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Live Game 37 Blog: Washington Wizards @ New York Knicks

Updated: January 16, 2008

Looks like the Big Lead is endorsing Caron Butler as the NBA’s Most Improved Player now that Andrew Bynum is out with a knee.

Slam Online‘s game notes of the Washington Wizard win in Bean Town by Ben Collins and Jonathan Evans…….where:

  • Andray Blatche is compared to Cloverfield.
  • They are wondering about all those offensive fouls called on the Wizards in the 4th Quarter, as was I — A 300 pound Big Baby drawing charges? Please.
  • They call Caron Butler “pliable pudding”, making fun of the Tuff Juice nickname — of course, this was right before the Celtics built that 77-63 lead with just over 6 minutes left in the game…..little did Johnny and Benjamin know. Is all forgiven? NOPE!
  • We learn that DeShawn Stevenson has taken a page from Caron’s book by shooting around with a straw in his mouth.

Tonight’s game against the Knicks…..yea, yea, let down game, right? I think not. First of all, Jamison and Butler do not play the role of the fool, holmes. They know better. Plus, the Knicks dismantling of the Detroit Pistons the other night is a good thing. The Wizards will see it as just a little splash of water to the face…..meaning, as dysfunctional as they are, don’t sleep on the New York Knicks.

Yup, Wizards Nation is taking this one seriously. Even bloggers are talking smack.

Bullets Forever with the usual game preview.

[And this just in, Antonio Daniels is going to rest his knee tonight – after 3 though games in 4 days, I don’t blame him – Roger Mason Jr. gets the nod.]

Pick up the phone bench, it’s ringing for you.

Now let’s start the show…..

1st Quarter

Weird start to the game. Between my tv screen looking dark, and the “noise” in Madison Square, I feel like they are playing in an airplane hanger.

9:16 – Tuff Juice finally picks away some of the offensive ice with a deuce. 5-4 Knicks.

Haywood is active with some rebounds….I suppose playing next to Eddie Curry can make just about anyone look “active.”

8:03 – Timeout Eddie, 9-4 Knicks, Wiz are just a little sluggish. It happens at the beginning of so many NBA games.

Odd, since this is not on the main Comcast (Caps game) the game feed stays live during the timeout (sans mic sound from Phil and Steve) for a couple minutes until a single NBA All-Star commercial comes on. The odd part: absolutely nothing is happening on the MSG court. In DC, they got clowns, or something on the big screen, or kids dancing, or burritos tossing, on every single stoppage of play. Nope, not in the city that never sleeps. Just some Knicks highlights on the big and a low rumbling from the frustrated, fatalistic, and late-arriving crowd.

7:06 – 2 straight threes by Fred Jones makes it 15-4 Knicks. Can we sneak a tracking device on that guy?

5:51 – Roger Mason with another chip away at the ice. Makes a 3 to put it at 17-8. Wiz are 3-13 on FGs.

4:11 – Changes made early with Blatche, Songaila and Young checking in. They join Mason and Butler. Somebody has got to create a spark.

3:05 – Dominic McGuire checks in early too…for Butler.

Still, the Wizards are letting the Knicks score much too easily. And on the offensive end, they are having trouble creating good shots without being able to run in transition.

Another timeout, Knicks up 26-12. NY is shooting 61.1% and DC is shooting 23.8% – need I say more?

0:18 – D-Mac got himself a dunk, the first of his career? …but I was looking away so I didn’t see how he got the ball besides the fact that it was an offensive rebound.

As Steve Buck says, “The first quarter mercifully comes to an end for Washington.” Well put.
30-14 Knicks. Don’t worry, it’s going to be okay.

2nd Quarter

10:40 – Songaila spin and hook in the lane, his 2nd bucket in a row. A really nice aggressive move, better to watch than some of his ill-advised jumpers.

9:47 – Great defensive play by Andray drawing the charge on Nate Robinson. Hell, he’s given enough charges, must know how to take them too.

9:22 – Dominic McGuire needs to learn the art of the pump-fake.

9:11 – Timeout, Knicks double up at 36-18.

Young, Butler, Jamison, Songaila and Stevenson now up to bat.

Not much happens.

7:24….so, Haywood comes back in for D-Song.

6:51 – The Knicks start to feel bad and foul Jamison. He can only bleed 1 of 2 FTs. 38-19 Knicks.

6:12 – Nate Robinson 3 that rolls around the rim. Down 22.

I still have faith….but I don’t think that can surpass the ghosts helping the Knicks on the court tonight.

5:31…. in Pecherov’s Three! Nice! I like! And by the way, I don’t think anyone in the media has ever talked about Oleksiy without mentioning that he’s “not shy about taking shots” — ok, we get the point. Now if he does that sh*t a lot and keeps missing, Jamison is going to break out his soap in a sock.

4:50 – Pech with another trey. Hmmm…..

Steve Buckhantz is “learnin” and waits until Caron Butler makes both before announcing that he’s hit 43 straight FTs.

3:37 – Pech miss…ok, two was nice….but now, someone slap him on the ass and tell him to go get some “rebounds son!”45-27 Knicks. Curtis Mayfield says: Keep on Pushin’

1:23 – Caron tip back. 47-33. 14 point deficit is better than it was, 22.

0:50 – Buckets son! Pech with a trey. His third of the game. I guess not be
ing shy is a good thing…..means he has confidence.

0:33.5 – Nice pass from AJ to BTH for the dunk.

0:00.4 – Lock Smith Three! The Wiz scrap on defense and get a little hot. Down 10, told you I had faith. 51-41 Knicks at the half.

