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Game 17 Blog: Washington Wizards vs. Toronto Raptors

Updated: December 2, 2007

Chris Bosh will be out for the second straight. I’m not surprised, groin pulls are no joke.

It would be interesting to see Andray Blatche matchup against him though….but a matchup against Bargnani would be intriguing too.

Speaking of…looks like Rasho Nesterovic (after all the hate, I just bet that Stephen A. Smith has a picture of him on his bathroom wall) started in Bosh’s place last night, he does again tonight. I like that matchup for Haywood much better than him chasing around Bargnani. Although…if Bosh were playing, I’d bet that Brendan would guard him and Antawn on Andrea.

The main concern? Like Tony Parker, T.J. Ford (not starting lately) is small and quick, just not as durable. Gonna be a real challenge for Antonio Daniels.

Jose Calderon is more passive in trying to get to the basket, although a sneaky S.O.B. nonetheless.

1st Quarter

11:43Caron starts out hot again with a 3….he’s now 4th in the league in 3 point shooting % (before the game started).

10:20 – Another 3 by Caron from the same spot in the left corner. 6-2 Wizards.

9:41 – Wow…3 STRAIGHT 3s for Caron Butler to start the game. This time, he had Anthony Parker in his face…took a look at him, look at the floor, back at him, lil’ jab, and POP! Tuff Juice in your eye son. Left corner again BTW.

Timeout Toronto. 9-3 Wizards.

8:43 – 2 offensive rebounds on same possession for the Raps. The Wiz are leaking out too much on the break again.

6:25Haywood offensive foul…3rd straight turnover for the Wiz, the total for the quarter. (Shot clock, Jamison pass, BTH O foul). Parker hits a 2 on the other end to give the Raps an 11-9 lead.

4:37Wicked…no, Boston accent Wicked…block by Jamison on Bargnani trying to throw down atwo-handed dunk. And that may just be Antawn’s greatest block of his career.

Blatche in for BTH.

3:27DeShawn hits a 3….hopefully he will be on this game. Guess we’ll have to deal with these inconsistent efforts from him all year. Hey, maybe he can put it together. I’m down on him, most of Wizards Nation is down on him…but that doesn’t mean that we aren’t behind you Dee-Shawn.

3:07 – Very Nice Borat! Butler gets a steal, saves it over his head while falling out of bounds to AD, and then gets it back for the fast break dunk. Wiz up 19-17.

TJ Ford checks in along with Roger Mason Jr and Dominic McGuire…the kids are getting out the crib early.

1:11 – Very sweet pass from AD, who was able to get penetration, to Blatche in the short corner for the lay-in. Tied at 23…where the 1st quarter ends. 5 assists on the 8 made FGs for the Wiz

2nd Quarter

11:34 Blatche gets the block on one end….hustles down court…gets the ball in the post…and smooth righty hook for 2.

See ya Tennessee…interception by LSU with 2:42 left in the game. The SEC Championship has been a good match, but I haven’t been able to pay attention to the intricacies of the end.

9:43 – Wow…TJ Ford with some quick pen…and a butta finger roll. Swervin’ like George Gervin. Raps up 29-25.

8:40Butler misses a dunk on one end after a playmaker spin move by AD….props to TJ Ford for bobbling a power-dribble on a wide open layup on the other end…out of bounds, ball back to Wizards.

Timeout, Toronto up 29-27. Oregon – Oregon St. have a good game going on. Tied @ 28 with 8:00 left in the 4th.

8:22 – Crafty move by D-Mac on Andrea….he’s getting some decent run this game. I like it Eddie J, throw him into the fire early. Dominic missed with layin, but was able to draw the foul. Misses his first two NBA FTs though.

7:23 Kapono hits his 2nd 3 in a row, Raptors up 35-27 now. The Wiz CANNOT forget about guys like Kapono. Roger Mason with his own 3 on the other end.

6:27 Nick Young J off the screen. His confidence improves every game.

4:52Butler a deuce…Calderon answers at the other end. 43-37 Raps.

4:20 – The Juice, Tuff style, is Sweet Like Bear Meat……Caron hits a double clutch floater.

2:58 – RMJ for 3, Wiz up by 3…46-43. Roger DC, way to step it on up.

