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Live Game 38 Blog: Washington Wizards vs. New York Knicks

Updated: January 19, 2008

I gots revenge on my mind from the last Wizards game against the Knicks, game 37.

First of all…..Etan Thomas really hasn’t been cleared to practice, not yet. Slam Mag catches up with Etan. Godspeed.

It’s been reported that Antonio Daniels is a game-time decision. But it looks like he is going to play tonight. All is copacetic.

So…knowing that, let’s start the show….

1st Quarter

The game starts off and the Verizon Center looks like one big hot box (yup, actually a Wikipedia entry) from the laser smoke.

Steve Buckhantz and Phil Chenier can’t stress how much “fun” it is to select All-Stars on — because you can see the head-shots of the selections you make. Ahhh….technology.

Before I realize it…..points are scored in bunches. The Wiz have 16 and the Knicks have 13 in the first 5 1/2 minutes. Washington is 6-7 on FGs to start. It’s about time they started off with a little heat.

I’m not sure if I just heard correctly, but Steve Buck just said that Antawn Jamison was called “body beautiful” in training camp because he arrived in such great shape. Why haven’t I heard this before?

4:18 – Body B just hit a jumper to put the Wiz up 22-19. DC is hot like fire on the field goals….something like 10-12.

2:40 – Jamison didn’t really get “pushed” by Jared Jeffries. JJ simply made a good, hard block out on the rebound and AJ went flying because he didn’t establish his balance.

1:43 – Eddy Curry just got a dunk, only the 3rd of his whole life, 27-26 Knicks.

0:54 – Nate Robinson hits a 3 right in a grill, no contest…puts the Knicks up 2, 30-28. He waits until the Wizards, Antonio Daniels, has the ball past half court and then Nate gives the Lock Smith “Can’t Feel My Face” move right in front of AD. He’s a legitimate douche.

Steve Buck: “The Knicks will not be kicked around. Clearly, they will not go away.”

Uh duh…..this is the NBA, right?

1st quarter ends, rather quickly if you ask me. The Knicks look like they “came to play” and the Wizards just look like your run-of-the-mill regular team.

32-28 Knicks. Both teams are shooting over 63% from the field. JHC.

2nd Quarter

11:34 – Butler makes Jared Jeffries look like a ham with a spin move bucket, off the glass.

11:11 – Nate Robinson jumper. Hey, if you aren’t going to guard him….at least try to get in this jerk’s head so he makes some stupid mistakes. 35-30 Knicks.

10:07 – Jared is all over the place with a couple offensive rebound tips, possessions and attempts. He travels, no call. But Butler eventually commits a foul. However, after the whistle is blown, Jared J raises his own hand. Why? I’m not sure. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a player raise his own hand after he has gotten fouled.

9:50 – Steve and Phil….a couple non-biased guys. No foul is called on DeShawn covering Nate Robinson when one should have been….they give it the proper recognition.

Timeout. Knicks by 36-30.

I keep expecting Clay Davis to ask what his cut is going to be for recommending Southwest Airlines in that commercial. (PS – you’ll only get that if you watch The Wire)

8:42 – Jamison gets on Blatche for bad offensive spacing. Nick Young scores on a step-back. Down 4.

8:13 – Jamison buckets….7-9, 16 points. He’s M.O.P. — ON FIYA!

6:17 – Steve Buck calls Q-Rich a laser after he hits a trey. He has 16 points on 6-8 shooting.

5:23 – Jamal Crawford 3 puts the Knicks up 3, 47-44….but Nick Young answers with his own 3 to tie it up on the other end. Bean Burrito has 12 off the bench….he looks like he came to play sumthin’ serious.

Roger Mason‘s jumper looks funny sometimes. First of all….he’s working with some type of Reggie Miller leg kick. But then, he doesn’t seem to land solid. As soon as he hits his feet, he’s moving back somewhere….on defense? Not sure if this is a good thing or not.

1:34 – Pecherov with a smooth baseline J. 57-54 DC.

1:05 – Caron Butler muscles an offensive rebound away from Zach Randolph…goes down the court, misses a shot, BTH tries for the bound, but gets fouled. Caron went to the ground. Haywood was closest….but it took DeShawn Stevenson running over to get Butler off the floor.

0:20 – Butler is taking names. His hustle swag puts the Wiz up 61-54.

The first half ends….it’s a dog fight. Washington is up 61-57.