Quick Stat Check

  • Turnovers are the same at 5
  • Knicks are +2 in rebounding with 22, but the Wiz have 9 offensive rebounds to NY’s 6 (Haywood has 3 of those)
  • Bad Wizards shooting….again. 35.6% for the game. Jamison and Butler are 2-7 each. That won’t last. That can’t last.
  • 3 Knicks players have 10 points: Richardson, Crawford, and Fred Jones – Towards the end of the 2nd, Caron Butler started show some of that defensive intensity from Monday’s Celtics game that was highlighted so many times on ESPN….that needs to be contagious off the bat in the 3rd
  • Oleksiy Pecherov leads the Wizards with 9 points. Steve Buckhantz…can I getta “How bout that?”

3rd Quarter

11:20 – Antawn Jamison jump hook on Zach Randolph — yea, go at that cat….you know he can’t play D.

10:34 – A Eddy Curry miss is the signal for Knicks fans to boo.

10:23 – Jamison abuses Zach with another hook, And1 – Down 6, 51-45. Yep, it’s a basketball game.

The Knicks are continuing to pound the rock inside.

9:17 – Butler jumps the passing lane, fights for the ball, steals, and a break-away solo dunk. Still down 6 at 53-47.

8:01 – Yup….a steady diet of inside work from New York with a Q-Rich three on the side. 59-47 Knicks. Why, exactly, is this team bad again? Oh yea, the coach.

7:14 – Jamison doesn’t have a chance on D against Randolph….even with Haywood’s help, which makes it hard for Stevenson to handle Curry on the miss. Eddy gets the put back and the Knicks are back up 14. Eddie Jordan calls a timeout so he can yell at the ref and get a technical foul. Not sure what exactly set him off…but there have been a couple ticky-tack, or non-fouls which have been called on the Wizards.

….and cue Eddie Jordan’s 24 Second Shot-Clock Mercedes commercial. Do you think he’s talking with that staggered, robotic voice in the huddle now? What about to the ref?

Coming back, EJ was mad because Eddie Curry essentially pushed DeShawn Stevenson out of the way for the offensive rebound on that last play. Yea, I saw it too. I’m with you Eddie.

6:25 – Roger Mason scores 5 straight points, back to 9 – 61-52. Okay, so RMJ is not the Microwave….that nickname has been retired by Vinnie Johnson anyway. And we know who owns Hibachi. How about….Roger Mason Jr., The Foreman Grill? Isn’t that what you break out when the Hibachi is broken?

4:49 – Now it’s Jamison’s turn for his own little run. He just hit two 3s in a row. 65-58 Knicks.

3:32 – Foreman Grill just hit a circus shot.

3:14 – That 3 makes Jamal Crawford 4-5 from long distance, he’s got 16 points. 70-60 Knicks.

Steve Buckhantz: “Something funny happened Phil.”
Phil Chenier: “Yes it did.”

Somehow the Knicks get the ball out of bounds with 1 second on the shot clock and Nate Robinson hits a J. I think it should have been a shot clock violation in the first place, not exactly sure. 72-62 Knicks.

Despite the Knicks continuing to have answers on the offensive end, the Wizards keep pushing at them. Roger Mason pull up jumper with 50 seconds left puts the score at 77-70, Knicks.

After Butler’s 44th and 45th consecutive made FTs, the score is 77-72 New York after 3.

4th Quarter

Well, the Knicks are up 20-7 in second chance points. Makes sense since the Wizards did not get an offensive rebound in the 3rd and the Knicks got 5.

10:07 – Stewie the Assassin is back in the game….that’s Oleksiy Pecherov for those who don’t know (Pech looks like Stewie from Family Guy). DC still down, 81-73.

9:30 – That is….until another Crawford 3. 84-73.

8:51 – Jamal Crawford three…I’m tired of typing his damn name. Have the Wizards reverted back to their early season woes of not being able to defend the three ball?

As Nate Robinson easily drives down the lane and dishes to Curry, I start thinking….

Is this a ‘Wizards playing down to the level of the Knicks and up to the level of the Celtics’ thing?
Is this a ‘Playing without Antonio Daniels’ thing?

….or does it matter as Eddy misses both FTs, Wiz don’t do anything with the ball, and the Knicks run right back down with an alley-oop dunk. And1. Renaldo Balkman at the line for the make. 91-77 Knicks. The Wizards got as close as 5, or was it 4 – still, 7:20 is a lot of time left.

6:11 – Butler with a hanging jam over everyone that looks better than the one against the Celtics last night. Nice pass from Pech off the offensive rebound. Good cut by Butler too. Let’s hope this sparks a run. They need to get that ‘4th game in 5 nights’ second wind. Knicks by 11.

Pecherov does not do FTs…he misses two, but the Wiz get their 2nd Chance Point scrap on…Caron Butler 3 point play. Down 8.

….Knicks have had an answer all night. Robinson 3. Back down 11 and time is running short.

2:49 – Butler bucket keeps it at 100-89….not for long after a Balkman bucket.

Right now, 2:19 is left in the Wizards game, 2:19 is left in the first half of the Mississippi State-Kentucky game at a stoppage in play. Chances?

David Lee dunk And1. I stopped paying attention a while ago. The game ends 105-93 New York.

The Run Down:

  • Still on a hig
    h from both wins against the Celtics.
  • What can I say, I’m not that surprised about this loss.
  • But it doesn’t mean that I’m not upset.
  • I’m not calling this a let-down game.
  • The Excuse: The 4th Game in 5 Night Fatigue.
  • Bad shooting is one thing, the Wiz ended up at 39.5% FG and missed 9 FTs out of 29.
  • But you can’t tell me that getting out-rebounded 43-37 and out-assisted 26-13 is not a sign of being worn down (aka – lack of hustle on D).
  • It is what it is…..get over it and move on.

Box Score

Wizards Suffer a Letdown [Washington Post]

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