2:07 – Words cannot describe the offensive rebound that Roger Mason just got…as soon as his feet touched the floor, he flipped it over his head to Antawn Jamison who dumped it in the basket. 11-0 run by the Wizards.

0:54 – Moving the ball great. D-Song‘s man over-played him, he was able to receive the pass, get into the lane, and get the rock to AJ for the bucket. 50-45 Wiz.

0:17Roger Mason 3! Career game for the yungin’…half closes out…(DeShawn hit a long shot just after the buzzer)…but the Wiz made a great run, 16-2 says Steve Buck, up 52-45 at the intermission.

Kickin’ @ The Half

  • Roger Mason Junior has 11 pts., 2 asts., and 3 bounds.
  • Both Teams: 20 rebounds, 12 assists, 3 turnovers.
  • Difference Maker: Wiz shooting 54.1%, Raps shooting 41.9%
  • Earl the Pearls
    to the rafters….take it away Steve Buckhantz……

Absolutely awesome ceremony for Earl Monroe. I’m so glad they showed his highlights on the big screen to the sounds of James Brown’s ‘Super Bad’ and not some sappy ass music.

Quote by Abe Pollin: “Now only did those defending you not know what they were doing, but you didn’t know what the hell you were doing yourself…and that’s why you scored.”

Congrats Mr. Monroe. I’ve only been a Wizards/Bullets fan since 1990, so while I may not be aware, along with old enough, to fully know the history of this franchise, I certainly can appreciate it.

Thanks to Abe Pollin also. I know I criticize him, but he has been a good owner for the DC community.

Wait…don’t want the ruin the ceremonial props that Earl is giving out…but he has a niece named Tijuana? (I’m assuming it’s spelled like the city)….Shame on her parents…SHAME! That is, unless they named her brother ‘Donkey Show’…I mean, REA-lly? That’s almost worse than another pair of names I heard once….a lady naming her chirren…Tequilla and Margarita. Welcome to America.

3rd Quarter

10:53Haywood pulls down his first rebound of the game…he’s fallen off a little bit these past couple games.

9:29Bargnani has had trouble guarding AJ. Fouls him here. AJ has hit 4 points so far.

8:55 – Another 3 by DeShawn. 7 points for him…I like ’em coming quiet.

7:27 – Raptors deuce layin on the break after an AD miss. VERY Lazy effort by the Wiz. DC up 62-53. After good ball movement, Daniels missed an open shot from the right corner…but the team almost hung their heads afterwards instead of hustling back. Toronto had a 3 on 2 fastbreak.

Good stuff…the Pearl is headed to join Phil C and Steve B on the broadcast.

5:13 – Uh oh…string of bad news since Earl started heading to the table. Anthony Parker 3….Jamison goes down on the other end, gets up, and starts to limp around, Bad….Parker hits another 3 and cuts the Wiz lead to 1. 64-63. Timeout, looks like AJ hurt his ankle, he’s out of the game.

3:57 – Step back J by Stevenson….evidently something is wrong with his head because he’s doing crazy things with his hand around his face.

Funny Stuff…Earl Monroe says they used to call him Thomas Edison because he would just invent stuff heading down the court.

3:00Butler baseline dunk, 70-65 Wiz. Takeover Juice, takeover.
2:29 – Speaking of….T Juice sweet layin next time down the court, 72-67. Nice pass and cut game with Andray Blatche. I tell you what, Andray can pass like Chris Webber..maybe even better.

1:52Nick Young J…guess you can’t measure the confidence of a charismatic young man, can you Hollinger?

Steve Buck informs us that Jamison has gone into the locker room.

0:29 – Dammit, another 3 by Carlos Delfino. Tie game @ 75. I always knew that cat had a little something from his days with the Pistons. Dudes from Argentina…they’ll get ya.

Butler 3 closes out the quarter. Wiz up 78-75. 22 points for T-Juice. 4-6 from Three (Phil says 4-5). 9-15 from the field. What a great feeling to watch the development of this guy. He’s been incarcerated. He’s cried on Oprah. He’s a stone-cold NBA Killa.

4th Quarter

Achilles heel alert. Thanks for the stats Steve Buck. 12 turnovers for the Wiz, the Raptors have scored 20+ off those turnovers.
11:11Roger Mason checks back in and just keeps on keeping on. Nice layin for his 12th and 13th points. Wiz up 80-75.

