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Live Game 19 Blog – Washington Wizards vs. Phoenix Suns

Updated: December 8, 2007

MC Chris Styles - Washington WizardsStepped up in the Verizon last night with my pops. Knew we were in for a tough one, not so much because Steve Nash and the Phoenix Suns were in town, but because pops had himself a bad back.

But I took some notes, and got them organized for the blog. Now Let’s start the show.

First of all….
Big Tigger is out? Not a die-hard I guess. MC Styles looks lost.
Little known fact: MC Chris Styles used to throw some kickin’ middle school parties.

1st Quarter

A minute forty into the game and the Suns jump out with a 7-0 lead. It’s all a set up, amazing to watch. You don’t know what is going to unfold until it happens. Some plays you see comin’….but not this Steve Nash pass to a cutting Shawn Marion for the dunk.

10:00 –
2nd personal foul on Brendan Haywood. He picked up the first with a silly charge a minute into game. Wiz were trying to go to him early, and that’s good…but not if Haywood tries to force it. Looks like Eddie Jordan is going to leave BTH in the game with 2.

DC can be such a transient city. Yes, they say the US is a melting pot. And well, I always tout DC as the melting pot of the U.S. — But where the hell did all these Phoenix Suns fans come from? Can’t be a bunch of Canadians, can it? The upper deck, or “The Hill” as the Wizards marketing now refers to it, is packed. The lower bowl, or the Swamp (yes, Washington, DC was built on top of a swamp), is speckled with fans.

8:40 – Wizards are trying to run with the Suns a little bit. This move could be considered dangerous taking into account often inconsistent offense from the Wizards. AD misses a jumper which wasn’t a bad look. Those will need to fall for him if the Wizards expect to be in it.

Miss by Stevenson. Man, he really couldn’t hit the side of the Verizon Center this year. It’s like we get the 00-01 rookie year with the Utah Jazz DeShawn and not the NBA vet in his 9th year DeShawn.

Quick check of the stats for Stevenson:

  • 00-01 Utah Jazz – 34.1 FG% 68.4 FT%
  • 07-08 Washington Bullets – 36.2 FG% 60 FT%

6:20 – Deee-Shawn hits a deuce. The “Can’t Feel My Face” move is definitely in effect. Guess he can’t come up with anything new.

The Steve Nash LookJust the look of Steve Nash. You gotta love it. He’s probably made a fool out of many who have underestimated him simply because of his look.

3:26 – Haywood is still in and getting dunks. No interior D from the Suns allows him to get 8. Wiz need to keep going inside on the Suns. I just wish they had another post scorer.

3:00 – Just under 3 and DeShawn drives to the basket. Stevie Nash gives a Euro-style flop, more recently known as the Hollywood Baron Davis. DeeShawn gets the call and knocks down the shots.

Digging the Wizards Cheerleaders tonight, they’re all in lady-cut gold Wizards jerseys. Much better than the gold shorts from the Cavaliers game. Those were terrible.

2:00 – You know Eddie Jordan is starting to gain confidence in Roger Mason, Jr. — he’s the second guy off the bench, after Blatche, checking in for Stevenson.

The Wiz don’t do a bad job of hanging around, down 4, 36-32. 11 assists for the Suns, on 13 made baskets….4 assists for the Wizards.

2nd Quarter

11:26 – Great move by Antonio Daniels to give himself a lane for a nice pass to Blatche for a reverse lay-in..

10:24 – Leandro Barbosa J. AD has got do a better job at getting over the screen. You can’t go under on a good shooter like Barbosa.

10:15 Songaila and Nick Young are 3rd and 4th off the bench, in for Jamison and Daniels.

6:17 – Andray misses a jumper, partially blocked by Amare…and Stoudamire was allowed to leak out unnoticed for a dunk deriving from a sweet full court pass by Nash. Communication for the Wizards? Suns are up 43-35 and showing signs of pulling away.

5:22 – Jamison hook on a runner….just another one of those “Antawn Jamison” shots.

4:52 – Andray Blatche is showing Hustle Swag again with a put-back dunk. 10 points for him already.

4:42 – Bad foul on Amare Stoudamire committed from behind by AJ. It was funny, almost like Blatche turned to Jamison to ask him about the silly foul, or why didn’t he just let Amare go, etc…Pops said that AJ turned to AB and gave him a look as if to say, “I know, don’t tell me about that sh*t kiddo.” (an open lane for Amare was caused by Andray going for a steal in the first place)

Stoudamire has 18 by the way….

