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Live Game 36 Blog: Washington Wizards @ Boston Celtics

Updated: January 15, 2008

Just how chippy will this game get?

Much less the rest of the Celtics, but for one, I’m sure that Kevin Garnett will have something to say about DeShawn Stevenson’s dunk, mean mug and yell towards the Boston bench at the end of Saturday’s game.

Add that to the battle between Paul Pierce and Caron Butler…it got pretty intense in the 3rd Quarter:

8:55 – Ref has to tell Butler and Pierce to calm it down a little. Just a couple gamers getting at it. They went chest to chest as Caron was trying to get to the baseline to inbound the ball. Innocent gamesmanship.

8:19 – Ok, they’re still going at it. Caron on D – quick hands, and Pierce loses the ball out of bounds. Butler says something as he walks closely by, Pierce says something back…Caron then makes a swat movement with his arm as he walks away, but without touching Paul Pierce.

6:37 – …..Big time shot by Caron Butler, especially considering the battle going on between him and Pierce. Butler just hit a sweet step back deuce in Paul Peazey’s grill, 51-47 Celtics.

5:56 – Butler on point with a J again….He’s going America all over Paul Pierce, while looking back at the Celtics bench. 52-49 Boston.

5:36 – Pierce heard the ring and answered the phone. Buckets. 54-49 Celtics.

And not to forget that the Celtics, or anyone for that matter, do not like to lose rebounding battles. Look for them to make it tough on Antawn Jamison.

Yes, the Wizards Face a Major Challenge tonight [Washington Post]

Bullets Forever with the game preview…..and an interview with a guy from some Celtics blog. Funny how the opinion of Doc Rivers has changed in Bean Town. It’s a “what have you done for me lately” world, deal with it.

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So who wants to call out the obvious? I do. Whether you’re a Celtics fan or a Wizards fan, we all know that the key to this game is each team’s bench. Albeit, I think that Washington will need a good bit more from their bench since this is a road game. On Saturday, the Wizards got 22 from their bench and the Celtics 19 from theirs. Of course, in the first blowout, the Wiz bench outscored Boston 18-16.

So, my Bold Prediction:
[if the Wizards with the Battle of the Bench & the Turnover War, you can put a Washington W in the books]

Now let’s start the show…..

1st Quarter

Game starts with some Caron Butler hustle who saves the tip from going out of bounds with a flip to Antonio Daniels — not a bad start tonight either.

Rajon Rondo is back in the lineup….we’ll see what kind of affect he has.

11:11 – Caron’s pseudo double-down on KG hurts….Paul Pierce knocks down a three on the Celtics first possession.

10:15 – Let the battle begin, Caron answers by dropping a deuce on Pierce.

10:34 – Ok, a rebuttal from Pierce. 5-2 Celtics. On the other end, Caron tries, but blinks first coming up just short on a baseline jumper.

The Wiz just went to Haywood, he drew a foul and made both FTs. You gotta think with BTH having such a great year from the charity stripe….thanks again Dave Hopla…..why aren’t the Wizards going to him more?

8:10 – The Lock Smith hits a tough 3 with barely enough time on the shot clock. Butler ran down most of the possession trying to go at Pierce, who missed a 3 on the Celtics’ previous time down the court.

7:19 – Antawn Jamison scores a fast break bucket after a Paul Pierce 3 miss. It would be nice if Paul Peazy decided to shoot his team out of the game. He’s already taken 4 shots, 1-3 from 3 point land.

5:46 – I’m pissed and you should be too. Caron makes a move to bump Pierce off him, but Kendrick Perkins sneaks over for the block. Ray Allen has a fast break with only DeShawn Stevenson in the picture….Stevenson flies by Allen, but bothers his shot causing him to miss an easy one. Unfortunately, no Wizard hustled back “just in case” and Allen was able to get his own rebound for the put-back. Timeout Eddie Jordan, he knows this team, while working hard so far, cannot afford mental errors. 13-9 Celtics.

