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Whatchoo Talking About Willis? Links Arnold, Links.

Updated: February 1, 2008

Maybe you’ve seen some of these links before, maybe you haven’t…but I liked ’em.

>> I never really liked Chris Berman. Some wonder why. I now present, via The Big Lead, a sizeable Deeewshhhh.

>> My friend Chris has a t-shirt that says ‘No More Drug War‘ — Hence, an enlightening post from True Hoop.

>> I would love to have Ocho Cinco in DC. Would that let Lil’ Danny Snyder off the hook for all this coaching B.S.? Hell no. UPDATE: Mr. Irrelevant has a great pic of Ocho Cinco with some Redskins jerseys.

>> What would you do if your dad sold your Michael Jordan rookie card for drugs? Would you decide to make it to the NBA? Rafer Alston did. True Hoop links to this New York Times article from 1994 by Tom Friend about current Houston Rocket, Rafer Alston aka Skip to My Lou.

Friend’s article makes me wonder, ‘how on earth did a guy with the history of Rafer make it?’ And while the piece very insightful, it contains a lot of sensationalistic crap, like:

“Carrying a knapsack used to be against his religion, but Rafer Alston just finished a psychology test that the instructor did not mark up with red ink.” and “A rubber basketball was his penny from heaven, and he bounced it repetitiously.” Religion? Pennies from heaven? Really? A little much if you ask me.

Regardless, after reading, I have a new found respect for Alston. But be warned, don’t ever let Skip to My Lou hustle you in a dice game.

>> Is it ironic that the Washington Redskins were the last NFL team to be segregated? Not necessarily because of the team name, rather, because Washington, DC is known as Chocolate City. AskMen.com gives us 5 interesting NFL facts that you probably don’t know. The desegregation of the Skins as a result of JFK was #1. You know what else I learned via the AskMen link? Those Cowboys, those damn Dallas Cowboys have replaced the Redskins as the world’s most valuable sports franchise. Uhhhh…..take that Danny Snyder?

>> The world is getting flatter as the NBA is moving into India. I can’t wait until they replace that stupid NBA piano commercial with one displaying awesome dancing NBA player Bollywood action. Similar to this.

>> So if you were a photographer at a Penn State-Ohio State basketball game, would you actually pay attention to crappy Big 10…err…11 basketball? Ooooor….would you pay attention to Erin Andrews? Rush the Court directed us to the answer: photos by Jim Davidson of Erin clenching a cheek in the huddle.

>> File this under: Only in New Jersey aka ‘The Armpit of America’
The wife of a New Jersey police chief, who used to be a prosecutor for various locales and head of the PTA for an elementary school, was caught giving booze, pot, and BJs to boys who could barely drive. Wow. I’m not even sure what to say here. [found via The Big Lead]

>> I don’t care what anyone says, I’m still going to try this. Oh yea, last time I checked, New Jersey was above the Mason Dixon Line. Oh, you’re too good for a McDonald’s pizza? How about a cheeseburger in a can then?

>> I recently discovered Woot. Pretty cool site.

>> And a couple links for the sake of not liking Dook:

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