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Wired on The Wire – Season 5, Episode 2 – “Unconfirmed Reports”

Updated: January 17, 2008

Wanted to get this out earlier…but better late than never. Yes, I do have HBO On-Demand. No, I am not cheating ahead. But I will watch that exclusive On-Demand special they have called ‘The Wire ’07: 2000: Bunk/McNulty’ and perhaps put together a post on it. And in checking, they have a couple other featurettes entitled ‘The Wire ’07: 1962: Prop Joe’ and ‘The Wire ’07: 1985: Omar’ — looking forward to it.

[the wire: season 5, episode 1 write-up]

opening quote
“This ain’t Aruba, bitch” -Bunk


“Career case, huh?” -Sydnor
“Baby, I could die happy.” -Freamon

We know Lester. He wouldn’t be content with just making a name for himself and riding off into the sunset; Freamon is not in it for him. His goal is to expose the gape in the system for the benefit of everyone.


For Snoop, death is a ritual. When cleared by Marlo because the heat is off, she’s fervent at the thought of killing again. It’s her rush. Partlow, still seems to do his dirt by necessity, or maybe because he’s angry….everyone has got a past. But we must remember that Snoop is still young and under Chris’ wing. We don’t know exactly how she got into the game, but we know she learned the ropes from him.

Remember when Marlo stole that lollipop in the 4th episode of last season. He jacks it right in front of the rent-a-cop, who is more than aware of the Stanfield organization. Still, the guard stands up to Marlo, aware that doing so is more the result of pride than any hope of eliciting action with his words. And actually, action was taken….Marlo told Chris and Snoop to kill the dude for talking back. After the deed was done, Snoop tried to keep the security guard’s badge as a souvenir, but Chris, the seasoned vet, made her toss it.

Drive-Bys….West Coast style. Yea, I think the results will be a little different when shooting a hand gun from a moving car as opposed to an automatic rifle, or a sawed-off shot gun. Don’t those B-More gangstas know this?


The conflict of Bubs. Facing the past, he’s in his own purgatory. The evident hurdle is trying to come to grips with his responsibility in Sherrod’s death, and he clearly has a long way to go. In the past, he dealt with guilt, depression, happiness….any emotion, with getting high. The actor, Andre Royo, excels at convincing us that Bubs thinks about going back to what used to quench the guilt, but he can’t because of the guilt.

Bubbles is looking to cleanse himself, but I’m not sure why he can’t give out food to people? Your best guess is as good as mine. Handing out tickets is fine, but food is a faux pas. Bubs sure does make that kitchen spotless though. How metaphorical!

“In between the jokes, there’s a lot of truth to be spoken.” -Walon

In parallel worlds, both Bubs and McNulty have given up the hope. Bubs is disconnected and McNulty is admitting that the game is rigged.

“Pro forma. From the Latin, meaning lawyers jacking each other off.” -Jimmy McNulty


The young white reporter, Scott Templeton, is interested in advancement via special interest stories. While he’s described as “morally challenged” is some places, I simply see him lazy. He’s sent to cover Orioles opening day, in search of a Super Fan fluff piece.

[Interesting commentary that Simon makes on the state of baseball in Baltimore. One fan is mad about steroids, a guy and his kid are there to see the Cubbies, not the O’s…..I’d love to hear some more digs at Peter Angelos.]

Scott ends up creating a tragic story about a kid in a wheel-chair trying to get in the game. Gus Haynes sees right through the lack of detail, but the editor, James Whiting, is glossed over by the “coliseum of bricks.”

Ahh….the “Dickensian” lives of city children. Whiting wants to turn a project on Baltimore city schools into a story book. Gus wants to cover the drug money, the economics, among other factors which add up to the failing educational system. Honey coating for increased readership? Or making the public aware of the truth, in hopes of enacting change? The economics of a newspaper.

