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Game 55 Blog: Washington Wizards vs Charlotte Bobcats

Updated: February 25, 2008

Ok…..coming at you after a disappointing loss to the Cavs d league team the other night. It has been a tough run for the Wizards as of late. Let’s see if they can bounce back against the Bobcats.

Ill confess that the beginning of this game is not getting my undivided attention. The Caps are locked up with the Carolina Hurricanes right now in what goaltender Olie Kolzig described this morning as “the most important game of the year.” Right now it’s the 3rd period and we are down 5-3.

Damn….make that 6-3. Looks like Ill be going to a pretty important game tomorrow against the Flyers, the Caps need a win.

1st Quarter 7:23

Cha 13 Wiz 15

Blatche looks like he came to play today, which is a good sign for this team. He needs to get tough quick if he wants to get real minutes down the stretch.


Big offensive foul on Daniels…not a bad call. Former UNC baller Raymond Felton hits a nice jumper just inside the line. Wiz up 2

Apparently Gerald Wallace has suffered a grade 3 concussion and has mild amnesia….he’s out of the action tonight. I’d love to throw in a good amnesia joke here but….

2:48 Cha 21 Wiz 23

TO Washington…..pretty good pace to the game so far. My brother and I are trying to figure out who DeShawn Stevenson looks like with his new beard. I say Said from HBO’s Oz while my brother is going with Lawrence Fishburn.

2:02 Cha 24 Wiz 27

Boykins with a big 3….love watching this guy play.

1:17 Cha 27 Wiz 27

wow…Boykins is taking over a bit. This guy somehow can get inside and hit floaters. Looks like Mugsy Bogues is there too as the Bobcats radio guy….I’d love to see those two drop the gloves.

35.6 Blown ally-oop (ive never actually written that before….my attempt doesn’t look right) and the Bobcats are gonna get the last shot.

2nd Quarter Cha 27 Wiz 28

Wizards have come out with great energy and Roger Mason Jr. just extended the lead to 8 with a nice layup.

CB was just shown on the bench smiling…which is a good sign. Adam was right on the money the other night saying that he looked miserable during the games.

6:42 Chi 34 Wiz 42

Got caught up watching some Caps postgame.

Big rebound by Haywood but he throws it out of bounds. That’s a bad turnover b/c it kills the momentum we had going.

Bobcats at the line…..Hits them both and the lead is only 4.

Wizards turn it over again and Richardson hits a three….just like that it’s a one point game.

5:34 Cha 41 Wiz 42

Daniels gets fouled and the Wizards get a much needed break in the action.

Charlotte takes the lead out of the timeout.

4:15 Chi 45 Wiz 44

Stevenson is playing real tough – grabs a rebound, goes up strong and brings the Wiz to within 1

17-6 run by the Bobcats in the last 5 minutes…still the Wizards don’t exactly look bad. I get the feeling they are primed to go on a run of their own anytime.

A lot of UNC grads in this game….Haywood, Jamison and Felton are a solid corps but don’t sleep on Hubert Davis.

1:58 Cha 52 Wiz 48

Richardson throws one down over Blatche and gets called on the tech. I’d talk too if I had done that.

Under a minute left…Jamison with a big shot and the foul isn’t called. Wiz within one and Charlotte will take the last shot. Boykins is fouled (Wiz have one to give) and Charlotte has to force up a long three on the inbounds which gets nothing but air.

Pretty good first half. The Wizards are playing with a much better tempt that the other night against the Knicks. Im gonna hand the reigns over to Adam for the second half. See you all soon.

So if Chris hasn’t told you, we are going to try something different for tonight’s blog. Chris gave his analysis for the 1st half and I’ll take over the reigns in the second.

Let’s start the show…

As I was watching the first half I noticed that there are a lot of UNC players on the floor here tonight. As it turns out, UNC is tied for second with 12 active NBA players. The top school is…Tuff Juice’s UCONN Huskies.

Speaking of UCONN alum, I bet Charlotte is wishing that Orlando had taken the “sure thing” in Okafor as opposed to “gambling” on Dwight “Superman” Howard. D. Howard is an absolute B.E.A.S.T.

