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Game 59 Blog: Washington Wizards vs. New Orleans Hornets

Updated: March 3, 2008

Back in the country, but taking more flights to more places, I was unable to catch the Wizards-Hornets rematch live or on TV. Thankfully, my friend Chris the Hockey Fan picked up the coverage again:

They stopped the bleeding a little bit on Friday but this team is still free falling and needs to get some wins in a hurry if they are going to keep their sixth spot in the playoffs.

Missed the first half due to an early start and the fact that the game is on Comcast plus. I did catch the end of the first half in which the Wizards stretched their lead to thirteen with some great shooting that included back to back 3’s by Pecherov.

Jamison is leading the Wizards in scoring with 13 but watching DeShawn Stevenson to see if his big night on Friday is the sign of things to come down the stretch.

3rd Quarter

With the Caps home on Monday night I’m wondering if Ovie is taking in the game tonight with his Russian internet girlfriend.

10:00 NO 44 WIZ 58

Stojakovic hits a three and New Orleans is right back in it. Haywood can’t respond on the other end and Stojakovic hits another wide open three. Timeout Wizards. Eddie Jordan was shaking his head before Stojakovic even released that shot. Wide open.

Clay Davis is in a Southwest Airlines commercial. He disappoints by not referring to himself in the third person. The scene from The Wire two weeks ago when he takes the stand in his defense is one of the best of any season of that show.

NO 50 WIZ 60 8:16

Three ball from Jamison….the Wiz are shooting around 50%. Tyson Chandler throws down a huge dunk on the other end. He was basically unguarded on the play.

Boy, Songaila is not shy about throwing up long range shots early in a possession. He reminds me a bit of myself in that regard (I had no compunction about launching what Truth called “turkey shots” that usually left the backboard shaking and my teammates shaking their heads).

NO 59 Wiz 64 5:12

As if on cue Songaila hits a shot and the lead is five. He then picks up his 4th foul but Paul can’t convert.


Blatche gets T’d up…….but he’s not talking anymore. He’s got about 39 more to go if he wants to break Rasheed Wallace’s season record.

Wizards are causing some turnovers and so far they have taken advantage. In this case a bad pass leads to a steal by McGuire and Jamison is fouled on the other end.

NO 60 WIZ 68 3:53

Wow….NO turns it over for the third straight trip down the floor….this time it’s traveling. Jamison throws up a wild shot and McGuire almost pulls down an incredible rebound. This guy can leap.

Steve Buckhantz is making an interesting point about defending an ally-oop saying that the defender should have the right to go up and after the ball. Jamison was just called for it.


NO turns it over again but Blatche gets carried away and turns it over himself. Gotta protect the ball better than that….careless.

NO 63 WIZ 72 1:27

Referee goes down but still gets the whistle. No idea what his name is but he’s number 6. Why the hell do referees have numbers?

Jannero Pargo is playing tonight. I may be the only person in the country who has drafted Pargo in fantasy basketball….and three years ago at that. I was going on a hunch and I was wrong.


Nice jumper by Roger Mason. The Wizards have done a fine job of staving off NO and holding on to their lead. They will get the last shot. Drive by Blatche….no good.

8-2 run by NO to end the quarter.

4th Quarter NO 69 WIZ 74

7 laps to go in the Dodge 400 out in Vegas. I’ve decided to devote some time to NASCAR this year. So far I’ve watched some of all the races since Daytona…..the FOX coverage is outstanding. Oh….big wreck involving Gordon and Kenseth. Gordon smacked the wall at about 150 MPH. His radiator is in the middle of the track. On a side note, I think of all the major sports NASCAR drivers pull the best looking women. I that’s a whole other post.

9:07 NO 74 WIZ 76

Turn away for a few minutes and it’s a two point game.

Steve Buckantz just kissed Phil Chenier on the head during the perennial ‘Kiss Cam’. Dagger.


Pargo misses a three and the WIZ fail to convert on the other end. Stevenson misses a three of his own and the ball goes back to NO.

NO 76 WIZ 88 5:29

Great sequence….Jamison hits a three, Haywood blocks a shot at the other end and Stevenson hits another three.

4 minutes left….WIZ lead is up to thirteen. ..looks like they are going to hold on for the win.

Meanwhile in Vegas they are still cleaning up the track. I gotta say, the cautions really kill me with NASCAR…they seem to happen all the time and take forever to deal with.

2:56 NO 79 WIZ 93

Haywood makes 1 of 2 from the line and Tyson Chandler gets called for an offensive foul on the other end.

Karl Edwards won the race and backflipped off his car.

Wizards hit a shot at the shot clock buzzer and Buckhantz threw out ‘Dagger’…….don’t want to lessen the impact, let’s keep that one for game winning buzzer beaters.

Great effort by the Wizards in this 4th quarter…they will run out the clock and win by 17

Final Score: NO 84
WIZ 101

My Chinese food just got here so I’m gonna run. Peace.


Wow, after doing the Hornets on their home court like that, I had serious doubts that the Wizards would even be in this game. One of my first thoughts upon seeing the score on the ESPN ticker was ‘what happened to David West?’ He was held to only 14 points and 9 rebounds. Eddie Jordan mentioned defending the rim in the Washington Post article below….I would say so, nice work Randy Ayers (although, the Hornets had 34 points in the paint to 30 for the Wizards). Me, having the perpetual distaste for turnovers, was left more than satisfied that this victory was more skill than luck upon seeing the Washington Wizards commit only 7 of them.

The live blog on Wednesday against Dwight Howard and the Orlando Magic will be over on Bullets Forever. Thanks for stopping by. Boxscore

Washington Post Story – Late 19-0 Run Seals Wizards’ Season Sweep Over Hornets: Wizards 101, Hornets 84

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