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Live Game 44 Blog: Washington Wizards @ Toronto Raptors

Updated: January 31, 2008

If you missed it…..I had a mini-game preview for tonight’s game. Mostly, it’s about recent comments by another blogger in regard to my Washington Wizards.

Let’s start the show.

1st Quarter

10:30 – The Raptors hit their first three shots to go up 6-0 before Steve Buckhantz and Phil Chenier can finish their ‘Keys to the Game’ for both teams.

10:05 – Check that, 4-4….timeout Eddie Jordan, 8-0 Raptors. The Wiz have attempted to go inside to Haywood a couple times, but the Raptors have come out aggressive on D, collapsing on the post.

9:37 – 10-0, after the timeout, a Jamison TO and a Moon putback off a Blatche block on Parker. The Wizards needed to come out swinging….they needed to punch the Raptors in the mouth first. They didn’t. So far, the Wiz have committed 2 turnovers.

8:40 – Stevenson finally breaks the ice with a triple. He’s been streaky lately, I hope he picks his spots tonight. 12-3 Toronto.

6:56 – Lucky Lock Smith – he tried to drive through traffic, lost the ball…but somehow got it back for the layup. 14-7 Raps.

6:16 – Calderon ends a 9-2 Wizard run with a 3. Antonio Daniels, afraid of a drive I suppose…simply left too much room between him and Jose.

5:49 – The Wiz start to apply some back court pressure….but Toronto easily distributes the ball up the court, finding Parker for a three in the corner. 20-11 Toronto.

The Wiz really need to pound it, pound it, pound it inside against this team..

4:48 – Offensive foul on Haywood. Horrible call. I wonder what Dinosty thinks of this: first, Bosh flopped and tried to get a call before Haywood even got the ball. And then, once BTH got the feed (while Bosh was flopping on the floor), he had no room to turn around before Jamario Moon was flopping right under him. This time, the ref blew the whistle…..guess he’d rather not be booed by the Canadians instead of making the correct call, or no-call. That’s BTH’s 2nd and he must sit.

D-Mac gets some more run tonight because he EARNED it. Take notice.

4:13 – Well…DeShawn is not settling for outside shots. Earlier, he set up Blatche for a nice fast-break dunk. And just now, he drove the lane and drew foul #2 on Chris Bosh. Makes 1, 20-14 Toronto.

3:36 – AD screwed up. Somehow, Delfino got switched off on Andray Blatche diving down the lane. AD had the ball up top with 10 seconds left on the shot-clock, enough time. He should have swung the ball to Mason on the left, who had the angle to get the ball to AB. Instead, Antonio tried to break his man off the dribble and ended up missing a jumper.
0:52 – Ha Ha! Jamison got Moon with the swift slip…you know, the one where he shoots somewhat of an underhanded scoop under the defender’s arm and draws a foul…not appreciated by Sam Mitchell. AJ makes both FTs. 26-21 Raptors.

0:14 – Another AJ bucket, after an 0-4 start, he’s scored 7 straight points for Washington.

Well, after a slow, DJ Screwed 1st quarter for the Wiz where they were down 12-zip, Washington were able to pick it up and outscored Toronto 23-16 the rest of the way. 28-23 Toronto.
2nd Quarter

10:48 – Stella Got Her Three Back – Roger Mason with a triple. 30-26 Toronto.

I must admit, this quote from Dinosty was kinda funny: “Roger Mason* WILL look like an rejected extra from “How Stella Got Her Groove Back”. Every. Single. Night.”

This reminds me of last night when every time I typed the score, it was followed by ‘Toronto’ or ‘Raptors’

10:00 – A second ago, AJ turned the ball over when he got doubled, and then AD just tried to pass to a cutting white guy, I think Oleksiy…but the pass was behind him. Another TO. 4 in the game so far for the Wiz….only 1 for Toronto.

9:49 – Stella Part Deux – Roger Mason with another trey.

8:44 – Next up for D-Mac…confidence in his shot. I don’t care if he air-balls it like he just did….he needs to at least look like he knows what he’s doing when he pops. That shot, and a jumper that he took and missed last night both seemed like he thought about them, instead of letting it come natural.

7:56 – Roger Mason Junior again….the fact that our bench is stepping up really makes this team potentially scary.

…that is until a Mason turnover and some missed shots extend the once 3 point Raptor lead to 10, 42-32 Toronto…..with both Haywood and Bosh on the bench with 2 fouls each ….the Wizards defense is hapless, their offense is non-existent and the Raptors are just plain on fire. They’ve made 8 out of their last 9 FGs.

3:43 – Finally, after a 21-5 Toronto run, Eddie Jordan calls a timeout. 53-34 Toronto.

3:26 – And Roger Mason has 4 three pointers in the 2nd.