Lock Smith is back and talking more trash. He guarded Pierce this time down the court and bothered him to the point of losing the ball out of bounds off his own leg.

4:23 – Haywood showed quick feet that time with some nice D and a charge draw on Kevin Garnett.

3:52 – Then, on a subsequent Wiz possession, Haywood makes a big mistake. He had the ball right under the basket with Rondo on him in a switch mis-match. I guess BTH didn’t feel that he had his balance so he tried a power dribble, which allowed time for a double team and a turnover.

3:13 – Tuff Juice jumper – 16-13 Boston.

2:01 – Lock Smith Trey. Stevenson consecutive games started count: 204. 18-16 Celtics.

Knew the Wizards had 20 offensive rebounds in that last game against the Celtics. I did not know that was a season high for a Boston opponent.

The 1st ends with the score tied at 18. This one is a battle so far…..and the Boston fans seem a little on edge.

Pierce started out gunning, but only ended up 2-5 in the first. Ray Allen wasn’t shy either, going 2-7. Ok boys, you are a combined 4-12, don’t you think you should go to KG, who is only 2-2, a little more? Wait, don’t do that.

2nd Quarter

10:37 – Just as I’m thinking that the Wizards are starting yet another 2nd quarter out of sync, Roger Mason Jr. answers the call with a trey. 22-21 Celtics.

10:04 – Beautiful pass from Darius Songaila to Nick Young for a baseline jumper. Really nice work. Darius faked a pass, as he sensed Tony Allen jumping the passing lane, Nick moved to a good spot, and D-Song threw him a nice bounce pass. Cash.

Oleksiy Pecherov makes an appearance in the game. He didn’t play on Saturday, but you could’ve figured so. Just coming back, Eddie Jordan did not want him running around on back-to-back nights.

Two white guys in at the same time for the Wizards….when is the last time that happened?
Pecherov, Songaila, Blatche, Young and Mason in the game…I would’ve never thought.

The game is starting to get ugly with mostly reserves on the court. 7:00 left, 25-23 Boston. The Wizards haven’t scored a bucket in 3 minutes.

6:04 – Timeout Eddie Jordan. Since Nick Young’s jumper with 10:00 left, the Wizards have scored 2 points, missed 4 shots and have committed 3 turnovers. Still, only 27-25 Celtics.

4:25 – Perkins dunk pushes the Celtics lead to 6 at 33-27. Eddie Jordan has had a lot of trouble finding the proper sub pattern for getting the starters rest at the end of the 1st/beginning of the 2nd quarter and then back into the game sometime in the 2nd quarter.

Caron Butler is tied for the NBA lead with consecutive FTs made at 35.
34-29 Boston.

When a Turnover is Good: Brendan Haywood had the ball in the lane, was about to get called for 3 seconds, but lost it as Steve Javie was blowing the whistle. So, they called a jump ball instead.

The Wizards win the tip and what do you know….they get called for three seconds. What do you think? Makeup call or unexplained lack of awareness on the part of the Wizards?

0:21.8 – Lock Smith ties the game at 35 with a trey. 11 points for DeShawn Stevenson. You can see some swagger in his body language.

The wood chipper is on….some of the Celtics are even taking it out on the refs as Eddie House was a little upset when his requested timeout wasn’t given in a timely manner.

A Ray Allen jumper at the buzzer was the result of great Celtics ball movement. At the half, the Boston Celtics are up 2, 37-35.

This game is a plate of scrapple, a physical slug fest. Kendrick Perkins and Kevin Garnett are leading the brute from Boston’s end, Stevenson and Haywood representing for the Wizards.

What’s Not Good:
>> Wiz shooting 35.3% from the field, Celtics at 42.9%
>> Boston winning the battle of the boards, 19-15 – 5 offensive for Boston, 1 for DC.

What’s Good:
>> The Wizards are 7-8 from the FT line, 5-10 for the Celtics.
>> 7 points from the Wizard bench. 2 from the Boston bench.

