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Catching Up With The Wizards

Updated: February 21, 2008

Being in Argentina since early Sunday morning, Wednesday was my first chance to catch up with the internet world. I’m not going to even think about checking my blog roll on Google Reader. The unread count could be in the thousands by now. Nope, I’m sticking to the basics:, the Washington Post and Bullets Forever.

Upon seeing the score of the Wizards-Knicks game via ESPN Deportes on Tuesday night, my palm may have smacked against my forehead, but my head did not shake in disbelief….. especially after not seeing Caron Butler’s name among the leading scorers in the bottom line. He sat out again? He should have had plenty of rest by now. Crap. That hip must be worse than we thought. Setback…whatev.

Before getting into the game, thanks to my boy Chris for his coverage, albeit a bit tardy. I’ve been wanting to negotiate a boxing post with him for a while. And since the initial intention of this blog was coverage of DC in general, some exposure to the Caps is more than welcome. Sad to say, I have yet to attend a game this year. I’m long overdue. I can’t see my self watching too many hockey games on TV….although, at times when not much else is on, I’ll give the men in skates a little time on my 3rd, smaller TV. It’s always been my belief that hockey is the sport with the most discrepancy between watching it on TV and watching it live…..meaning, that live is exciting, fun, and intense while on TV is boarderline intolerable. Sorry Chris, but I’m willing to be convinced otherwise.

OK, enough of that…..on to the Wiz.

Too much of this is going on:

From Chris’ post of the game:
“…this game may be one of those you look back on at the end of the season
and just shake your head.”

From the Washington Post story (a quote from Eddie Jordan):
“We gave ourselves a chance, but that’s just water under the bridge right
now. It’s unacceptable how we approached the game and how we played the game for 48 minutes.”

That’s the thing, this year the Wizards have given themselves too many chances…..despite all the injuries. Those teases. They can’t finish and this leaves us fans with too much head shaking to combat the hope which has been built in some of these games. And I swear, that damn bridge is going to wash out with all the water flowing under it. The levels are rising…..or the Temperature’s Rising, as goes the title of one of my favorite Mobb Deep tracks from 95’s The Infamous. So, how much exactly does losing 9 of the last 10 push that mercury?

The Final Play of the Knicks Game:

Nope, I didn’t see it. But between the run down on Wizards Insider and the coverage of Bullets Forever, I have a pretty good idea of what happened.

Antonio Daniels wants to take the blame, that’s fine. But he didn’t want to throw the ball to Antawn Jamison with less than 2 seconds on the clock…..WHAT? Jamison has made a career on getting off extremely quick shots in awkward situations…..and somehow making them. I’m not sure what gives. Oh well…..”water under the bridge” I suppose.

I’m not too concerned with this (also from the Washington Post story):

Jamison’s body language as he strode back to the bench suggested he was not
happy with the play. After the game, he responded to a question about the
sequence with a terse answer. “I saw what you saw,” said Jamison, who led the Wizards with 20 points and 13 rebounds. “I saw what you saw.”

Jamison is a vet, frustration happens. Yes, it’s really not good to see this emotion conveyed via media……but we all know that AJ will bring it hard in the next game on Friday. The Cavaliers scare me……they seem to have the Wizards number and it’s not helping that the game is in Cleveland.

A quick check of the Wiz-Knicks box score tells me that:

  • Andray Blatche is still good at committing fouls.
  • Haywood got a lot of minutes, almost 35, and could only muster 9 points and 7 rebounds?
  • 9 three point attempts from Stevenson seems to be a lot, even in OT. Is he becoming a Swagger Jacker?
  • The Knicks had 24 assists on 36 field goals…..a high AST to FG ratio seems to be too common for the opponents of this Washington team. The Wiz only had 15 assists on 36 FGs.
  • 23 points in 5 minutes of OT for the Knicks…..REALLY?

I thought this was especially funny (again, from the Post):

Near the end of regulation in the Knicks’ bench area, Randolph threw a cup of water at Robinson and Robinson responded by throwing a towel at Randolph. The two were separated and the New York locker room remained closed to the media for an extended period after the game.

You can catch the video here while it lasts.

Both of these cancerous lumps are on the verge of being able to resist any amount of chemo that any NBA team could give them. I’d say that Nate Robinson has the better chance of making a decent career. Regardless, a cup of water to the face during an NBA timeout is a straight bitch move.

If the over/under on years that Zach Randolph has left to live is set at 15, I’m taking the under. No doubt. His rap sheet is readily available on the web, go check it.

And for me, it’s over and out……until next time.

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