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Game 53 Blog: Washington Wizards vs New York Knicks

Updated: February 20, 2008

Truth is down in Argentina ‘seeing about a girl’ so I’m taking the reigns tonight. First things first I should preempt this post by saying I’m a die hard hockey fan and casual NBA fan. To prove this point I’m tuning in late in the 3rd quarter to watch this to the end.

My bad Truth, this late start won’t happen again.

3rd Quarter 5:00 min. left

NY 61 Wiz 66
They just mentioned that this is the 60th anniversary of the Harlem Globetrotters beating the Lakers…..I can’t imagine this feat ever happening again.

David Lee with a nice steal and awkward dribble down the floor. He’s then fouled and blows the dunk, misses the free throw, gets rebound, turns it over, gets it back and dishes to Jones who misses the dunk. My first thought is that we cannot lose to this team.

The Wizards have limped into the second half but it looks like they are getting Arenas and Thomas back soon. The question is…How does Eddie Jordan ease these guys back into the mix?

2:43 NY 62 Wiz 70
Nate Robinson drives and is fouled. Nasty Nate doesn’t get enough credit for his performance in the dunk contest a few years ago….

Art Monk is at the game…..class act and finally a Hall of Famer. It still irks me that Michael “do you know who I am” Irvin made it in first.

Meanwhile……23.7 left NY 65 Wiz 70
Sloppy end to the quarter….Wizards blow a 9 point lead.

Alexander Ovechkin is at the game…..for those who don’t yet know, Ovechkin is easily the most exciting player in the NHL and on his way to 60 goals.

4th Quarter NY 67 Wiz 70

10:27 NY 68 Wiz 72
Blatche picks up his second quick foul, third of the game…..

Caron Butler looks pretty unhappy on the bench. The Wizards are 2-7 without him and clearly miss are finding that a guy like Butler is harder to replace than a player like Arenas. Great piece on Butler over the weekend in the Post. Front Page.

During a commercial break I’m compelled to digress for a minute and mention something. This Saturday night Kelly Pavlik defended his Middleweight title against Jermaine Taylor in a much anticipated rematch of their battle five months ago. The same night Kimbo Slice was brawling with some hillbilly on Showtime. I know many people who chose to watch the UFC fight over the Middleweight championship. While Truth is gone and I have his password, I am going to take advantage write a post about boxing. The Fact that anyone would choose to watch Kimbo Slice over Pavlik/Taylor II illustrates perfectly the trouble boxing is in. Theres more to say but I think I’m supposed to be writing about this game. Look for a boxing post soon.

6:00 NY 74 Wiz 81
Wizards are holding on to their lead, Nick Young is a bright spot in what has been a stop and start 4th quarter. He’s providing some much needed energy to a team that looks like it’s dragging.

5:04 NY 80 Wiz 81
David Lee is at the line….he looks like Will Ferrel’s Jackie Moon in Semi Pro….but he hits ’em both and brings the Knick within 1. 8-0 run by NY

Jamison stops the bleeding and the Wizards get a good call on the defensive end. Haywood then fouled and goes to the line. These are the stretches that will tell us if we have a playoff team in DC. Haywood hit both and brings the lead to 5.

3:39 NY 82 Wiz 87
Big shot by Jamison and a rebound on the other end. He is suddenly all over the court and just recorded a double double with his tenth rebound to go with 31.

2:20 NY 85 Wiz 89
Great steal by Daniels but he gives it right back. Wizards are hanging tough but they look inconsistent, which is bound to happen with the injuries they are dealing with. They lack a continuity in their game….particularly on offense.

1:52 NY 86 Wiz 89
Stevenson to the line…..he’s working on a pretty good game and an excellent beard. Misses one and drains another.

Wow…they just showed Ovechkin tonguing down some blond. I wonder if he puts his fake tooth in to do that.

1 point game…..under a minute left.

Huge rebound by Jamison. Daniels leaves his feet without knowing what he’s gonna do with it and turns it over. NY takes it down and is fouled.

19.5 NY 89 Wiz 90
Jamal Crawford at the line…misses one and hits the second. Tied up at 90.

19.5 NY 90 Wiz 90
Timeout Wizards. Who gets it here? Gotta imagine Jamison will get his hands on it at some point.
Inbound to Daniels…….holding for the last shot. Drives left and takes a tough shot just inside the line. Brick. OT.


2:45 NY 98 Wiz 90
A three from Robinson and some turnovers by the wizards put Lez Boulez in a hole early.

Wizards have a tough stretch of games ahead of them…this game may be one of those you look back on at the end of the season and just shake your head.

Big three from Crawford and the Knicks lead is up to 11.

53.8 NY 106 Wiz 97
Robinson is fouled and this one is all but over.

A couple of fouls, some missed and made free throws and this ones gonna end 113-110. The Knicks didn’t miss a shot in OT.

Tough night for the Wizards….to be honest I’m kind a glad I didn’t invest more than a two quarters in it. Adam will be bringing you the next game which will be a tough one against the Cavs.

Caps play tomorrow….I wonder if Truth would mind a hockey post.

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