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Game 27 Notes: Washington Wizards @ Charlotte Bobcats

Updated: December 27, 2007

Ok, I call these game “notes”, and not a live blog, because they are. Last night was the annual get-together/secret-santa gift exchange with the close set of friends. The game was on….and on it was, my boy Billy has an insanely huge television screen….especially when you factor in how close you have to sit to it in the mid-sized apartment near the SE waterfront. I think it’s like 60 inches….who knows. In any case, I did not pay attention to the Wizards-Bobcats as much as I would’ve like to — but I noticed a lot. Blackberry technology allowed me to take some notes….like to hear ’em go….

Quarter No. 1

Roger Mason has been a straight silent assassin. I notice this when the Bobcats take a timeout with 3:42 left in the 1st and Mason is 3 for 3 on 3s with 11 pts and 2 assists.

Wow, the more he balls, the better Mason Jr. gets. Seems like he’s been confident the whole time, just now, he’s getting more chances.

What a strong quarter, most this year says Steve Buckhantz – 41 points – 30 from Charlotte, 16 points by Mason Jr., 6/6 FG, 4/4 3 ptrs. Good ol’ Steve Buck, he’s always on point with the statisticals.

Adam and I get in a little convo about Roger Mason — he’ll be hot, but when he’s cold, he takes what most consider are questionable shots as AJ tells it. Makes me think, are the questionable because who he is, an NBA journeyman? Hey, I give the guy props for trying to shoot his way out of a slump.

Quarter No. 2

The Wizards really need to learn how to stop the ball in transition. About 2 minutes into the quarter, Gerald Wallace got the rebound off a Caron Butler jumper miss and took it end to end for a layup. Touching, much less stopping him was an after-thought.

About 8:15 left, Adam takes issue with Roger Mason‘s decision to drive baseline after getting doubled. He then gets caught in the air and turns the ball over (travelling, his second TO of the game). I guess he’s expected to contribute, and we are all thankful, but don’t make a mistake son cause you’re lucky to be playing.

I’m just sayin’ – Roger Mason Jr. is shooting 44.2%, not bad…close to AD’s 45% and much better than DEEshawn’s 38.4%. Rog is also second to Caron “On Fiiya!” Butler in team 3pt %; Mason with 38% and Caron with 42%. Did I mention that Mason only has 16 turnovers in about 440 minutes played?

Seven minutes left, the refs are really letting them play. RMJ missed a jumper, but gets kicked afterwards, no foul. On the other end, Blatche gets a block on Matt Carroll…coulda been a call there.

The Wizards lagged big time in the first half of the 2nd. After 41 pts in the 1st, they didn’t get their 3rd & 4th points of the quarter until there were 6 minutes left.

The half ends, uneventful as the Bobcats fought their way back in the game – the Wizards are up 3, 58-55.

Quarter No. 3

Haywood is learning to pick his spots – now that he’s getting more run, he’s plays less selfish than he has in the past. He shows this through his willingness to pass the ball out if he’s not composed and balanced after offensive rebounds. Him doing this is new to me.

Too many points in the paint for Charlotte; comes from a lot of penetration by Raymond Felton and too many offensive rebounds.

Ohh….SportsCenter dunk by Caron Butler over Matt Carroll with about 4:14 left. Tied game at 70. And1 thanks to Matt puts Washington up 1.

Ok then, monster SportsCenter block by Gerald Wallace on Caron Butler with 3 minutes left.

Of course, Okafor has a stronger core and is able to get some post position on Haywood, who also has trouble keeping Emeka off the boards.

Nazr Mohammed is also banging – Eddie Jordan goes with a big lineup of Andray Blatche with Haywood, Roger Mason, Butler and Nick Young. 1:20 left in the 3rd, 78-72 Wizards.

Gotta remember that everything he does, good or bad, we are watching the learning process of Nick Young. He gets the ball in his hands to end the quarter, drives right quick, but the move/shot is slow and he allows the help come over as he faded for the baseline J. Nick proceeds to get blocked by the help, fellow LA boy and UCLA alum (not sure if he graduated), Ryan Hollins. He’ll learn. Either get yourself the open jumper, or get to the basket and get fouled – but don’t put yourself in position to get trapped.

81-74 Wizards.

Quarter No. 4

How does Gerald Wallace do it? 8 minutes left and another coast to coast drive to the basket. Jamison fouls him, not letting him make the shot, and Wallace only makes 1 of 2. Oh yea, I know how Gerald Wallace does it…no Wizard is alert enough to stop the ball. Ends an 8-1 Wizards run, Charlotte is down 10, 79-89 after the made FT.

Of course, after the 2nd missed FT by Wallace, the B-Cats get the offensive rebound…thankfully, Roger Mason gets a steal, but then makes a stupid turnover with a full-court pass attempt. I like you guy, but you’re not Chris Paul or Steve Nash.

More post position for Okafor on Haywood, 6:30 left, he gets BTH on his outside hip and just muscles him up the lane easily. Lotta air for an easy post feed, ‘Meka Okafor dunk. Timeout EJ, 91-85 Wizards, they’re looking like they’re losing control.

3:57 – Still holding strong, up 101-90, timeout

2:26 – Great makeup hustle by Brendan Todd. Roger Mason with a big block, gets the rebound and kicks it to DeShawn Stevenson for the open layup…he blows it….luckily, BTH runs the floor to follow the miss with a dunk. Up 10, 103-93.

1:40 – Mason gets up the court well under pressure, but then he blew a bad shot….however, a huge block by Caron Butler on the other end….aaaand Mason misses a 3 back down the court.

The Wizards need to slow the game down, run that clock.

1:23 – Bobcats are down 103-95, Wizards ball….great, AJ turnover, Wallace steal, ba
sket, And1, FT. B-Cats down 5 just like that.

1:08 – Another Wizards turnover, Derek Anderson misses a 3. Caron is saves the team with a monster rebound, gets fouled, and makes 1 of 2 FTs. Despite the miss, Tuff Juice can really do it on both ends.

Lotta laziness by the Wizards to end the game….and the Bobcats are scrapping.

0:38 – Andray Blatche rebound, losses it, deflection, Andray Blatche block, ball out of bounds to Bobcats. Then what do ya know…another dunk And1 by Gerald Wallace. Charlotte is only down THREE with 26 seconds left.

0:22 – Somehow Nick Young gets free as a result of Bobcats pressure, and an open layup dunk. Up 106-101.

With a 4 point lead and 6 seconds left, the Wizards do good to keep the ball away from Charlotte — game over, 108-104.

Not pretty, but a win — gotta check those stats.

  • Four for the Wiz scored over 20: Mason (24), Jamison (26), Butler (25) and Haywood (20)
  • But only 8 points off the bench
  • Most of the other stats are relatively close – the Wiz just made a couple extra shots.
  • Not a fan of 14 turnovers though – Butler and Mason had 3 each.
  • The way the Wizards ended that game was U-G-L-Y…..and I know they have no alibi.
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