This is really a defensive battle, supported by the fact that both teams have 8 turnovers and have committed 9 personal fouls. I guess this is what you would expect from a match-up between two good teams. But the more I look at the stats, the more I feel that Boston should be leading by more. To sum it up, for a win, the Wizards need to “get buckets son!”

3rd Quarter

9th and 1oth turnovers committed early in the quarter by the Wiz (within the first 2 minutes and before scoring any points). Daniels and Butler are the responsible parties. So far, this has led to 14 Celtic points. Steve Buckhantz points out that Wizard turnovers have almost caught up with Wizard field goals, which is 12.

Field goal 13 comes off a Jamison tip-in off a Butler miss. Nice work AJ, you boxed Garnett out under the basket where he couldn’t do anything. I bet Antawn Jamison has some deceptive strength that never goes recognized.

7:17 – Haywood jam ties the game @ 45. Wiz got a steal off a careless KG turnover and DeShawn made a nice look away pass to the big man.

6:33 – Caron Butler Slam Dunk through a crowd of Celtics…all they could do was watch. Game tied at 47 before…..Jamison volleyballs a rebound in his own basket, KG gets the points. 49-47 Celtics. A Stevenson 3 miss and a quick Pierce shot pushes the Celtics lead to 4. The Boston fans come alive and Eddie Jordan calls timeout…..and just like that, things changed so quickly after that vicious Tuff Juice jam. 5:39 left in the 3rd.

Things are on the verge of unraveling for the Wiz. On one end, Caron Butler gets what appears to be a good block on KG. But a foul was called, two made FTs. 53-49. On the other end, Caron makes a back cut, gets a pass and goes to the hoop. Looks like he gets fouled, no call, loses the ball out of bounds to Boston. Caron yells twice at the ref, “That’s enough!!” So….back down, Ray Allen gets fouled shooting a 3, made FTs, 56-49 Boston. Washington offensive foul….Boston back with the ball.

No Celtics bucket…Wiz fast break and Andray is fouled by KG on a dunk attempt. The Big Ticket did not like the call, double techs on Blatche and Pierce, 1 FT made and here the Wiz are….down 6 with 3:25 left in the 3rd.

Several buckets are traded, a timeout is called with AD set to shoot two FTs. Wiz still down 6, 60-54, 1:25 left. Looks like some subs are about to come in. These teams are saving it for the 4th and final.

Antonio Daniels FTs, a couple Wiz chances, a Posey 3, and a Jamison 3 end the 3rd. Steve Buck complains about the manufactured crowd noise in Boston. 63-59 Celtics going in the the last quarter.

4th Quarter

I agree with Steve Buckhantz, why is manufactured crowd noise allowed in NBA arenas? Hell, why do they play anything during the course of play? I can understand the “Defense” drum pound, and the standard acts that get the crowd chanting and into it. But fake cheers? Music? Get all that crap out of here.

I really don’t know how the Wizards are in this game with such a terrible offensive flow. They haven’t come close t
o scoring in the first 3 minutes and Tony Allen just threw down a monster dunk.

Timeout with 8:57 left, the Celtics are up 68-59 with Caron Butler set to shoot 2 FTs coming out the break.

The Wizards try to apply some pressure to the Celtics out the timeout, with Eddie House at the point. Nothing comes to fruition so far as the Celtics still lead by 9, 72-63….and Kevin Garnett is back in the game. Washington could not take advantage with him on the bench for 4+ minutes.

7:03 – Wizards timeout after an Eddie House jumper. 12 point Celtic lead — not surprised, not mad. You simply cannot win without scoring. 12-4 run to start the 4th for Boston.

6:22 – Eddie House long 2. 77-63 Celtics. Now I’m getting mad because I’ve got hate for Boston in my blood. On the other end, Washington gets their first FG of the quarter.

5:14 – A big AJ 3 cuts the lead back to 9, 77-68 Boston.

