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Washington Wizards: It’s Game Time, Do You Know Where Your Kids Are?

Updated: January 8, 2008

Pretty good Wizards Insider entry today by Ivan Carter. As were others who commented on the post, I was taken aback upon reading that Ivan was surprised when a scout recently told him that he believed Caron Butler was one of the league’s most improved players. Tuff Juice’s numbers have increased almost across the board, as I pointed out in my argument that Caron Butler should be the first NBA Eastern Conference All-Star reserve selected. But the numbers are only half the story. It’s pretty easy to see that his maturity level has blossomed by simply observing his court presence and how he has stepped up in the absence of Gilbert Arenas. People are starting to associate his name with words like reliable, solid, leader, and gamer much more; and it’s very close to being franchise, superstar, and untradeable. He might not get voted most improved player, but the scout is right.

Being a Pro [Ivan Carter, Washington Post Wizards Insider]


It was discussed above in Wizards Insider, and in a recent Washington Post article as well, but the Wizards’ veterans in the locker room have decided to reign in the young cats.

“….Jamison, Stevenson, Butler and Antonio Daniels were not happy when they walked into the locker room Sunday morning and saw how Blatche, Young and McGuire were getting ready for the game — joking, laughing and not concentrating on basketball.”

“Yesterday, the veterans changed the locker room arrangement, moving Young across the room to a stall next to Butler and McGuire next to Jamison. Blatche’s locker will remain near Brendan Haywood….”

“Previously, the three young players all sat on the same side of the locker room, which often resembled a latter-day version of “Romper Room.””

Youngest Wizards Are Taught Old School Lessons [Ivan Carter, Washington Post]

1. Reading about this made me proud to be a Wizards fan, and more adamant that the Wizards should retain Antawn Jamison when his contact is up at the end of this season – that guy is future front-office material who can benefit the franchise for years to come. Retire a Wizard AJ…whenever you’re ready of course.

2. Shouldn’t the veterans have tried to squash these rookies a while ago? No, not really. You gotta give these youths a chance to strive on their own, learn that the stove is hot. If you try to ride them hard and be strict in the beginning, the kids might just end up bucking the system. No, now is the right time. Nick Young, Andray Blatche, Dominic McGuire…..they’re not fools. They know that they must produce more for the team, they just don’t know how. But now that they know helps is needed, and available, they will be more likely to listen to the vets taking them under their wing.

3. Why couldn’t this have stayed an internal matter? Did Jamison really have to bring it public? Hey, the kids got their blogs, vlogs, and their internets. So, putting names in papers may be what catches their attention. No one likes to be called out…..hopefully, these Wizards’ futures will realize enough to make this their one and only.


Oh yea…John Hollinger is now trying to kiss up to Wizards’ fans. He is putting both Caron Butler and Antawn Jamison on the NBA Eastern Conference All-Star squad.

Next up….Rockets-Wizards game blog.

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