Phil C. is surprised that Milwaukee traded TJ Ford to Toronto for Charlie Villaneuva….everyone, the media, has been chirping..”you never trade big for small, but this worked out.” Ok, so stop saying that you never trade big for small then.

10:10 – Bout time AJ started in…3 for him….actually, he’s had a quiet 24 in this game. But as Buck says, he struggled earlier and has hit his last 9, I think?

Stats up and it’s true, AJ started out 1/5 in the first 6 minutes of the game and has been 9/9 since.

Right now, the Wizards are shooting 59.3% and the Raptors are shooting 43.2%. Wow, how are they only up 88-81? Well…let me go back to the box score: And honestly, it’s an even game…save for the 9 Raptors offensive rebounds and the Wizards being +3 on turnovers. And those are the reasons as to why Washington is not up by 17 instead of 7.

Wow, I know Kapono was hitting, but I was not aware that he had 18.

6:35Jamario Moon dunk ends the scoring drought. 88-83 Wiz.

Damn, two turnovers in a row…AJ charge and Daniels bad pass. That makes 14 for the game. Don’t let ’em back in DC!!

5:36Calderon drive and lob to the Moon, Alice….dunkage. AD, on the other end drives for the layup And 1…5th foul by the Moon. Hey, if the moon were made of cheese, would you eat the moon? Harry Carey/Will Ferrell SNL reference for the record.

4:35Caron draws the foul on Kapono. What a vet move to swing through the reaching arm of Kapono. 92-85 Wizards.

I’m esstatic every time I hear that the Wiz got Caron Butler for Kwame Brown and LaRon Profit. (not mentioning Chucky Atkins)

And you know what?….things happen, it is what it is, fate is a muther…yea, all those sayings. But I’m ready to change my tune. I’m GLAD that Michael Jordan drafted Kwame Brown. If that had never happened, then Grunfeld would have never traded for Caron. And the Wizards never would have gotten The Gamer. The Tuff Juice. Caron Butler.

In fact, I should be praising the whole Lakers organization. When they were winning the championships, I was a Laker hater…I’ll a
dmit it. I still don’t like ’em, even in this vulnerable state. And I still don’t like Kobe, but he brought that upon himself. But think, the Lakers demise dominoed to the turnaround for the Washington Wizards.

Yea, DC still has yet to show themselves as a contender, but the franchise has turned around. Lakers traded Shaq to Miami, ensuring that they would not win another championship this generation. They then trade Caron Butler for the biggest bust of a #1 draft pick ever. Well…okay, maybe not the biggest. Nervous Pervous was pretty bad…although I loved him with the Wizards/Bullets..and there’s someone else that I’m forgetting.

Back to the point. Thank you LA. Thank you very much. To quote Randy Newman, “I Love LA”…(but still hate their basketball team).

Wow, the Wizards are still showing Dallas Cowboy players and logos on the big screen to get the crowd boo0ng.

3:56 – How do you like that?!?! Bucket by Roger Mason with the shot clock winding down…Wizards up 94-87. RMJ season high, 6-11 shooting..15 season high points.

Both Anthony Parker and Roger Mason played in Israel. Do you hear that Timmy Bowers? Get your hustle swag on and make it to the league.

2:26 – Drive by Calderon…goal tending by Blatche. Raps are hanging, hanging around. 96-89 Wiz. 9 assists, 1 turnover for Jose Calderon.

1:53 – JESUS! Delfino dunk down the lane. Hello???

1:27 – Jamison gamer o-board…and tough put back.

1:15 – Butler steal. Thata way to take charge VETS!!

0:44 – Ouch, Kapono 3. 98-94 wiz. Sam Mitchell is telling them not to foul…miss by Stevenson…ball kept alive…Jamison rebound!! He needs a new nickname….How about E=24/7…E being effort. I smell a photoshop.

0:17Butler makes one of two FTs. Wiz up 99-94.

The ‘Wrap It Up’ Box. Wiz make a 3 tough on Kapono. He misses. Caron with the rebound. Foul. Caron drops 28 & 29. …..3 by Anthony Parker with 2 seconds left. Game over Flip.

Wizards win 101-97. This win was a rock. I’m out.

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