4:10 – Drive to the basket by AD and a hard foul by ‘Bosa. They called a flagrant…but it looked like just a hard foul. Barbosa seemed apologetic.

3:45 – Great penetration move by AD, who swings it to Andray, who uses his length for the lay-in. But the Suns are that fast, they go right down the throat for a transition bucket. Phoenix up 50-47.

2:17 – Great pass by Blatche to Songaila for a deuce. The play was really set up by Roger Mason co
ming off a curl and making a great pass to AB, who was set up for the flip.

The Wizards are still just hanging around, down 5, 60-55 at the half.

3rd Quarter

10:10 – A Daniels pass goes out of bounds, off of Haywood’s back, when the Wiz were in transition after a Raja Bell basket. Value The Ball.

9:07 – Haywood with a nice put-back, 12 points for him. Pops says that he’s almost playing like 7 footer. Wiz down 61-66.

8:20 – BTH goes to the basket yelling…aaand he gets blocked by Amare Stoudamire.

8:07 – Raja Bell 3, 10 points for him. It’s not like the Wiz started the 3rd quarter playing poorly, but the Suns are so exact & efficient. 12 pt lead. It’s getting easy for Phoenix.

How quick can it be? It’s as if the Suns keep hitting the Wizards over the head with a stick. They then hold that stick out there, daring the Wizards to grab it, and when a grab attempt is made, the stick is pulled out of reach, hitting the Wizards on the head again. Speaking of hits with a stick.

4:00 – When did it become a 19 point lead? That’s the Suns. You can only combat them with slowing the game down to half-court, like the San Antonio Spurs. Not what the Wiz have done of course. But at the same time, you gotta be able to play a little Defense, ya know?

2:44 – Andray had the ball for a 1-on-1 with Amare Stoudamire, but he pussed it up. A right hand hook. C’mon AB, let’s see some post moves….drop steps, leg whips, pump fakes, the whole list.

Raja Bell, Philly Pit Bull1:26 – Another trey for Raja Bell. Malcolm’s boy is killin with 19 points, Suns up 22. I’m also told that Bell has four 3s in the 3rd. I call him Malcolm’s boy because Adam’s brother, Malcolm, named his pit bull after Raja, inspired from Bell’s days ballin’ in Philly. Ok, Cool?

Marion is on the bench with ice on his wrist, and no, he’s not wearing a watch.

Funny thing is, the Suns don’t seem like they are absolutely killin’ the Wizards. They just casually run over them.
Suns dropping a hundo to the Wiz 76 at the end of 3.

4th Quarter

Why is Brian Skinner’s ‘David Banner-esque’ goatee dyed blond at the tip?

The game is not even close, but the Wizards start out the 4th with some intensity on D. I like to see that they are not quitting.

9:15 – Is Barbosa going to be in the 3 point contest this year? He’s 8th in the league in made 3s, Raja Bell is 14th.

Make it about Steve Nash all you want, but this Phoenix Suns team can shoot the cover off the ball.

8:00 – Nash does yet another Euro-style flop, this time on Nick Young. Young was running down the court without the ball and ran into Nash, who was setting him up. The refs didn’t buy it, but AB missed his shot and of course, Grant Hill easily scored going the other way.

5:28 – Great pass from D Mason to Haywood…..Well, they held Stoudamire to only 6 points in 2nd half.

4:30 – Risky, but nice, Nick Young dunk.

Wiz cut the Suns lead to 14, but all I can seem to watch is the cheerleaders at this point. Blocking out has appeared to be a premium for the Wiz this game. At least they won the battle of the boards 43-42.

2:51 – 2nd illegal dribble of the game for Nick Young. Does the Wizards Spirit Squad ever give it a rest?

1:27 – Nice assist from Blatche to D-Song…AB is always ready to dish.

Well…that’s about it, the play of the Suns was amazing. What else can you say? At that point of the night, I’d had enough scotch and I’d had enough Wizards.

Stat Stuffers

  • 42 assists for the Phoenix Suns, an NBA season high.
  • Steve Nash, 19 of those assists.
  • 7 Wizards and 6 Suns scored in double-figures.
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