known as “Captain Red Ass” in the New York Mets clubhouse for his temper. (According to an article written by Tom Verducci in the July 17, 2006 issue of Sports Illustrated)

…or when the ‘Roids caused Lo Duca to “toast” his phone in a rage (see the below note
to former New York Mets clubhouse employee, Kirk Radomski from the Mitchell Report)


Sorry! But for some reason they sent the check back to me. I haven’t been able to call you back because my phone is TOAST! I have a new # it is [Lo Duca’s phone number is listed here]. Please leave your # again because I lost all of my phonebook with the other phone.


(Also, Lo Duca’s thank-you note to Radomski for some ‘roids….how cute!
You think he did the “call me” hand signal when he was writing?)

Gary Bennett, Jr.Page 222

Who he got them from: Radomski

When he got them: July 13, 2003 for $3,200 bucks

When they worked: August 2006, Gary hit 4 home runs in 7 days, one of them a walk-off grand slam. He followed that performance with the consumption of 17 Red Bulls via a beer bong.

Nook LoganPage 229

Who he got them from: Radomski

When he got them:
Not too long before
December 2005

When they worked: Probably last year (finally…sheeesh!!) when he became one of the fastest players in all of Major League Baseball –
Willie Mays Hayes
is shedding a tear somewhere.

Jose GuillenPage 249

Who he got them from: Palm Beach Rejuvenation Center

When he got them: May 1, 2002 – $2,180 bucks worth; Sept. 19, 2003 – $2,083; July 2004 – $6,ooo; June 2005 – bunch of syringes

When they worked: In 2004 when Angels manager, Mike Scioscia, took Guillen out of a game in favor of a pinch runner. Guillen didn’t like this so he threw a “fit” by deliberately (slowly) walking off the field, and once entering the dugout, he threw his batting helmet in the direction of Scioscia and threw his batting gloves against another wall. Jose was suspended the last two weeks of the regular season and part of the post-season. Oh yea, by “fit”, I mean ‘ROID RAGE!!

Mike Stanton – Page 253

Who he got them from: Radomski

When he got them: 2003 – $3,200 bucks,
later in ’03 – $1,600

When they worked: 2004 when his guns looked like those of a robust 22 year-old and not a weathered 37 year-old — Stanton’s face, balls, and belly continued to look “weathered”

Download the Mitchell Report Here.

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  • Foster

    Its only been a few hours and Im already sick of the Mitchel Report. I just watched Fehr talk about it with what can only be described as a controlled rage characterized by a heavy dose of smugness. Everyone gets the blame on this one…particularly Bud “Big Boy from Dick Tracy” Selig.

  • Old Man Stubborn

    Here is my beef:

    1. Selig admitted to not reading the entire report, so why should we be concerned w/this report?

    2. we all knew that most everyone in the league was juicing, so why are we surprised at this report?