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Live Game 35 Blog – Washington Wizards vs. Boston Celtics

Updated: January 13, 2008

Needless to say, this is a big one tonight. Wizards Insider tells us so anyway. Not so much a game of grand standings implications…..although any win helps. But this match tonight against the Celtics is a test. A test to see what kind of team these Wizards are….and honestly, I’m not predicting a win, but I am looking for a fight. And if the Wizards punch the Celtics in the mouth first, they may just pull this one out.

Steve Buckhantz tells us that we are less than 24 hours removed from a win in Atlanta….and that there was no time to celebrate it. Shoot, I sure hope that no one wanted to “celebrate” that Hawks win. Yea, it was a road win….I get excited about those too. But celebration worthy? I think not. The Wizards got 25 points from their bench, and I predicted a win at 22+….but the flow of the game did not sit well with me. The Hawks got some things a little too easily, but seemed to shoot themselves in the foot more often than being stopped on the account of the Wizards…..with the exception of DeShawn’s defense at the end and some Andray Blatche blocked shots.

Bold Prediction:
[if the Wizards total more assists than the Celtics, they will win.]

(part of what doesn’t sit well with me about last night’s game is getting out-assisted 30-19 by Atlanta…with Rajon Rondo out, my “bold prediction” may be a little easier to accomplish)

Game 2 Blog – Wizards @ Boston Massacre [you really don’t want to read it]

Start that show.

1st Quarter

Game starts out with a DeShawn Stevenson basket… And1 off the tip…..that can’t be bad.

Think they’re going to let Kevin Garnett have that mid-range shot tonight? Wiz didn’t look to interested in guarding him on that first miss.

Got some peeps in attendance tonight. First report from Chris: Tepid Crowd. — and usually, this is the result of the Hollywood late arrivals, but the booth seems to be packed. So why the lukewarm temperature?

This is one of the reasons why many people prefer NCAA basketball over the NBA – more emotion, more intensity in college. Yea, the play less games…..and, in addition to limited eligibility, each game is going to matter much more. But I can’t help thinking that if more NBA arenas contained that raw, college-atmosphere emotion, like how the Sacramento Kings used to do it in Arco, or even Mavericks fans….then some opinions about the NBA might be changed.

But here you are and here I am in DC, and I don’t think Washington is that kind of emotional sports city when it comes to basketball. It is what it is.

Meanwhile…the Wizards are up 6-5 with 8:00 left in the first.

A more viable prediction might’ve been if the Wiz beat the Celtics on the boards….then they will win.

6:40 – Big Ticket outside jumper….10-8 Celts. Yea, you guys better guard him out there. Crap.

5:20 – Our first “How bout that!?!?!” from Steve Buck. DeShawn starting out big again. On one end, he gets a dunk….then the Celtics come down, Stevenson deflection on D. He gathers the steal, notices that no one is racing back for Boston, so he pushes the ball hard. Butler runs with him, receives a perfect pass from DeShawn, and puts in a reverse throw down.

Coming out the timeout…Steve Buckhantz proclaims that it’s extremely intense in the phone booth. Extremely? Really? Liar.

Wizards up 14-12 with the ball and 3:20 left. Jamison already has 8 rebounds. Mr. Nose-For-The-Ball. But Washington is 6-20 from the field. Ouch.

2:32 – DeShawn air ball…easy there Mr. Fitty. I know you just hit a trey and you’re starting off the game pretty nice, but that doesn’t exactly warrant you taking bad, contested shots, does it?

1:44 – He’s got those 8 rebounds, but he can’t even hit the layup he just missed. Jamison is 2-10 on FGs. Oh yea…6 of those 8 rebounds are offensive.

With a timeout, Eddie Jordan gets some subs in with about a minute left int he first. AB, Caron, D-Song, Stevenson and AD.

