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Live Game 42 Blog: Washington Wizards @ Milwaukee Bucks

Updated: January 27, 2008

Great game between the Celtics and Magic today, but a bitter-sweet win for Orlando. I certainly cannot find myself rooting for a team from Boston. And I like Türkoğlu, they’re calling him Mr. 4th Quarter in O-Town and I think he deserves an all-star nod this year (not sacrificing Jamison or Butler of course), but the Wiz need to Magic to lose. I want that SE Division.

Michael Redd didn’t face the Wizards last time. At first it looked like he was going to play tonight, but he hurt himself in the Bucks last game against Toronto and will not see the court.

Lotta sports going on now. G-Tech just made it a game with UVA. The Lakers and the Cavs are on….didn’t think I’d find myself rooting for the Lakers either, but I’d also like the home court advantage in the playoffs. Dook and Maryland come on soon.

But the Wizards-Bucks are front and center, so let’s start the show….

1st Quarter

I read somewhere that the Bucks have been going to Andrew Bogut in the post a lot more lately. And as Phil Chenier just mentioned, the matchup between him and Brendan Haywood will be interesting to watch. I think BTH will body the Aussie up and hold him below 15 points and 8 rebounds.

In the first seven, Haywood has definitely established an inside presence on both ends. He’s pulling in 2 points, 3 rebounds and 2 blocks so far.

I know that Caron is deceptively quick with his 2.3 steals per game and ability to play the passing lanes. But it’s not all physique, Tuff Juice must be one helluva smart player too. I bet he’s a scouting report junkie. I predict that rubbing off on the young kids, D-Mac, O-Pech, The City and AB.

The Wiz built a 12-4 lead, but Eddie calls a timeout with just over 2.5 minutes left in the first after a Yi Jianlian long 2 and a Bogut inside hook makes it 12-8. Not the most exciting game so far as the two teams are a combined 9-30 from the field. At least the Wizards have forced 4 Buck turnovers while they’ve only committed one.

Laker ball, down 3, 20 seconds left….and craziness ensues. D. Fisher 3 miss, Turiaf rebound and put back. 1 point game. Laker pressure and the Cavs turn the ball over as the would-be receiver, Boobie Gibson, slips (the clock with 13 seconds after Turiaf’s bucket never starts). The ball winds up in Vujacic hands, he gets it to Kobe who misses a 2 footer under pressure. The rock then pops all over the place, winds up in the hands of Damon Jones going to the floor, and the Cavs call timeout. At first, they only take 1.5 off the clock, it winds up being 3. Can’t believe the Kobester was given the gift and blew it.

Meanwhile, at the end of a poor 1st quarter, the Wizards are up 17-15. Both teams are shooting in the low 30s. Caron Butler already has 2 steals.

2nd Quarter

In the Laker game, LeBron makes 2 FTs and the Lakers can’t even get a shot off before the buzzer, they got the ball with over 8 seconds left, but Kobe’s passing cost them the game. He thought he was getting the ball to an open Luke Walton, but Luke bumbled the ball, tried to get it back to Kobe…but by the time that happened, Bryant’s shot came after the buzzer. Way to pass superstar.

Nice 7-0 run to start the second for the Wiz. The kids are in, Nick Young is playing smart and Andray Blatche is erasing Milwaukee shot attempts. 24-15 Wizards at the first timeout. with 8:34 left.

5:58 – Andray Blatche did not get called for a goal-tending when he should have…just like in the Georgetown-West Virginia game yesterday. Charlie Bell, the shooter, ended up getting fouled by Nick Young and made 1 of 2 FTs. 29-23 Wizards with under 6 minutes left.

4:24 – Good ol’ White Hole….an errant/loose Wizard pass kinda rolls into his hands….Pech immediately fires the rock up. Poor shot selection, especially since the jumper was out of rhythm.

About 4 minutes left, the Wizards lead 31-25. It’s still a grind it out game, with poor offense, a lot of fouls, and a growing turnover count. Steve Buck makes the comment that Milwaukee is just “getting after it” more than the Wizards.

