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Antawn Jamison for Eddy Curry or Zach Randolph? No Thank You.

Updated: January 21, 2008

So… Chad Ford thinks he can fix the New York Knicks?

Step 1: Buy out Stephon Marbury.

Ford makes a good point. Sure, the Knicks could try to trade Marbury this summer to a team looking for cap room, but Ford doesn’t think that New York will get anything worth their while. Then again, have you heard of the Phoenix Suns? They gave the Seattle Sonics Kurt Thomas and two first round picks, in ’08 and ’10, in exchange for a conditional future 2nd round pick and a gain in cap space.

With frugality on the minds of many most all GMs these days [take that mainstream media….bloggers can cross out words and look cool, you can’t]….anyway, you’d think the Knicks would be able to get someone to bite on Starbury. Of course, Marbury’s recipient would surely cut him loose before he could set foot on a plane. No need to pack baggage Steph, all of yours is carry-on. Exactly, Kurt Thomas has been a great locker room presence in Seattle, not to mention averaging almost 10 rebounds in 25 minutes per game. And I’ve really got nothing against Marbury. The whole cheap shoe thing is kind of cool. But he’s never been a winner. Why would any franchise want him? More importantly, for Stephon, how can he resurrect his career at this juncture? And why did Phoenix give up Thomas in the first place? They could sure use him now.

Step 2: Trade Zach Randolph or Eddy Curry.

Chadwick throws out several theories. I can’t blame him, it’s his job to do so. One involves Curry to the Hawks for Pachulia and Lue…intriguing. Another with Eddy going to the Magic for some randoms. But the suggestion which made me pause was Eddy Curry and Malik Rose to the Washington Wizards for Antawn Jamison. I can’t even begin to say what’s wrong with this suggestion. Jamison provides two main things over Curry: rebounds and intangibles. And “intangibles” covers a lot….everything from AJ’s crafty shot repertoire to his leadership. Besides, Eddy Curry is not built for the Eddie Jordan offense and I don’t see him meshing with Gilbert Arenas, assuming Gil stays around.

Ok, if not Curry, then the Knicks should try to trade Zach Randolph. To the Lakers for Kwame Tiny Hands and Farmer, Ariza or Crittenton? Phil has coached head cases before…see Dennis Rodman, oh, and….Kwame Brown. But I really don’t think the Lakers are giving up Jordan Farmer. He’s looking more and more like a keeper. Ultimately, Zach Randolph on the Lakers hinders the development of Andrew Bynum.

Eyebrow raiser #2: If the Wizards won’t “bite” on Curry, then perhaps Randolph? Ok, first of all, the Ernie Grunfeld I know doesn’t “bite” on bait…..especially nothing that Isiah Thomas is dangling. America is the land of second chances, but not when your exchanging a locker room presence such as Jamison with a locker room presence such as Randolph. No thanks.

Chad Ford goes on to spit more theories on what the Knicks should do…..but the point is, take the Wizards name out your mouth buddy. Jamison should retire a Wizard, at a reasonable cost of course. But there is no reason to think that Abe, Ernie and Antawn shouldn’t make that happen.

On to some other recent Wizards scuttlebutt….

>> Hey, the Atlanta Hawks recently did a pretty cool thing. They invited bloggers to attend a game, gave them the “press” treatment, and then let them do their thing. Here is one of the results from The Atlanta Sports Fan where we learn that Brendan Todd Haywood is a master of veteran trickery….via Al Horford:

We spoke with Horford a little longer, learning that Brendan Haywood is a pretty sneaky player (”He’ll hit you in the back real hard, and then be like ‘Oh, sorry man. I didn’t mean to.’ Whatever.”)

>> The question on the minds of every single Washington Wizards fan? Are the Bullets better without Gilbert Arenas? Like the DC Pro Sports Report, I would tend to say no. But isn’t that ultimately up to Gilbert? The real question should be: Will Gilbert Arenas’ game change when he returns? ….or, more importantly, how will Superstar Agent Zero make this Wizards team better?

>> Speaking of Gilbert….in his latest blog entry, he ranks Caron Butler 3rd behind LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony as the best 3 men in the league. Wages of Wins says that Butler is better than Melo. I agree. Melo is a great scorer, but Tuff Juice can sure fill up a stat sheet. The Wizards already have a #1 scorer in Gilbert Arenas….so considering that fact, yes, Caron Butler IS a better all around player than Carmelo Anthony.

So yea…..Gilbert is a victim of his own blog….or is he? I’d like to assume that he takes into account that everyone will analyze anything he writes…or anything he tells a guy to write for him.

>> Slam Magazine is wondering why Gilbert keeps talking about his contact and if he is composing an “exit plan”….perhaps in hopes of playing for a team in a larger market. Not sure why. He’s built a pretty decent rep here in the little village of DC, which is the 9th largest media market. Gil, do you feel you’d be better playing for the Knicks, Lakers, Clippers, Bulls, 76ers, Mavericks, Warriors, Celtics, or Hawks? Don’t answer that question.

>> True Hoop believes that Gilbert has thrown down the gauntlet, expressing his desire to win a championship regardless of the cost. But I seriously doubt that Arenas is actually referring to the current Wizards players as “scrubs” in his comments. Nice try Henry.

>> Everybody Hates Kwame…..including me.
Wizards Insider is somewhat defensive of Kwame.
Then again, Wizards Insider says that the Caron for Kwame trade is the most lopsided deal of the millennium. Not argument here….however, I would disagree with #2 on the list. A surly Rasheed Wallace would’ve never benefited the Atlanta Hawks. No one really knew that the Hawks would be “giving” the Pistons a championship in Wallace because everyone expected the Lakers to run away with it. Ultimately getting Josh Smith, who can be just as surly as Rash-weed Wallace cannot be considered a total loss.

>> Scott Van Pelt found a “diary” entry of Roger Mason Junior. Don’t worry RMJ, at this point, you’re playing for straight cash homey. You’re a ‘fly under the radar’ type of cat…. your props will come soon.

>> After that horrendous loss to the Knicks last Tuesday, Basketbawful is calling the Wizards selfish……and that’s without Gilbert on the court chucking the rock……but cynics are a dime a dozen and Basketbawful has so many dimes it could lead the league in assists.

Steve Buckhantz releasing the beast? Please.
Wanna borrow some chest hair cap’n? I gots plenty to spare.

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