Quarter ends with a D-Song jumper, a Ray Allen turnover….caused by the heady Antonio Daniels, and a Songaila miss. Wizards are up 23-19. Steve Buck says they are focused and I agree. Why?

  1. Balanced Scoring: 6 Wizards scored: 5,8,4,2,2,2
  2. Wizards up 7-2 on offensive boards, which led to….
  3. The Wiz taking 10 more shots that the Celtics. (DC = 32.1% FG, Boston = 44.4% FG)
  4. 6 turnovers for the Celtics, only two for the Wizards.

2nd Quarter

2nd game report from Adam: There is way too much green in the building. AJ also thinks that the Wiz should do a better job capitalizing on offensive rebounds.

Boston fans just love coming out of the closet, don’t they?

Celtics up to 8 turnovers now….leading to 8 Wizards points, DC up 26-19, 10:15 left.

I don’t think I’ve seen this lineup before: Jamison, Mason, Young, Songaila and Blatche. And I was wrong….it’s Washington’s 11th best 5-man unit according to They got a +14 plus/minus and a 62.5 winning %.

7:10 – Nice sequence….Nick Young post feed to Andray Blatche, City cuts through to the other side, doesn’t receive the pass, D-song cuts down the land from the other side, in front of his man, gets the pass from AB, and makes a tough fading shot. Unbreakable sure does have some great court vision — give him a lot of credit for keeping those eyes working. Washington up 31-27.

The Wizards are VERY active on D and the Celtics are sloppy. DC timeout after another Boston turnover. The Celtics now have 10 turnovers…Wiz are close with 7 – 2 of them, along with 2 fouls, from Andray…the prerequisite side-effect of him being in the game.

And Jacksonville just scored a TD…up 7-0 and the Pats. Nice! I like!
(although….the honest fan in me would like to type for a second……..ok, it looks like David Garrard’s knee touched grass before he released the ball, so it should not have been called a TD. But New England did not challenge.)

4:01 – KG outside jumper. 35-30 Wizards. NEVER give the Big Ticket that shot, NEVER!!

3:06 – Steve Buck
and Phil Chenier are wrong. KG did trip over Roger Mason on that fast break (after KG blocked an ill-advised Roger Mason 3 attempt that he thought he could jack with a big man on him – Mason underestimated the quickness of KG) — clear path foul called…the ultimate result is the Celtics cutting the score to 37-34 Wizards. Steve Buck later comes clean to question the play…whatev.

Another game update: Adam is disgusted by the amount of Patriot jerseys in the crowd. And I’m beginning to be glad that I didn’t try to make it to the game on crutches….I might have been tempted to knock one out.

Hey look at that, Jason Campbell came to the game with a lady in a silk leopard shirt.

Boston is on a 10-2 run, but the Wizards are still up 37-36. Make that 39-36 after 2 DeShawn FTs – a minute left.

Game update: Chris says that the burrito dash was a success – “Great” – And the Patriots just scored.

0:01.1 – Paul Pierce tough fade-away makes it a 1 point Wizards lead, 41-40 at the half.

Half Stat Guts:

  • Down on those assists – 8 for Wizards, 12 for Boston
  • Big-Time D from Washington – lotta deflections.
  • 11 (or 12, it’s debatable) Celtics turnovers, 8 Wizard steals, 5 points each from Ray Allen and Paul Pierce
  • Straight killin’ Boston on the boards by 10, 26-16 [13 offensive rebounds to 3 for the Celtics]
  • Only 3 players in d-figs: Garnett = 12, Stevenson = 10, House = 11
  • That damn Eddie House, 3-4 on 3s. It’s all the fault of Bullets Forever.
  • The Wizards are shooting 33.3% from the field – that has got to improve because the Celtics are not going to keep turning the ball over.
  • 8 points from Jamison, 4 from Butler.

