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Live Game 52 Blog: Washington Wizards @ LA Clippers

Updated: February 14, 2008

Wizards Insider reported that Caron Butler will probably sit out the NBA All-Star game. And Comcast SportsNite did, indeed, just report that Caron won’t play in the NOLA. Good. For selfish reasons, I’d rather him not play because I’ll be on a plane during the NBA All-Star game and I want to be able to see Tuff Juice play when he really shows out on the big stage…..after all, he was 1-7 with 2 points last year. But really, the rest will be good for him. He will be revitalized and motivated for the post-break. Plus, snub amends can be made with a replacement. It should be Hedo Turkoglu.

Onto tonight’s game, I’m excited about it. This team, despite 6, 7 game losing streaks, did come out to play in the last two games against two very good Western Conference teams. Yea, it didn’t turn out how we would like. The Wiz made some bonehead mistakes, but I recognize the effort. I’d say about 20 other NBA teams, if faced with a similar situation, would have folded.

Should the Wizards get mad and pick a fight? [SVP Style]

ME: Of course I would like someone to bust Stephen Jackson straight in the jaw, especially for something like this. But I like this Wizards team not trying to act like the Warriors; their bitching and moaning during that game was a little too much.

Did Eddie have nothin’ left or was his team not listening? [My Swog Is Phenomenal]

ME: Personally, I think Eddie’s choice was to let the Wiz go and his team did not make solid decisions. He shouldn’t have trusted them. He should have gone with what worked earlier in the game.

“The long jumpers, the forced shots, and the ragged offense is leaving us in a bad position when trying to match up in transition.” [Bullets Forever]

ME: I couldn’t agree more. I don’t have as much a problem with long jumpers as I do with the forced shots. I’d be curious to know what % of the Wiz offensive rebounds come on long jumpers….that stat has got to be out there somewhere.

“Look for Nick Young to have a terrible game trying to show off in SoCal.” [Sebulba Goldberg, Commenter on Wizards Insider]

ME: I certainly hope he doesn’t…..but I would not be surprised at all. In fact, I’m setting his over/under on forced moves at 3. I’m taking the over.

Start the show:


  • What will the bounce back be?
  • The goal is to go to ‘Twan Jamison on the right post iso against the rookie, Thornton… doesn’t work twice.
  • AD pays dividend early….composed drive after a Blatche offensive rebound, drive and dish to BTH. He got Cassell with one of the slowest cross overs I’ve seen. Steal on the other end.
  • AJ in the post again….fadeaway miss. That play ain’t working…the Wiz need ball movement.
  • Daniels is making quick moves to get somewhere, he’s not just going east to west.
  • Andray Blatche is learning from the Utah game…..he throws down a hard two hand dunk. Antonio got the ball off the rebound and Andray cut to the basket.
  • I don’t like the shot selection, but Lock Smith is rising up and knocking them down.
  • Timeout just under 5. AD has managed the team on a 10-0 run after being down 11-4 to start.
  • Do they really have Maggette on Andray Blatche? Nice post turn-around J. Go to him now now now.
  • Nope, they don’t. Stevenson misses a jumper and AB picks up his 2nd foul going for the board.
  • Pecherov…..I mean, what is that guy doing? He handles and handles the ball…..and just gets where he wants, spin and fading paint jumper. Kid just got out-hustled for a loose ball though.
  • Stephen Jackson just hit ANOTHER 3…oh, wait….wrong game. I’m thoroughly confused with Golden State-Phoenix on one TV and the Wiz-Clips on another. Bad memories. Drag.
  • Uh oh…Phil Chenier just said that Nick Young had a “solid” game against Golden State. So that’s the company line, is it? If Phil ever tells you some ice is okay to walk on, don’t listen.
  • Oh! The Clips lose Jamison on an OOB play with 0.8 on the clock, he missed a wide-open 3.
  • Still, once down 11-4, the Wizards are able to get some 2nd chance points, 8 of them. Second chance points are an encouraging sign….a hustle stat.
  • Wiz were also able to limit the sloppy Clippers. They had 8 turnovers.
  • 25-17 is the Wizard lead after 1.


  • Daniels, Mason, D-Mac, D-Song, and Jamison.
  • AD tweaks something….knee? ankle? Not sure….seems to be okay.
  • Blatche comes in for AJ after about 90 seconds.
  • Confusion ensues on offense…..for both teams. 2 points total in 3 minutes.
  • Damn, you know it’s bad when Gilbert bails….cat headed back to DC, guess he wasn’t touching this one. I thought La-La was his town though.
  • Not sure if either team’s defense is responsible for the stagnant offense on both ends, but at least the Wiz are securing the ball after Clipper misses…..actually, a key part of defense. The Clippers have yet to get an offensive rebound 15 minutes into the game.
  • Doesn’t take but 2 minutes for the Wiz to make a 6-0 run. 33-19 DC.
  • McGuire went about the highest I’ve ever seen a dude get for an o-bound, but the Gnat (Mr. Knight) took it away.
  • Steve and Phil talk about Clippers history and Bill Walton…..I love how Phil coyly mentions that Walton was injured so much….like he hasn’t seen the Shaq-Walton feud.
  • Not all the Clippers shots are bad, they just can’t hit tonight……until a Tim Thomas 3 gives them 30 with 2:14 left. Steve Buck says that Timmy T needs a backiotomy.
  • Daniels keeps creating…..drives and draws the help that allowed Brendan Todd to get a 2-hand offensive rebound dunk.
  • Haywood is playing well again….one could say like a beast. Better rest him in the second half.
  • I don’t watch many Clipper games, is Sam I Am still doing the BBD….Big Ball Dance?
  • The Wizards close out the half on a positive note, they’re up 45-32.