Nearly 4 minutes gone in the 3rd and we’ve seen 15 points scored. We sure aren’t looking at playing much defense tonight. Hell, The Bobcats shot 50% from the floor in the 1st half.

With 8:06 left in the qtr Charlotte is up 62-59. Bob Johnson’s team is shooting almost 54% for the game. We’ve really gotten away from our defensive fundamentals w/o Tuff Juice.

Antonio Daniels just completed a 3-point play to put the Wizards up 62-62. Antonio is getting more & more of my respect. After that hard fall at the end of the 1st half in Cleveland and then to come out and perform tonight, shows his toughness.

I know the NBA season is long, but I feel like the Wizards are seeing MORE than out share of injuries.

Caron & Gilbert out for weeks

Eaton is out with his heart issues

DeShawn is pretty much playing on 1 knee

AD: wrist, knee, and various other bumps & bruises.

We’d best get healthy soon or we’ll have no chance of making a serious playoff run.

Nick just missed a fade away “Jordan style” jump shot. Many times I wonder why Nick doesn’t play more (Is he a defensive liability, turnovers a question, stamina) and then I see him have shooting nights like yesterday (he was only 1-4 but the shots looked bad) and take wild shots like that one and then it all makes sense to me.

So despite the Bobcats’ Jason Richardson having the hot hand, @ 2:53 the Wizards are ahead 72-69 and have possession of the ball.

So at the 1:10 mark the Wizards turn up the heat defensively and spark a mini run to put us up 78-71.

I like the aggressive play by Songaila and Pecherov. They are both hitting the boards hard AND getting to the bucket. Oleksiy has really been impressive this second half of the year. He’s been knocking down jumpers, taking guys off the dribble, albeit slowly (the guy looks like his feet are in quick sand.)

Darius Songaila has put together two solid nights in a row. Last night’s season high of 19 coupled with tonight’s eight points has really helped keep the energy level high.

Start of the 4th quarter and the Wizards are holding onto a 7 point lead. We are desperate need of this win.

And right on queue, Pecherov starts the quarter with a steal and a three pointer to put the Wizards up 81-71.

After Roger Mason’s 3 the Wizards are enjoying a 13 point cushion.

I thought I would put this out there. So, for those of you who don’t know, Roger Mason is from the D.C. area. He attended Good Counsel high school (BTW, GC is a rival high school of Kyle, Chris, and mine) while I was in high school and to say the least, he was pretty good.

Anyway, Roger’s girlfriend SUPPOSEDLY is a friend of Billy Bryant. Now, for those of you who are not down with the “Pecan Sandies” may not know of Billy’s numerous “friends,” but he either knows or knows some one who knows almost every girl in the Washington area! So I have yet to confirm that Billy actually knows Roger’s girlfriend – just as I have yet to confirm his alleged relation to Ice-T – but I am anxious to find out if the words he speaks are true.

Back to the action, with 8:54 left in the 4th the Wizards are up nine and are playing quite well. As a matter of fact Pecherov is at the line now to shoot two – he clanks them both.

DeShawn drains a three to put us up 91-81. DeShawn has been the bright spot for the Wizards behind the arch the last two nights. I am impressed with how well he is playing with the swollen knee – despite his stupidity (Check the Kyle’s blog for numerous example of his antics,) he sure is tough.

So I am not too sure how I feel about this play sequence: Brendon goes up meekly for a slam and gets DEEEENIED by Okafor. In stead of coming down of the defensive end and showing his toughness by going toe-to-toe with Charlotte’s big man, he takes a charge.

Now I know a charge is great, we get the ball back and their guy gets a foul, but when your 7’ is taking charges as opposed to going body to body with other centers, that is reason for concern. Just my thoughts.

DeShawn is taking over this 4th qtr. He just drained his 2nd straight trey and 3rd in the last four minutes to give the Wizards a 14 point lead with 3:30 to play!

I’m pretty sure this one is just about over. Raymond Felton just gathered a technical foul and the Wizards are now up 108-93 with 65 seconds to play.

This is a much needed win, especially since we have to travel down to New Orleans –much love to Tuff Juice and Antwan making it onto the All-Star team — for a showdown with the Hornets.

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