2:53 – Haywood comes in and immediately picks up his 3rd foul. Nothing is working for Washington. Eddie might as well leave him in.

The Raptors have 24 points off the bench. Roger Mason has the Wizards’ bench covered at 12 with his 4 3s.

Bargnani is a spazz.

That’s what I get…..dammit! RAAA-SHOW Nest-era-vich just got a dunk. And the quarter just ends. Toronto is up 20 at the half. 61-41.

Ok then….

  1. 8 Wizard turnovers – CHECK
  2. 37.8% from the field – CHECK
  3. Raptors shooting 53.3% – CHECK
  4. Wiz with 8 assists and 1 steal – HUH?
  5. Raptors with 14 assists and 4 steals – OH YEA, RIGHT. CHECK.

I’m about to watch some Mississippi State Bulldogs and Arkansas Razorbacks on ESPN360 — which looks straight nice on the Mac.

Not a good start for the Bulldogs. They simply waste too many offensive possessions when “superstars” Jamont Gordon and Charles Rhodes try to force 1-on-1 moves.

I read an article the other day where Mississippi State coach Rick Stansbury basically gave Jamont Gordon a pass to do what he wants on offense as long as he plays defense. Rewarding a kid to do something he’s supposed to be doing already? Great.

Gordon is such a great athlete. Many are calling him the best player in the SEC. It’s just a shame that he seems to be out of control or casual at too many intervals in the game.

And Charles Rhodes…he shows a very smooth offensive game. I really like his range, but I don’t think there’s been a worse Mississippi State rebounding big man since Robert Jackson…and he was a “halfway” decent rebounder.

3rd Quarter

Wonder wh
at Eddie went with for the half time speech? The “Let’s go out there and show some effort” one or the “This is the NBA smart, play smart and the game will take care of itself” one? Maybe both.

The 3rd finally starts with Haywood on the inside….unfortunately, I think Toronto is going to go with a steady diet of Chris Bosh. Yea, he’s good.

Jamont Gordon is starting to take over though – 3, dunk, 3….damn, is this going to turn into a Miss. State-Arkansas game blog? Well, Toronto is still up 20, 67-47.

8:40 – Check, make it 22 with a bucket from the Italian Spazz.

I’ve lost a lot of interest in this Wizards game. Toronto had been shooting the ball very, very well for stretch prior to last night’s game (the best 3 point shooting team in the NBA)…there’s no reason why that would not continue eventually. And eventually was tonight.

3:47 – Anthony Parker just hit two consecutive 3s, putting the Raptors up 83-55.

3:23 – And an Italian Spazz three. 86-57. When it rains, it pours buckets on wet nets.

This other game isn’t going to well either. Miss. State has 11 turnovers in 14 minutes while Arkansas has taken a 29-16 lead.

This Wizards game can’t end soon enough. They’re just letting the Raptors have open shots. Committing turnovers. Tipping rebounds away from each other.

Steve Buck starts off saying that this game reminds him of the Cleveland game.

0:29 – In between sentences, Jamario Moon gets an easy dunk.

Then, Buck finishes with basically saying that it’s time for the Wizards to cut their losses and wash themselves of this game.

Oh, did I mention that it’s still the 3rd quarter? Fitting that it ends with the ball in Nick Young’s hands. The unaware rookie doesn’t check the clock and the horn sounds while he is just dribbling the ball around the court.

I know they are spent. I know Caron is out. I know Gilbert is out. I know those last two games took a lot out of them. But I’d think that the Raptors would be tired too, right?

But is any of that an excuse to not care? To play lazy? To not think?

I would say no, and this is why I am rather irked. 29 point game, 93-64 Toronto.

4th Quarter

Ha….funny Steve Buck. He’s actually wondering if the Wizards can stimulate anything with a lineup of Pecherov, Songaila, Young, Mason and McGuire.

But really, with all the injuries, past and present…it definitely doesn’t make sense to play AD, AJ or BTH anymore.

D-Mac still wants to play.

10:27 – He gets a steal…pushes the rock and drops it to Nick Young who is running with him.

Aaaaaand not too much after that glimpse.

106-73 with 6:49 left.

Just some young Wizards. Out there. Learning. I can’t be embarrassed….and I guess I’ve gotten over being mad, already. Hey, I’ll take the valuable game experience for the kids.

1:03 left….it’s bear bones for Steve Buck as he speaks of the Oleksiy Pecherov-Stewie from Family Guy comparisons. Funny that he doesn’t mention much about their similar domes, but rather compares Stewie’s sense of humor and sarcasm to Pech’s. Yea, exactly. When I think of Stewie…it’s naturally that a 7 foot Ukrainian would be come to mind. Riiiiiight.

It’s a 122-83 game by the way.

And that is that. Don’t even want to talk about it. Box Score.

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