Another update from the game:
— This time, unfortunately, the report is from the men’s bathroom…..and get those images of Senator Craig out of your head (sorry brah, those jokes will never get old). Anyway, my boy Chris said that someone just stepped to the urinal with chicken fingers in his hand. Unsure of what to do, (What did the guy expect? A tray and a cup-holder? — wait a minute….that’s actually a good idea!). So the guy put his basket of fingers right on the ground. Damn, eating those after being on the floor, near the piss-pot of a public bathroom at a sports arena, is just a step above Bear Grylls from Man vs. Wild drinking the liquid squeezed from elephant dung.

3rd Quarter

9:40 – KG jumper – Boston has come out doing what they want…hell, they’re up 46-41 before I even realize what’s going on. A KG FT makes that 47. 7-0 run obviously.

Report: Adam says the game is much more physical, and slow, in person.

8:55 – Ref has to tell Butler and Pierce to calm it down a little. Just a couple gamers getting at it. They went chest to chest as Caron was trying to get to the baseline to inbound the ball. Innocent gamesmanship.

8:19 – Ok, they’re still going at it. Caron on D – quick hands, and Pierce loses the ball out of bounds. Butler says something as he walks closely by, Pierce says something back…Caron then makes a swat movement with his arm as he walks away, but without touching Paul Pierce.

The Celtics are the ones locking up on defense now…..4 points in the first 5 minutes for the Wizards.

Oooooh…..big time shot by Caron Butler, especially considering the battle going on between him and Pierce. Butler just hit a sweet step back deuce in Paul Peazey’s grill, 51-47 Celtics.

Don’t make Tuff Juice mad….or, don’t shake him up, he’ll only explode all over your ass.

5:56 – Butler on point with a J again….He’s going America all over Paul Pierce, while looking back at the Celtics bench. 52-49 Boston.

5:36 – Pierce heard the ring and answered the phone. Buckets. 54-49 Celtics.

What a great sequence…..Pierce gets the best of Butler and blocks him, Celts come down on a 3 on 1 break……but San Antonio Daniels comes away with the steal…..drives it down the court and gets fouled taking it to the basket. [Chris would later call this a turning point in the game]

Uh oh…what is that I hear? Wizards fans getting into it?

— AD only makes 1 of 2. 54-50.

Daniels is so calm when trapped. He really knows how to use that pivot foot….but the Wiz have to settle for a DeShawn miss.

3:20 – Ray Allen 3, 61-52 Celtics….I can hear the damn green machine brewing louder.

Well, Jacksonville tied it up at 14 – Didn’t see how that happened.

1:40 – Pierce just got Caron with the straight okey-doke….Caron dribbles….makes contact with Paul, while Pierce is MOVING!….Pierce loses his balance, then takes a dramatic spin-dive like a young Steven Segal…..offensive foul on Caron Butler. I can hear Celtic Tommy right now…..”praising” the defense and the ref for making the call. Sick thinking about it. Out of any team TV color guy in the NBA, Tommy Heinsohn is the biggest homer, EVER.

Well…unfortunately, as Steve Buck says, “Nick Young, this is what he did in college” as The City has the ball with the clock winding down in the 3rd, Bean Burrito turns it over, but the Celtics can’t do anything with it. But hey, Nick Young hit a couple big, confident shots just before to bring the Wizards within 5, 65-60 going in the 4th.

Stat Check: Wiz are still shooting in the 30s at 36.1%, Boston has cut down on the turnovers, only 1 in the 3rd quarter.

4th Quarter

Celtic alley oop off a turnover to start.

Another Wiz turnover goes 2nd.

Patriot FG miss 3rd.

10:30 – Top key jumper for Blatche – you knew it was going in because he looked completely confident and rhythmic. 67-62 Celts.

9:07 – Great Wizards work….good ball movement all around…ended with a D-Song miss (not a bad look), but Andray Blatche was there to finish with a tip in. 67-64 Boston.

Timeout Celtics.

