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Washington Wizards News Explosion – Caron Butler on TNT & Dirty Playa Laundry

Updated: January 12, 2008

Can’t go a day without the NBA’s most bloggable team doing something…..

>> I’m sure most of us saw Caron Butler‘s appearance on TNT’s Inside the NBA with Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith and Ernie Johnson. Click the link if you want to see it on YouTube.

Interesting Tid-Bits:

Did Kenny Smith really say he had to go back into his rolodex to find out who some of the Wizards like Andray Blatche and Roger Mason were? Yea he did. Where do you keep this rolodex Kenny, next to your Tandy 1000?

Barkley on Eddie Jordan: “is one of the most underrated coaches in the league.”
Caron’s Response: an authoritative “Yes he is.”

I think that Caron has a nice television presence, but he used to play with a straw in his mouth? His mouth is probably all sorts of jacked up.

Barkley: “Krystal burger’s are the only things that can soak up vodka.”

Yea, there’s something about those Krystals. My dad ate them all the time when I was young; I used to call them “cat burgers” because that thin meat didn’t look close to coming from a cow. But somehow in college, I found myself drawn to the Krystal burgers and Krystal chicks on those drunken nights. Later, they would go on to shut down the local branch because of health violations. Duh. And for those who don’t know, Krystal is a southern thing……many nights, I still think about them. I miss their scent. I miss their musk. Hell, I miss being near them. Maybe when this all gets sorted out, I’ll open up a franchise in SE, perhaps near the new baseball stadium.

The Tuff Juice nickname came from Eddie Jordan.

>> DeShawn Stevenson is on a mission to put his last name and a #2 on the back of everything he owns, including robes and his very own skin.

>> Found the NBA Hoochie-Mama, Gold-Digga, Crank Yanker Message Board (not the official name) via the good people at Scott Van Pelt Style (you probably gotta read SVP’s post first, he gives a better “gist” of the site than I will) — basically, every player in the NBA has a message board page on this site entitled “[Player Name]’s Girlfriend.”

Here’s the NHMGDCY Rundown on the Wizards:

Nick Young
He “proposed to his girlfriend”, yes, that’s right, “the fuck he did”. Also, “he looks like his breath might smell like onion rings.”

Oleksiy Pecherov
Nuthin’ but a picture of Pech in velcro shoes with his arm around a dude. Hey, what’s wrong with velco?

Dominic McGuire

First message: “dude is fine as hell” (Dude. Do girls refer to guys as dude?) 2nd Message: “He is getting married next year” 3rd Message: “fgth” — not caught up on the web lingo, but does this mean Frankie Goes to Hollywood?

Etan Thomas
“He is married to poetry and it’s possible that Brendan Haywood tried to steal it from him, hence the constant fighting.” — Damn, could you imagine if BTH really tried to Debo Etan for some rhymes?

DeShawn Stevenson
As expected, there’s a lot happenin’ on DeShawn’s message board. So, I’ll just grace you with this hodge-podge of quotes:

  • “He has two kids that he claims”
  • “dRAYA Is A CHEAP ASS stripper from reading she always where cheap clothes he can’t be breaking her off she was with fabulous, kenyon martin, and every other player”
  • “fly bitches don’t rock the same jeans that evryone is wearing do you see amerie or kimora lee simoons rocking true religons”

Moral of the story: You’re not a fly bitch if you wear what someone else is wearing, but you are a fly bitch if you can’t read, write or spell.

Darius Songaila
He’s got nothin’ — but I’m sure there is a little forum just like this for those gold-diggin’ BI-othces in Luthania.

Antawn Jamison
“Ladies I saw him out with his wife out the other night and he straight ignored my ass and acted like he didnt even know me!” –Really hoe?

Brendan Haywood
“He pays my bills here in NC? Are we talking about tall 7 ft Brendan? Lives in Arlington? He is my baby. Does what he does and I see him when I see him. I can’t complain.” –Why do I get this feeling that this quote was made up and written by a 300+ pound woman who calls herself Luscious and keeps various items such as cabbage and paper clips for picking her teeth under her large mammaries?

Antonio Daniels
“he is the biggest hoe I have ever meet. Probably has slept with half the women in San Antonio.” and “no way he’s undercover gay!” and “Shut-up he not gay, Cheat tho” — Hey, I’m not questioning the guy, I’m just wondering at what convention this photo of Antonio Daniels was taken.

Roger Mason, Jr.
A link to an oil painting?

Caron Butler

Nothing much except various posters saying he is married.

Andray Blatche
“needs a dent
al plan”
— and not much else, I guess that’s what separates prostitutes from gold-diggers, the former doesn’t have internet access, they latter has too much.

Gilbert Arenas
“This is why society is so jacked up in the first place..a bunch of inconsistent, non-committed men playing grown with a bunch of insecure, man-stealing women who together produce a boatload of confused children out of wedlock and on TOP of marriages.” — I never thought I’d stumble across the definitive answer as to why society is so….’Jacked Up!‘ – The rest was a bunch of Gil Baby Mama Drama speculation.

And that’s about all I can take. Good god, I need to go wash my eyes, my mouse and my computer screen after reading all that ignorant trash. I couldn’t help it, it was the scene of a gruesome accident.

The Internet: Airing Dirty Laundry since ’01

Oh yea….Kelly Dwyer of Yahoo likes the Wizards.

He catches up with them.
And he wonders about Gilbert.

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