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Game 32 Live Blog: Washington Wizards vs. Seattle SuperSonics

Updated: January 6, 2008

Eddie Jordan, I’ve seen your local Mercedes commercial and I’ll be honest, you can’t act at all brah. Not saying that I’d be better…..well actually, yea, I’d definitely be better. But hey, they don’t give commercials to random bloggers, they give ’em to NBA coaches — so, good for you captain.

Bullets Forever had the tight game preview, so I’m just going to start the show…..

1st Quarter

11:10 – Haywood gets going early. He has a little bit of a tough time with a double from the top, but he stays persistent and gets the basket. BTH should abuse Nick Collison this game.

10:46 – Kevin Durant fade-away baseline J from the right side over DeShawn Stevenson and some other out-stretched arms – I’m not sure if DeShawn has the reach to feel Durant’s face.

9:56 – Caron Butler takes advantage of the Rookie Jeff Green with a reverse baseline J. Wizards 4-3.

9:17 – AD, AJ and Caron watch the ball as Nick Collison gets an offensive rebound which turns into Sonic points. Not sure why PJ Carlesimo is making Kurt Thomas run around, trying to cover Jamison — guess Nick Collison wouldn’t be much better on him. Then again, seems like Thomas would be able to better cover BTH than Nick. Guess what, I’m not an NBA coach.

7:40 – Stevenson with an ill-advised missed jumper …one of those “trying to get his” shots. C’mon son, with all the mis-matches on the court for the better Wizards players to take advantage of…why are you shooting long corner pull up deuces with a hand in your face early in the shot clock?

5:53 – AD driving layup, contact, make, And1 — same ol’ Antonio Daniels. Good to have you back homey. 16-7 Wizards.

Oh yea….thanks for reminding us Steve Buckhantz — happy birthday Gilbert Arenas, 26 years old. I’m about a year and a half older than you yungin’.

4:38 – More AD, great steal….runs the break to perfection, dish to a running Stevenson and a dunk. Daniels is such a damn heady player.

3:16 – Jamison tip bucket after a Haywood miss. 22-15 Wiz.

Another steal at the other end and a sweet reverse slam by Caron Butler…9 point Washington lead and a timeout on the floor.

Back to Jamison — I really wonder what makes him such a great rebounder for his size and skill set. Well, I do “kinda” know….it’s all about positioning. He always seems to be in the right place at the right time. My question to AJ would be, “How do you get that position and what are the veteran tricks you’ve learned through your years of playing?”

Steve Buck: Wiz outscoring Seattle 18-6 in the paint.

1:07 – Baseline dunk by Durant. Stevenson tried to hound him as much as he could….but alas, there was no baseline help on the drive. Probably because KD received the hand-off on the wing from the man whom Haywood was guarding. Nice play calling PJ. 27-17 Wizards.

Great play for the Wiz to end the half. Butler gets the ball with about 7 seconds left, drives down the court, gives to AD on the left wing who drives and creates an open buzzer-beater for Haywood.

End of a long 1st where the Wiz really tried to get out and run on the Sonics. DC is up 31-17. I don’t like the 6 offensive rebounds by Seattle, but I guess when they miss 17 shots, that’s bound to happen. Amazing, Daniels has 5 assists and Jamison has 8 rebounds.

2nd Quarter

Songaila, Young and Blatche check in for Haywood, Stevenson and Jamison and immediately start f-ing up. D-Song’s “defense” gives up a bucket…and on the other end, Andray turns the ball over, then commits a foul back down the court. And to keep up with the theme, Nick Young takes a bad shot and misses badly on the next Wiz offensive possession.

9:40 – Blatche makes up with a sweet blind post flip from the middle of the paint to D-Song for the bucket. 35-23 Wiz. Mason Jr. checks in for AD. I like that Eddie is getting the bench some early work this game, despite their inconsistent play. As a fan, I guess I gotta learn to be more patient with these young players. And if that’s hard for me to do, I can’t imagine what Eddie Jordan is going through…it’s his job that’s in the balance.

Wally Shizzlebizbiak has all of his 7 points in his second quarter. He’s well on his way to making me cry myself to sleep.

Did you know that Wally used to have his own Timberwolves clock? Pretty turr-ible right?

6:34 – Check that, make it 10…another 3 from the same spot for Wally. And I was just about to say it as the Sonics cut the Wiz lead to 8, 41-33, but Eddie Jordan beat me to the punch…..Jamison and Stevenson are back in for Butler (actually, didn’t want him out, but it was time for a rest) and Nick M.I.A. Young.

Andray, Andray, Andray…I see you’re learning, but there’s still a long way for you to go. With just under 5 minutes left, your defense just made Wally S. blow a layup. You got the offensive rebound and drove it the length of the court….what’s different than most times this has happened is that you are looking around, using your court vision to avoid a careless turnover or poke from behind. This, I like. Unfortunately, as you drove to the basket, the veteran Kurt Thomas easily set you up to draw the charge. It’s okay, you c
an make mistakes…but please, please learn from them.

The Sonics recent 12-4 run, and they have the ball now, allows them to cut the score to 41-35 Wizards. Check that….14-4 run, 41-37.

Jesus H. Christ! Another Shitzbiak Three!! 13 points for him in the second quarter – AJ didn’t even make a half-hearted attempt to contest that last one.