I think that Senator Clay Davis from the Wire is a hustla after that money in real life.
It cracks me up every time I see him in a commercial, like the Southwest Airlines one they just showed. Lt. Daniels has a Cadillac commercial too. I’m sure I’m forgetting more…..

7:03 – Crazy penetration, spin and shot by Stevenson, 68-66…keeping it close.

Oh man…Butler just got a steal, took it down court….with KG getting his timing right, Butler took it up, got fouled, but he almost threw something nasty down on the Big Ticket. The ball hit the back of the rim too hard. 2 FTs, tie game.

Blatche is hurt….he can barely get up and down the court. Butler forced shot clock winding down miss on one end….Andray has to foul KG on the other. Timeout. The “home court” advantage needs to pull the Wizards through….is what I’d like to say with confidence, but I can’t.

Posey 3, Jamison put-back, Posey 3. 74-70 Boston Celtics.

Butler takes it in the paint like he should, especially when KG was guarding him on the perimeter. Foul, 2 FTs, Wiz down 2. 2:40 left.

BIG THREE by Antonio Daniels, according to Phil Chenier, not the way the play was designed, but Antonio sure did step into it with confidence. The lead is taken at 75-74. Only the 2nd 3 by the Wiz on the evening, 2-17 total behind the arc.

Celts turn the ball over down the court. Haywood tipped it away from Garnett, can you believe that? Timeout, Wiz ball – 1:36 left.

Wizards move the ball around, aren’t forcing anything, but the shot clock is running down….DeShawn has to take the 3…and gets fouled by Pierce.

3 crucial FTs and the Wizards take a 4 point lead with 1:14 remaining on the clock. 78-74.

Ray Allen 3 miss, James Posey 3 miss, Butler rebound…and the fans are on their feet.

Butler miss with just under 40 seconds left…..not sure if it hit the rim, but the Wizards got the offensive rebound and Haywood got fouled.

BTH is on the line for 2. Misses the first. Makes the 2nd.

On the replay, the Caron’s shot definitely Did NOT hit the rim. It should have been Boston’s ball. Yea, that’s right Bean Town….a big EFF YOU! The Wizards got a call and you didn’t. I think I just heard a Heinsohn heart attack.

KG gets it inside….Butler with a BIG foul. He really made sure that KG could not get a shot off. The Big Ticket misses the first FT, and makes the 2nd. The Wizards have held him to 2 points, off two FTs in the 4th quarter. 79-75 Wizards, 27.5 seconds left.

NE is up 21-17, but Jacksonville is threatening in the red zone.

Butler, the 8th best FT shooter in the NBA, is going to the line after some inbounds trouble. Antonio Daniels had to go up like Randy Moss to get the ball. Wiz up 81-75.

Celtics come back down and hit a 3….down 3, they foul Stevenson. 15 seconds left. FTs made, Wiz lead 83-78.

Boston Three Party in the 4th? Nope. Right now, they’re 1-8…5 points.

Yessir Yessur….game ends with a DeShawn Stevenson dunk. We know what kind of team this is….one that wins Big Ones. 85-78 Washington Wizards over the Boston Celtics.

It’s going to be a war in Boston on Monday.

Key to the Stats:

  • Did not win the assist war, 21-13 Boston.
  • I think my 2nd shot at a bold prediction, winning the battle of the boards, was more accurate. 49-30 Wizards.
  • Ugly, but intense, game: Teams combined for 37 turnovers and 38.8% from the field.
  • No more Eddie House points after the 1st half.
  • 22 points off the bench for the Wizards – hey, my ATL prediction was +22….maybe that’s the magic number.
  • Boston’s Big 3: 42 points
  • Washington’s Big 2: 26 points…plus DeShawn’s 19 = 45

Dear Wizards,

Thank you for your great defense tonight. You beat the best team in the NBA by holding them to 20+ points below their scoring average.

William H. Holler Boxscore
A Clash of Titans in the Front Court [Washington Post]
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