Matt from Hardwood Paroxysm just sent me an IM via Google: “Oh, Lord, Avwee Storey is putting in significant minutes. It’s clearly the End Days.”

Close to it, I told him, “The Wizards better wake up…last time we heard from Avwee, he was getting arrested with Gil in South Beach.”

It’s now tied at 31 with just under 3 minutes left. Not sure if it’s a lack of communication or what, but the Wizards zone is not accounting for Milwaukee cutters, especially Storey with his 6 points.

1:08 – And the ex-Wizards continue to kill as Michael Ruffin is snatching offensive rebounds…I always was a fan of that guy. He sets the standard for hustle swag.

0:33.7 – Mo Williams, Notorious Wizard Killer, nails a 3 to give Milwaukee their first lead of the game at 38-35.

The first half ends in disappointing fashion. The Bucks out-scored Washington 17-6 in the last 4:20 of the second to take the lead at 40-37.

The Stats – The Wiz are getting out-rebounded by 6 and are 14-40 from the field. And someone needs to do something about those 6 assists to 7 turnovers.

3rd Quarter

4 minutes into the 3rd, 51-46 Bucks, Steve Buckhantz says: “Bogut is just having his way inside.” Crap, I should have never said anything about him. 10 points, 6 rebounds and 2 assists for Andrew so far.

6:01 – Caron makes his 64th and 65th straight FTs, cuts the Buck lead to 2 at 54-52. Caron is showing out with 17 points to this point. It looks like he needs to put this Wizards team on his back for them to win.

5:30 – Maybe a BTH fadeaway baseline jumper to tie the game will turn the tide in favor of Washington.

5:10 – 67 FTs in a row for Caron….I thought he was going to miss that last one. Wiz take back the lead at 56-54. DeShawn layup on the other end makes the Wiz run 10-0.

3:08 – Then Milwaukee goes on to score 7 straight points of their own. Washington can’t lock down the paint and this is opening up things outside.

2:17 – Case it point, a Bell trey makes the run 10 and the Wiz are back down 4, 64-60.

The 3rd ends and the Wizards are still having problems with cutters through the lane, but they are able to keep the score tied at 66….thanks to 12 points from Caron in the period. DeShawn Stevenson is having a bad shooting night, going 1-8 from the field. But as a team, the Wiz went 9-17 with only 1 turnover in the 3rd.

4th Quarter

11:02 – Awvee Storey gets a “How bout that?” from Steve Buck as he hits his 4th bucket, giving him 8 points.

9:20 – Michael Ruffin has 3 points, a FT and the bucket he just hit. You know things aren’t going Washington’s way when that is happening.

8:03 – Damn, Bogut is still killing and definitely on his way to exceeding my expectations with 14, 10, and 6. 75-70 Milwaukee.

I’ve been so into this game that I completely forgot about Maryland-Dook on my other TV. UMD is up 55-52 with 16 minutes left. Not a fan of Maryland….but anytime that anyone can beat Duke, I’m all for it.

5:40 – Haywood’s…..err…Dave Hopla’s two FTs get the Wiz within 1 at 77-76. The time to make a move is now.

Too many offensive rebounds for the Bucks tonight, 12 – Yi has 4.

3:24 – Butler nails a 3, he’s just about the only confident Wizard on the floor. That keeps the damage to 2, 81-79 Bucks….that is, until Charlie Bell hits another trey. 20 points off the bench for him…really?

Down 7, 2:43 left…this is not looking good. The Aussie makes it 9 with 2 left.

1:42 – Another Wiz turnover, more Bucks points…90-79. Now, I’m starting to get pissed. A loss like this will get to me much more than a blowout to Cleveland. For one, the Bucks are 17-27. Two, their star Michael Redd is not playing tonight. Three, the schedule. Milwaukee is a team that Washington needs to beat with Toronto, Toronto, Utah and the LA Lakers up next.

