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I Got Links On It

Updated: December 10, 2007

League doing its part to rebuild New Orleans in post-Katrina

All about athletes, the good ones.

Strange Yi Jianlian Chinese commercial…then again, what Chinese television production is not odd in a comically innocent type of way? Here, Yi is just another man, doling out milk to the ladies. Just Another Bucks Fan has a great account/translation.

Hot Chicks

Anna Rawson, LPGA Golfer Hottie>> Sultry LPGA golfer, Anna Rawson (pictured left) and her MySpace page. Sure hope she doesn’t turn to the other side…..

>> Sonya Toms, wife of golfer David Toms. — Thanks to The Big Lead with the link.

>> Jamie Kotsay on UmpBump.com (wife of Oakland Athletics’ Mark Kotsay)

>> Rickey Hatton‘s girlfriend, Jennifer Dooley is kinda hot…even if she is about to lose it. Maybe it’s the glasses and assumed British accent.

>> From the FanHouseJeff Garcia’s wife is definitely the hottest. I guess you gotta be with a name like Carmella DeCesare. Oh yea, plus the fact that she’s half Puerto Rican, half ItalianHottest Cat Fight of the Year - Carmella DeCesare vs. Kristen Hine and was Playboy’s 2004 Playmate of the Year. Did I mention she has also wrestled on WWE’s RAW? Oh yea, and don’t f*ck with her….in 2004, she caught Jeff Garcia cheating skippin’ in the sac with Kristen Hine (picture to the right, Carmella on left, Kristen on right). Consumed with anger like a Junk-Yard Dawg, DeCesare found Hine in a bar, kicked her in the head, and in the subsequent trial, Jeff Garcia was asked in court if he was gay, then, Carmella married him 3 years later. The story is busting with awesomeness….and yes, judging from the photos on FanHouse, Garcia looks totally gay.

And now, a MUCH better picture of Carmella DeCesare.

Carmella DeCesare - Fighter, Jeff Garcia's WifeSlam Magazine with some good Isiah Thomas/New York Knicks lists. My favorite Isiah Thomas quote, “I think we are catching him at a good and unique time in his life.” (said about Vin Baker) — I guess that’s how Charles Band felt about signing Gary Busey to appear in his film, The Gingerbread Man, after Busey did this. The New York Knicks = Gingerbread Men

Spaniards are making fun of the Wizards gold uniforms.

DeShawn Stevenson’s new advisers….food runners at the Cheesecake Factory.

We Rite Good has a nice breakdown of the NBDL and how the league can be changed for the better.

Did you ever see that clip of Richard Simmons on Whose Line Is It?….no? then where the hell have you been? If you have, go check out this ESPN Richard Simmons commercial thanks to Awful Announcing.

Young John Hot Plate Williams100% Injury Rate with a little rundown on athletes and junk food. Why do I feel this list is incomplete without a mention of John “Hot Plate” Williams? (pictured left during his lean days at LSU)

More proof of why I do not like Penn State….and this has nothing to do with Joepa.

The Big Lead with Matt Leinart‘s Baby Momma Hoops Update.

Finally, I was ecstati
c when the Washington Wizards drafted him. I was skeptical of him at the start of the season, mainly because Hollinger planted the seed (that jerk). Now, I am SO glad the Wizards got Nick Young.

Stay up young world.

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