“I think you need a lot of context to examine anything.” -Augustus Haynes

I’ve been watching some Homicide: Life on the Street lately. Clark Johnson, who plays Gus on the Wire and was Meldrick Lewis on Homicide, has such a great screen presence. And he brought his A Game for Season 5 of the Wire. I love the scene where he woke up in the middle of the night worried that he had transposed some numbers. Dedicated…….and watches Nancy Grace when he can’t sleep – what a card.


Morgue Scene. Yup, that’s a naked dude on that table. As soon as I discover who played that guy, I think I’ll add this to his Wikipedia entry:

  • Jan. 08 – HBO’s The Wire – Season 5, Episode 2 – Played naked dead druggie in morgue, did not move, junk received 11 seconds of camera time


So yea…my boy Adam was right. Marlo is seeking out Sergei so he can get to Spiros so he can get to the connect so he can cut Prop Joe and “all them other east-side bitches” out. Guess we never learned enough about that New Day Co-Op. I was under the impression that it wasn’t only East Side, rather the major players from all around B-More. Hell, Slim Charles is at the meetings, and he has West Side roots.

Avon Barksdale says ‘eff’ the east side, but by taking action against Co-Op protocol, he’s really giving the finger to all of the Baltimore drug trade. Avon is in jail for the rest of his life….and he’s running the joint. Barksdale probably has the Russian’s back because of his ties, and the contraband he can import via Sergei. But Avon does not care about the outside world, he only wants to get in where he fits in.

The Russian reluctantly complies to set up a rendezvous between Marlo and Spiros. As big a connection that Segei has, he’s still under Avon’s rule. Isn’t there some phrase about cash bein
g able to spit verbiage and bovine fecal matter being able to amble?

But once again, I ask:

  1. Why doesn’t Marlo have the pull to get to Spiros himself? Guess the answer will just be, he doesn’t.
  2. Will the Greeks be down? Seems like war is imminent in any case….do you see Marlo taking no for an answer?


Tommy Carcetti.
See where f-ing with the feds gets you? You single handedly got Baltimore blacklisted from federal agency help. Hmmm….I’m betting this is Simon’s reflection of Tommy’s youth and political inexperience, even though they did a bang-up makeup job showing 15 months of aging. A year and a fourth as Baltimore mayor is probably equivalent to 10 regular years. The smirk on the US Attorney’s face was classic when denying the case brought to him by Agent Fitz.

“Clay Davis has been waiting for the other shoe to drop his whole life, he knows.” -Rhonda Pearlman

Ol’ Clay is in full panic mode. I’m betting that Irv Burrell is not the only person he has gone to with the “I’ve carried water for you” speech. And when there’s no help, he’s shedding blame, remembering, and holding on…with empty threats. Because as he himself said, he’s going down. Yea, he’ll be ready to flip on his momma to make a deal.


“You don’t ever wanna be the last man to a party, you feel me?” -Chris Partlow

What about being fashionably late?

Michael is starting to question the game…in front of his mentors. It’s only natural. He doesn’t have anyone else to look to for answers. This is among the hints that he’s not 100% committed to the corner, along with his care for Bugs and getting Dukie off the corner.

Michael is another who is sick of it all. Fatalistic. We know from last season that he’s familiar with right and wrong. But he’s fed up with his environment. He does dirt, because there’s so much dirt around him. He’s gotta look out for himself, and his fam. But that doesn’t involve killing a little kid.


“Ain’t he married to some shit now?” -Lester Freamon

In the bar, getting toasted, right before hitting up the ladies…..the hatching of McNulty’s hair-brained scheme to get the faucet of funds flowing into Baltimore. So we know what Jimmy’s getting into. Booze and fixing crime scenes. Ironic that it couldn’t come to fruition without the crime lab delay. It will be captivating to see if he can continue to cover his drunken tracks? If this thing goes on, wouldn’t you figure that young cop is going to recall the time he found the burn-out drunk in the abandoned row house? Sure, you can trust Bunk….but it seems like there would be too many other eyes.

Jimmy is reverting back to that which he only knows….alcohol, whoring and police work. And scaring the crap out of Bunk.


On the next Wire:

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Will Marlo’s harm to Butchie bring Omar back?

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