Half Stat Guts:

  • The Wiz are shooting almost 62% from the field while the Knicks are shooting 47.4%.
  • So why are the Knicks only down 4?
  • Well, they’re 8-16 from deep, while the Wizards are 4-9.
  • And New York is 13-15 from the FT line, while Washington is only 5-6.

Q-Rich has 19 points. Do the Wizards realize that if they D’d him up…..if they were the least bit physical with Q, he would get injured with a hang nail or a tummy ache for months, possibly years.

3rd Quarter

Quarter starts pretty nice for the Wizards, despite the distraction of a phone convo with my pops.

The Knicks call a timeout as they go down 6, 5 1/2 minutes into the 3rd. 71-65 Wizards. This looks like strong 3rd quarter start that the Wizards have made a habit this year, rather than an instance.

5:00 – Caron Butler sets a Wizards franchise record with 52 consecutive FTs made, bonafide.

The Wizards are finally learning to get back on D when Nate Robinson is pushing the ball….kinda.

3:45 – Smooth OP hits another Jumper. Pech keeps the Wizards lead at 10, 84-74.

3:07 – The Lock Smith is trying to live up to his moniker tonight…going ag
ainst Jamal Crawford with a solid effort on D. Would we expect anything less?

2:52 – Oleksiy P snags a nice offensive rebound and gets fouled. He’s building a fan-favorite consensus. Timeout, Wizards still up 84-74.

OP FTs out of the timeout = 12 point lead.

The 3rd ends and the Wiz stay up 12, 92-80. They can’t let up.

4th Quarter

Quickly….the Knicks cut the lead to 6 by going to the inside game. The Wiz just don’t have the size to handle the likes of Randolph and Curry…..not many teams do.

9:56 – Check that…4 after an Andray Blatche goal tend on Randolph.

9:40 – Time for a can of Tuff Juice. His J stops an 8-0 Knick run.

9:10 – AJ continues the hot, puts the lead back to 8. AJ is 12-17 from the field…..but that Wiz D is still suspect.

5 1/2 left….Wizards still up, by 11, 103-92. Ok, I admit it, I’ve been lazy in this game blog. The game hasn’t excited me much.

How can Steve Buckhantz still honestly peddle Gilbert Arenas for the All-Star game?

3:31 – Roger Mason hits a big J to put the Wiz up by 15. The Knicks have a lot of cats who can score, but they have no one to keep the ship steady…..not even the coach.

2:46 – Whoa! Jerome James is HUGE! When is the last time that guy played?….checking now….It’s big Jerome’s season debut! Hey brah, if you’re looking for the best all-you-can-eat in DC, check out Fogo De Chao.

This just in……from Steve Buck, Gilbert greeted the Wizards, his teammates, when their plane arrived late at night after the Knicks loss on Tuesday. Yup, he misses basketball.

Well, the Wiz just about have this one wrapped up….and the final is 111-98 DC. The bench came up HUGE this game. Give them the game ball….with 30 total points, albeit from 3 people: Nick Young with 12 (great 2nd qtr.), Mason with 10 and Oleksiy with 8.

Not a spectacular win, but I’ll take it.

“We’re not going to go as far as we want to until our bench comes through….”
Antawn Jamison right after the game. I could not have put it better.

Have a safe night everyone.

Box Score
Wiz Get a Little Payback [Washington Post]

Oh yea….and a great article by Mike Wise, mainly focusing on Caron Butler.

The highlights of the article:

“I haven’t told coach this, but I’m considering just coming off the bench when I come back,” he said quietly in front of cubicle in the Wizards’ dressing room. “I just don’t want to mess up the sync right now, you know? They got a nice thing going. When I do go in there, I want it to be free-flowing, not try to slowly get it back and slow everyone else down.”
-Gilbert Arenas


What explains Butler’s rise is going back at Paul Pierce last week after his counterpart at small forward for the Celtics began talking. Butler finally gave Pierce back some of his own smack, saying: “I’m being honest, man. You can’t guard me.”


The numbers don’t do Butler justice. What illustrates his rise in the mind of NBA observers is what he did to Quentin Richardson last night after Richardson dropped in a plethora of three-pointers in the first half, finishing each made basket by banging his fists off the front of his forehead as he pantomimed the horns of a bull.

[Those 19 points that Q-Rich threw down in the first half……ain’t nuthin’ – he was held to 2 points in the 2nd half]

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