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Here’s To You: Mr. Crappy NBA Fantasy Trade Proposal Guy

Updated: January 27, 2008

Don’t you just love these guys?

I know, I know….I understand trades & proposals, offers & counter-offers…. a bargaining process is involved. You try and low ball a guy in hopes that a progression towards the middle-ground is eventually made and that things work out square between both interested parties.

But every once in a while, you get a proposal that is so ridiculous that you don’t even want to negotiate. You just laugh to yourself and move on……or, write a blog entry about it.

So here’s a trade proposal that I recently received from my friend Shawn. My team is the Pecan Sandies, and his team is obnoxiously dubbed Kobe to the Wizards. If you can’t see the image well, he is trying to send me Michael Redd and David West in exchange for Dwight Howard and Gerald Wallace. I’m showing their average stats from the past month.

David West
.533 FG% – .885 FT% – 0 3PM – 22.6 PTS – 9.3 REB – 2.9 AST – 0.8 STL – 0.9 BLK
Michael Redd
.453 FG% – .822 FT% – 1.8 3PM – 22.2 PTS – 4.0 REB – 3.0 AST – 1.0 STL – 0.2 BLK
Gerald Wallace
.442 FG% – .753 FT% – 1.4 3PM – 23.8 PTS – 7.8 REB – 4.8 AST – 2.4 STL – 1.0 BLK
Dwight Howard
.550 FG% – .608 FT% – 0 3PM – 19.7 PTS – 14.9 REB – 1.1 AST – 1.5 STL – 2.3 BLK

Of course, the caveat here is that Shawn is currently in first place while I’m scrapping right in the middle of the pack at 5th. So, I do need to make some moves if I want to get that money. The good news is that in a 10 team roto league, only 6 points separate 1-5.

Too bad Shawn thinks I’m a fool, especially since I’ve won this league 2 out of the past 3 seasons… of which I was left for dead, but somehow managed to survive the Malice at the Palace when I had both Ron Artest and Stephen Jackson on my team.

Needless to say, I rejected the deal and left Shawn with this message:

Dude seriously? I mean really.

What on earth would I get from this crappy deal?…aside from FT%, a category I’m ready to punt anyway.

3 ptrs, points and FG% are a wash here. And I’d lose on two things I need, rebounding and blocks…not to mention steals.

C’mon kid, I really expect better from you.

Head. Shaker.

The Lesson:
It’s alright to start with a low-quality offer, but please, for everyone’s sake, keep it reasonable.

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