This scenario keeps happening: The Wiz build a nice 1st quarter lead. The rotation gets F-ed at the end of the 1st/beginning of the 2nd. The Wiz lose the built lead. Then, when the starters are brought back in, they are unable to re-spark the chemistry in a timely manner. Is this a coach or a player thing?

0:55.0 – Wow….a nice, strong rebound by Haywood and a sideways flush with the right hand. 50-44 Washington.

The lackluster 2nd quarter ends for the Wizards with a tough AD miss. Washington got outscored 29-21, while only forcing 1 Seattle turnover. Wizards up 6, 52-46.

Inside the Stats:

  • Seattle missed 17 shots in the 1st, only 10 in the 2nd — still, 8 offensive rebounds for them is too many.
  • Andray’s 7+ minutes in the game: a missed shot, 3 rebounds, 2 turnovers, 2 fouls, and an assist.
  • The Wizards starters are a combined Plus 57 – The bench is a combined Minus 27.
  • Sonics had 21 points off the bench, 13 from Wally World – only 6 points from the Wiz bench.
  • Washington has had some active hands, leading to 5 steals – Zero steals for the Sonics.

3rd Quarter

9:30 – Sonics already have two offensive rebounds this quarter and are winning the total rebounding race 30-23. Wiz up 58-52.

9:20 – Uh oh, Jeff Green picks up his 4th foul….you know what that means, more Wally ScissorzBiack.

Steve Buckhantz continues to talk about Wizards shooting coach, Dave Hopla, and how he’s really helped Haywood this year (I discussed this during the Bucks game blog). Well, our friend Dave Hopla has his own website:

Is it just me, of does Dave look like he can be kin to Jeremy Irons?

5:04 – It’s still burning…Wally with a 3 – 18 points in 18 minutes. Wizards up 67-61. Steve Buck says that Seattle is the more aggressive team now…I say that the Wizards are not playing with any energy.

2:48 – Watson 3, Seattle down 5, 72-67 — this shot was caused by yet another Seattle offensive rebound. Should they really have 13 of those at this point?

1:50 – Oh yea, Nick Collison is also killing. 12 points, 12 rebounds….SEVEN of them offensive. Timeout, 74-69 Wizards. The Seattle offensive rebounds are up to 14 leading to 15 second chance points for them. The Wiz are lucky that it’s not more.

0:40 – A beautiful Princeton back-cut by AD with the pass from AJ for the layup, just what the Wizards needed. They get a stop on the other end and a chance for the last shot of the 3rd….they make nothing of it, turning the inbounds pass over.

End of 3, Wizards up 78-69. 24 points for Caron Butler. 17 and 11 for Antawn Jamison. 8 points, 9 assists for Antonio Daniels.

Wizards bench: a whole six points. What also concerns me is the fact that starters have put in a lot of minutes…..only about 31 total minutes from the bench so far.

4th Quarter

10:36 – Wow…a Roger Mason Jr. dunk on a fast break…the lead is pushed to 13, 84-71 Washington. That’s got to be Mason’s first dunk of the year…..maybe career?

The Wiz have been able to increase the lead with more intensity on defense at the end of the 3rd and the beginning of the 4th. With the exception of Damien Wilkins, everyone who has played for Seattle has at least one turnover – 12 total for the Sonics.

Oh Gil…say it ain’t so…are you really wearing a camel colored sleeveless sweater-vest cardigan with wooden buttons? A’ight kid, it’s your birthday, so whatev.

8:18 – More Wizards steals/Seattle turnovers…..and Caron Butler veteran leadership. This all leads to an 18 point Wizards lead, 89-71. Wiz now have 11 steals.

7:10 – AJ 3 – 18-4 run to start the 4th for the Wiz. Hopefully this will lead to rest for the starters. Of those 11 steals… AD has 4, Butler has 3, and Jamison has 3. The big guns are getting it done on both ends of the floor.

5:36 – Wiz up 18, 98-76 and all those in the game…Mason, Songaila, Butler, Stevenson and Haywood continue to hustle like it’s a much closer game. I’m proud of what I see. Yes, Seattle is a bad team — but you know our Wizards….they’ve NEVER taken care of the teams they are supposed to be because they’ve been adept at playing down to a lower level. Well boys, this ain’t your older brother’s Washington Wizards.

4:26 – Tuff Juice finally takes a seat. What a fantasy stat line: 33 points, 4 rebounds, 5 assists and 4 steals going 12-21 from the field, 3-5 from 3 and 6-6 from the FT line.

The game gets a little silly at the end with a bunch of Seattle turnovers. The Wiz built their lead to about 28…then the starters came out and the rookies started chucking up shots. So, that 28 point lead is cut to 21 in about a minute…..oh well, there’s only a minute left.

The youngsters finally get us a highlight with a monster Dominic McGuire block a on Delonte West lay-up attempt — this leads to a Nick Young smooth jumper on the other end — just a small glimpse of the future.

And that’s it folks, game over — 108-86.

Stat Check:

  • Wally Szcerbiak only ended up with 18 off the bench. So, no crying myself to sleep tonight.
  • Can’t believe I thought the Wizards would win, yet Seattle would cover the 9-point spread — guess I thought the homecoming meant more to those Seattle cats.
  • Speaking of…trip home for Kevin Durant – 19 points on 33% shooting, close to par with his 20 points and 40% shooting for the year.
  • Wiz forced the Sonics into committing 19 turnovers.
  • For the rest….just check out the box on

Meanwhile….go wonder about Gilbert’s knee with Gilbertology. I’m still deciding on how to weigh-in myself.

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