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Letter to Gilbert Arenas – Can You Be A Legend?

Updated: December 13, 2007

Dear Gil,…I ain’t T.I., but I’m talking to you.

Right now, while on that bench, you should be salivating, you should be loving it. I hope you’re learning too. No, not in terms of recovering from surgery. But just look at how this Washington Wizards team is developing; unexpectedly, they are 8 and 5 without you, their superstar. Realize how this team is standing up like men, while the winning-shot-hitting gamer is out with a knee.

Yes Gil, DC’s Wizards are becoming all growns up. Positive signs are strong, but be cautioned, there will be growing pains to survive. On the real, perhaps you doubted it after you got hurt, and I’d say perhaps you are wrong….but this still can be the takeover reloaded season. It’s not just about you taking over. It was never going to be you who won a conference championship, a playoff series, whatever. Hell, Jordan never won those titles either. No, the Chicago Bulls won those titles. Granted, the Bulls would not have been able to do it without Jordan. Just as the Wizards cannot achieve their loftiest goals without Gilbert Arenas.

*semi-side rant* Talking heads such as Stephen A. Smith have recently dumped a bucket of Hater-ade on the blogoshere. He bellowed that bloggers are untrained experts who should not have the ability to reach a mass audience. Not so, Steph Aloysius Smith. What is the point of mass media in the first place? To inform the public. Hint: public is underlined cause it’s kinda important. Blogs, comment boards, message boards…any public venue for expression…swing the power of information closer to where it should be, in the hands of the public. An educated society will simply use the rapidly available dissemination of information to their educated advantage, knowing not to rely on single source reporting, professional or unprofessional. Ahhh…it just clicked didn’t it — wow, a balanced system of sources is good for all of us.

Ok – *100% side rant* – but back to those bloggers Gil, those message board posters, those comment board preachers. Some of them are out there, chirping:

“We should trade Gilbert.”

“Proof is in the pudding homey, the Wizards are better without him.”

“Gilbert will never be Mayor McCheese of Washington, DC.”

Yea, I see them on Wizards Insider.

But that’s all it is…..*chirping* It should also be par for the course for us with common sense to realize that those with unjustified, negative beef tend to be in the minority, and tend to speak out more frequently. Sure, the team is doing well. But at this point of the season, I’m obviously not going to say the team is out of the water. Of course not. Even with you, the current franchise has yet to prove it can get past the 2nd round. The guys, well, they’re just doing “okay” without you.

Coming to terms with this injury, this setback; like I said, it’s about you learning. It’s about you understanding what you have here in the District of Columbia: an offensive minded coach, teammates who are starting to represent like a Band of Brothers, a McGenius General Manager….and DC fans…don’t forget the DC fans.

Look,I’m sure you would’ve had your blog in any other city. If the coin flipped for the Clippers, you might’ve, just might’ve, flourished in LA-LA land. But Hollywood? that’s that cheesy sh*t…..that TMZ, Tiger Beat B.S. — As they say, Washington DC is the most powerful city in the world. Making a career here is unique. DC? Without it, you would not have the Wizards Nation behind you. You would not have the DC Sports Bog (really, is there any other major paper with a reporter/blogger of D-Stein’s influence?) and you would not have the Wizznuttz giving you nicknames, etc. in a twisted-retro manner…much less the rest of us bloggers. Basically, Washington, DC is not just another city.

No one is questioning your decision to opt out of your current deal. It’s a business decision that any of us would make. And the glass half-fulls think you are going to make good on your want to stay in Chinatown. Problem is, the quirkiness that we’ve grown to love and appreciate leads to a slight degree of mistrust. A result of your perceived unpredictable nature. But all this goes away if you show us that you’re going to be about it. We got your back, we just want to know that you will be around to represent. Opt for the DC re-up.

See son, it’s a triumvirate — DC. The Franchise. And You. There ain’t no superstar without the team, there ain’t no team without the superstar, and there is neither without “The City”. Train smart, train hard. See you when you get back.

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Gilbert Arenas - I Can Be A Legend

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