….and as I am typing a “HOW DO YA LIKE THAT??” from Steve Buck. DeShawn Stevenson, who was shooting 1-9 with 2 points on the night, just hit two 3 pointers in a span of 14 seconds. The Wizards are down a manageable 5 points with 1:26 now.

Defense please.

0:50 – And it happens, but the Wiz can’t take advantage with a Butler runner miss and a Mo Williams steal off Haywood after the offensive rebound.

0:27 – Butler hustle on D….simply wanting the rock more than the Aussie.

0:22 – Wow…AD gets fouled, but only makes 1 FT. Jamison then gets the board over Yi, hits the quick hook AND gets fouled. 90-88 Bucks.

0:21 – Oh my…Jamison misses the And1 FT, but Butler gets the rebound AND the putback!! Tie game at 90. An 11-0 run for the Wiz in 74 seconds.

Milwaukee ball, 20 seconds left.

More defense please.

Whew….Mo Williams miss. Game is going to OT. I had a bad feeling from previous experiences with Mo, but he couldn’t pull off the game winner this time.

The Wiz need to jump on a distraught Bucks team early in OT. Meanwhile…Duke is now up 75-73 with 7 minutes left. Yup, that one is over.


3:52 – Jianlian hits a smooth deuce to start the OT.

3:30 – But the Lock Smith says NOPE! He hits another 3, 93-92 Wiz. Welcome to the show indeed DeShawn.

3:05 – Royal Ivey gets fouled, yet another Buck finding a seam in the Washington zone. He makes 1, but Bogut gets a putback. 95-93 Bucks.

2:35 – Caron Butler trey….how did these two teams find the energy to make this a game when it was so lethargic earlier.

2:18 – Caron Butler steal, breakaway layup, foul, And1, FT. 99-95 Wizards.

Caron Butler has absolutely monstered the Wizards back into the game.

From Tuff Juice to Clutch Juice to Takeover Juice. He’s hitting Milwaukee with all kinds of flavors. Game: 37 Points. 2nd Half: 26 Points. OT: 6 Points.

And he’s actually playing with a straw in his mouth….For some reason, I thought that was just a practice thing. It hangs out of his mouth during timeouts, but goes completely in there during the course of play. Isn’t that a dangerous choking hazard? Whatever, it’s all you Juice….it’s all you.

1:19 – A huge Mo Williams 3. 99-98 DC.

0:47.6 – A huger Mo Williams 3. 101-99 Milwaukee.

The first one was off a screen in the corner. That second one, he was just allowed to catch and easily shoot from the top of the arc.

0:30 – Stevenson missed a 3 on the other end. The 3rd bad offensive possession in a row for the Wiz. The Bucks get the ball and call a timeout. 21.4 seconds left in the game. 16 on the shot clock.

0:06 – Oh. my. lord…..Royal Ivey hits a long 2 just as the shot clock was running down. A fade-away high-arching step-back. 103-99 Bucks, 6 seconds left.

Tuff Juice 3 with 0:02.7 left. It’s not over just yet. I wish the rest of the team came to play like he did. 40 points, a new career high for him. I’m pretty sure he’d rather have the dub.

Mo Williams at the line, unfortunately, the Wiz have no timeouts and Milwaukee has a foul to give.

Williams makes both. The Wiz inbound to Jamison around half-court and he immediately throws up a shot. He had time for a dribble, but it would’ve been too risky to do so… I said, the Bucks had a foul to give.

Well, this one really hurts. After going on an 11-0 run in 74 seconds at the end of regulation to tie the game and send it into over time, the Wizards succumb, once again, to the Magic of Mo Williams…even after building a 4 point lead with 90 seconds left in OT. Yup, Mo could not hit the game winner in the 4th quarter, but those two OT three-pointers in a row sure were a dagger.

As Day-Day told Clay Davis in the last episode of The Wire (#3)…..the Wizards need to “Focus Muther F@#*ker” and take care of business in these next 4 games. At least 3 of them are at home. Game Info

“We just couldn’t get out on those three shot and that was the game right there.”
-Eddie Jordan talking about the 2 OT threes by Mo Williams and the one long deuce by Royal Ivey.

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