Another offensive foul called on the Wizards….there’s been about 4 of those in the 4th quarter alone. And cue the text messages, my boy Adam is wondering about the same thing.

But 2 more FTs extend the Wiz run to 7, now down 7…..and Butler causes a Pierce TO. Wiz ball with just under 4 left, 77-70 Celts.

Wiz can’t take advantage as the calls do not go their way. KG FTs push it back to 9 as MVP chants rain upon the Big Ticket.

Caron Butler answers with a J.
Wiz Defensive Stop.
Butler miss.
Offensive rebound.
Timeout Washington.
2:34 left, 79-72 Boston. Time to pull a play out the book Eddie.

Haywood rebound dunk, Antawn Jamison nut shot…..better get down the court son.

Celtics turnover, Wizards ball again. Antawn scoop as he turned baseline with Ray Allen on him…AND 1! — But he misses the FT, 79-76 Boston, 13-2 Wizards run.

Lock Smiiiiiith…..GOT IT FOR THREE! Tie game at 70! One minute left.

Pierce miss, but KG gets two tips at it and the 2nd is good. It really looked like Garnett was over the back of Haywood, but they didn’t call that same thing on Haywood a couple minutes ago. So Phil Chenier is right, BTH has got to man up and block Kevin Garnett out…..he never attempted to make contact with him.

0:51.5 left, Wiz down 2 with the ball.

Juice on Pierce….the drive…and he makes an absolutely unbelievable shot. He had to hang in the air, double clutch, and move the ball from right to left. Oh yea…..Caron Butler got fouled too. The FT puts the Wizards up 1 with 40 seconds left. I’ve seen the reply twice now and I’m still not sure how Caron Butler made that shot.

Butler is all over the court…knocking the ball away from Pierce a couple times, knocking it away from KG, almost getting the steal…KG has to force a 3, misses. But Pierce is at the right place at the right time for the rebound. He gets fouled and makes both FTs. Celtics up 83-82 with 25.9 seconds left. Timeout. [I believe this is the possession that Eddie Jordan was talking about after the game when he said it looked like Caron was guarding everyone at one point]

Do they get a quick shot? Do they wait? I say they get the best available. Run a play and if that doesn’t work, put it in the hands of Caron Butler. I’d rather them score sooner than later. Biting lip…

Tuff Juice gets the ball right away…..takes it to the top of the key and wastes no time in going to the basket…and an amazing right hand scoop shot for the bucket. Phil said that Pierce was talking trash the whole time…sorry sucka. 19 seconds left. Timeout. Wizards up 84-83.

Boston goes to KG in the post, he gives his patented shoulder fake and turns back to the middle for the fade-away attempt…and NOPE! Haywood held his position and contested well.

Who gets the rebound? Caron Butler of course. The 7th best FT shooter in the NBA makes his 39th and 4oth consecutive FTs. Washington up 3 with 8.6 left. Palms are sweating, keyboard is getting greasy.

Ray Allen is forced to take a fade away 3, contested by Brendan Haywood, of all people, coming off the forced screen switch. Stevenson gets the bound and is fouled with .5 seconds left. He makes both.


The Patriots will probably win the Super Bowl, but I’d rather have the last three days and two wins over the Celtics. What a game….and I’m still a little in shock.

There are so many key points of the game I could point to…

Obviously, Caron “Clutch Juice” Butler gets the game ball for his poised play.

But the turning point in the game came with just under 6:22 left after Eddie House hit a long 2, which looked like a 3, to put the Celtics up 14, 77-63.

On the next possession, the Wizards scored their first FG of the 4th quarter with a Haywood tip and a Jamison three on the possession after that. Washington proceeded to go on a 16-2 run and closed the game on a 21-6 run.

Oh yea, that “bold” prediction? Well, the Wizards had more turnovers 15-14 and they lost the Battle of the Bench 13-10. Oh well, who cares about those stupid predictions……the Wizards won.

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