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Hitting the Links – Oh No Joe Gibbs!, College Coach Salaries, Faith in Kwame Brown?

Updated: December 3, 2007

Very interesting article by Rick Cleveland of the Clarion Ledger (Jackson, Mississippi) – all about college football coaches and the high salaries they receive, especially when compared to those of professors.

Rick says that big-time college athletics is a business, but seems skeptical at the inherent culture.

He’s exactly right about the business part. But why do people go into business? To make money. Yes, it can be hard to digest for academia, but the money educational institutions make from their participation in this “business” allows for the betterment of the school as a whole.

Also see, The Business of College Sports, a True Hoop blog entry.

And I’m sorry, but starting the first defensive play of the game with only 10 men on the field was NOT the way for the Redskins to honor Sean Taylor. If they wanted to feel his presence on the actual field, they should have put his number 21 on the grass, and not allow Freddie Jackson to bust a 22 yard run down the left side. Doing this also put the Buffalo Bills in the awkward situation of receiving comments from announcers to the effect of, ‘The classy thing for the Bills to do would be to take a knee.’ Uhhh….no! Sean Taylor played to win. Both teams should be out there doing the same.

So, after the Joe Gibbs timeout gaffe in Sunday’s Redskins game, do you think the cost of securing the domain name for this Joe Gibbs “themed” website goes up?

Photograph from Encyclopedia Britannica Online.

Kwame Brown - #1 Hoe
Just as Mitch Kupchak’s faith in Kwame Brown set up Caron Butler’s rise in DC, Isiah Thomas’ faith in Stephon Marbury set up Steve Nash’s rise with the Suns.

Picture from BustedPlay.com

Stylin Ernie Grunfeld Crucifictorious from the We Rite Good blog makes a great argument for why the Washington Wizards should not sign anyone in a reaction to the injuries of Gilbert Arenas, Etan Thomas, and Oleksiy Pecherov. Hey, I’m convinced.

Doin’ a great job Ern…..you stay classy.
Picture from www.jewishsports.org

Capitol Punishment is hating on ESPN. I like it.

The NBA is going to mic refs and coaches? Awesome, I love it. Call up Harry Kalas, get Steve Sabol to consult, and let’s put together some NBA films.

To follow up with the story about the basketball player who drained his weasel while on the court in front of thousands…..the video of Kansas State’s Billy “PP” Walker giving a towel a golden shower.

Life lesson: Love what you are good at doing.

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