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Quick Thoughts – What Do Ricky Davis and DeShawn Stevenson Have in Common?

Updated: December 29, 2007

What exactly is Jason Williams thinking with his recent comments?

“We’re like some high-paid prostitutes anyway in this league,” he said. “They just use and get rid of us whenever they want.”

Sounds like a snotty little punk to me. Look, I know there are a lot of people in this world whom we “think” have it good, but are actually dealing with big problems of their own. But pu-lease…..give me a break J.Will. Don’t insult prostitutes by comparing the down side of your career to theirs…..that is, unless you’ve caught an STD from showering with Ricky Davis.

Speaking of Ricky Davis….for some reason, don’t ask me why — ok, I’ll tell you anyway. I wanted to find out if Ricky Davis had like 17 babies with 25 different women, he didn’t. But he seems like the crazy kind of cat from whom you could insinuate White Chocolate got an STD by simply showering with him.

*UPDATE* – Maybe Ricky Davis has gotten into some sticky situations with the ladies – check out this post from MixMakers.net

Weird…anyway, Ricky Davis‘ Wikipedia entry reads like this (at least at the time I checked):

Davis’ time with Cleveland was marked by disputes with then head coach Paul Silas and he quickly grew a reputation as a selfish showboater. A prime example occurred on March 16, 2003. In the closing seconds of a game against Utah, Davis was one rebound short of his first career triple-double. In an effort to record that rebound, Davis attempted to deliberately miss a shot at his team’s own basket, but was fouled by Utah’s DeShawn Stevenson before he could get the shot off.[1] Davis remains better known for this single incident, than for any other on-court performance.

And as you can see, the citation leads to an ESPN.com story which says, “Davis took an inbounds pass and was ready to attempt a shot at the wrong basket to get his 10th rebound. DeShawn Stevenson wrapped his arms around Davis before the attempt and was whistled for a foul. Davis made two free throws to complete the scoring.”

I’m thinking, hey….because of this, DeShawn Stevenson has become somewhat of a hero to me…kinda. That triple-double attempt has got to be on YouTube. And it is.

Two things I learned from the video:

1) DeShawn really didn’t do anything special — Ricky Davis did attempt what he thought was a shot at the Utah Jazz basket, to get what he thought would be a rebound off the bricked layup. But, as you can easily see, DeShawn fouled Davis after that happened. Am I missing something here? How can ESPN and Wikipedia be wrong?

2) Not so much about what’s going on with that music in the background (It’s obviously Bing Bang by Korki Buchek), although, I would like to hear the live game call….but more so, what’s going on with the still pictures at the end of the clip? You got a guy with his kid and Big-Bird, a black flamer and an eastern European diplomat. Ahhh…the things that can happen while surfing the web.

Other Quick Links:

Great work by Sam Rubenstein of Slam Magazine – check his NBA player-celebrity comparisons.

Most all of us have seen the Southwest Airlines “Wanna Get Away?” commercial where the guy pitches his video game controller through the flat panel television. Well, Mr. Irrelevant has found a real-life equivalent — or so that’s what they would have you believe. First of all, that mom is way too cool – not even a hint of shock or surprise, even at the sound of broken glass, in her voice. Second, that glass shattering sounds a little artificial, like it came from a keyboard. And most importantly, you’d think if the “producer” of this video went through the trouble to do frame repeats of the kid losing the bat….that they would’ve (or the mom would’ve) at least paned the camera to see any part of a broken television. Nope, we don’t see it at all.

She’s kinda hot for a raging drunk — thanks to The Big Lead.

As Chris Mottram of Mr. Irrelevant has learned, it pays to always carry a digital camera with you; you never know what ghosts you will see.

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