  • Welcome Back AD! 9 points, 6 rebounds, 4 assists, 3 steals, 0 turnovers
  • Damn AJ? 4-14 from the field….simmer down a little, huh?
  • B. Todd Haywood – 12 points, 8 rebounds…..the song that’s playing in his head now: “What More Can I Say?” > Jay-Z
  • Rookie Watch: Al Thornton with
    10 pts., 6 rebs.
  • Glass Half Full – Wizards have 29 boards, Clippers with 15 (9-1 on the offensive glass).
  • Phil & Steve: They rave up and down the block about B. Todd and about how much of a hard worker he his. They neglect to mention his late game absence the other night.


  • AD should know not to throw a long lead pass to Mr. 220, his knee ain’t right.
  • This is confirmed: Brendan Haywood owns white guys in the paint. Biedrins on Monday, the Kamanator tonight.
  • Andray still with that 2 hand dunk thing…..nice drive. He starts going for the dunk with 1 hand, sees Kaman and goes to two. He still misses, but draws the foul.
  • Clippers are still confused on offense…Cassell says Eff it, claps for the ball, knocks down a 3 from the corner. The next time down, he pulls up on the break, that one misses. A 37 year old would have made it.
  • Poor Lock Smith. He gets picked off, asks out of the game, gets a shot hit in his mug, Eddie Jordan calls timeout, 52-46 Wiz.
  • D-Mac can be better than Jamario Moon.
  • B. Todd and Mobley have some words… was all Mobley. He hit BTH with a forearm in the back on a rebound….and then acting like BTH was holding onto his arm and pushed him again. A man named Todd don’t take that mess. I’m looking for a subtle rebuttal.
  • Oh yea, they announced that Ray Allen would replace Caron Butler. No Hedo? SNUB!!!
  • I’m not sure what’s happening to the Wiz. Yea, the Clippers have picked up things on their own, they’ve got some ball players. But what the deal with the Wiz offense? Why aren’t they going to Haywood? (never thought I’d ask that question in my life)
  • Or is D-Mac the next Dennis Rodman? Ok, so that strong man-up D is not there just yet, but kid sure can rebound….he’s got 10, 6 offensive off the bench….in 15 minutes!
  • The quarter ends and the Clippers get the best of the Wiz, they’re down 1.
  • Al Thornton is still going to town. 6 points in the 3rd.
  • And really, the Clippers just did a better job of taking care of the ball…..their sloppiness in the first half was not so much the fault of the Wizards.
  • As for the offense, Washington needs better than 16 points.


  • D-Song reverse layup. It’s getting late, so a dream is possible. Oh, the move was on Kaman? I’m totally awake then.
  • Andray gets his 4th foul, says something to an official and gets a technical with 9 minutes left in the fourth. Might I add….Got Dammit! He’s gotta get mentally stronger.
  • The is a close, ugly, low-scoring game. A far cry from the last 3. Me thinks the Wizards were actually playing Up to their competition. How ’bout that?
  • Steve B talks about Wendy’s. They show a fine girl on TV. Phil C says “That’s making me hungry.” Draw your own conclusion, but you’re not the guy with the sweet mustache.
  • Did Kenyon Martin and Tim Thomas ever box? I think they’re both Fugazi.
  • McGuire….are you kidding me? Son can throw D-Song the sweet no look bounce pass for the hoop too.
  • Songaila is having his “Michael Ruffin” night, but with offense. Isn’t that what we wanted from Ruffin? D-Song is nowhere close to having the same lateral movement and on the ball D as Ruffin.
  • Ok, D-song needs to cut those long semi-contested jumpers out.
  • Well, it was a nice concept…that winning thing. Thorton hits a 3 to put the Clippers up 1 with 2:20 left.
  • Just kidding…Brendan HAYwood is in….it’s all good. He’s gonna lead DC to a win. He knocks down some FTs, Wiz back on top. Once again, Big ups to Dave Hopla.
  • Magettee hits a J. DeShawn massages his knee.
  • Come in AJ……sure you can hit a 3 to put the Wiz up 2 with 1:38 left.
  • Momma, there go that man again……says a lil’ kid after seeing Lock Smith hit a long fading two while falling into the Wiz bench.
  • Maggette goes down and hits a 2.
  • Back down the court…..Haywood with the ball out high, takes a dribble to DeShawn on the wing, fakes the dump off, turns to the basket, Jamison (on the same side) spins off his man and BTH tosses him a sweet pass for the dunk. What a nice play….COACH JORDAN! Wiz by 2.
  • Tough D by the Wiz…..Clips trying to get to Tim Thomas guarded by Songaila down low, no go. Maggette drives off a ball screen, and the Wiz make his runner from the side tough, but they foul Corey. FTs, tie game.
  • Eddie Takes a full timeout.
  • Hey, where’s that Nick Young fella?
  • Wiz have the ball, no BTH. Song, AJ, Stevenson, Mason, AD….what do you think?
  • AD high pick and roll with D-Song….Darius charges and clears room in the paint….AD with an off balance shot, D-Song keeps it alive and……
  • No Toronto no Toronto no Toronto….Phil and Steve don’t even mention it……..shit, why did I?
  • Clips try the a lob to Thornton and the pass is too long. No Dice for LA-LA.
  • Antawn Jamison, All-Star, Consummate Vet. After a bad shooting night to start, 7 points and the game winner in the last 1:38.

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