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Game 63 Blog: Washington Wizards vs. Milwaukee Bucks

Updated: March 12, 2008

Big News of the Night

Mo ‘The Wizard Killer’ Williams will not be seeing action. Mo from Mississippi dropped 13 points, 3 assists in a January 4th Washington rout and 25 and 5 (along with 6 turnovers) in a January 27th Milwaukee Bucks overtime victory. Mo Williams had 8 of his 25 and 1 assist in the final 1:19 to lead his team to victory. So, as goes Mo, so go the Bucks. I shouldn’t even have to mention the history. But why is Williams out? The reports on ESPN say pubic symphysitis…..yikes, that doesn’t sound fun at all; the life of an NBA player takes a toll on the crotch region I suppose.

Eddie Jordan recognized the exhaustion of his team against Charlotte on Saturday. The Wizards have had two days rest, at home. Not doubt that I’m taking the Wiz to run away with this one. I’m giving the 6.5 and taking over the 202.


9:01 – Brendan Todd Haywood with some cherry picking and a dunk.

What I like to see DeShawn doing: Driving to the hoop, attracting defense, and dishing to Brendan Haywood…….instead of throwing up a junker from outside.

I always think….”I’d rather a player take it to the hoop” when I see them miss a semi-open jumper, especially when it’s a big man. Andray just took a semi-open step back with Bogut on him. Blatche got decent position on a man from Down Under, after good flow in the offense Bogut on off movement then iso…..12 ft.

4:54 – AD just took us back to age 26…splitting the D and throwing down a wicked dunk. Game tied at 14.

4:31 – Momma, that man with no eye brows just made a face after he scored. I feel bad for Villanueva; because of his condition, he has like half the facial expressions that the rest of us. That’s why Charlie V has a blog.

Ovechkin is at another Wiz game. Hey, if this guy can become a basketball fan…..I can certainly start attending a couple hockey games.

2:30 – Dan Gadzuric… Steve Buckhantz reminds us he is an Ernie Grunfeld pick….is coming up with o-bounds and a lot of activity for the Bucks on D, also forcing a TO.

As they talk about Jamison’s back, maybe his new nickname can be The Offensive Contortionist.

After 1, the Wiz lead 26-22. Washington shot 50% from the field, but it seems like they should be up by more than four. The Wizards showed some decent offensive flow; four turnovers provided the main set back.

Charlie Villanueva was 5-7, scoring 10 points in all fashions, from all over court.


Slam called Brendan Haywood “stubbornly immobile”…..he looks so on a move to the basket. Bogut gambles, but BTH took up enough space between himself and the ball, allowing the lane to be wide open for a clumsy move and dunk.

9:17 – Andray gets a deflection, steal from Charlie Bell and one of the most agile break-away dunks I’ve ever seen by a big guy.

7:55 – Nick Young takes one for America. He yacks a huge dunk on Andrew Bogut and taunts the Aussie big man. Body up son! Normally, I’d be mad at this juvenile act. But nobody talks about Americans like Bogut did and gets away with it. Yea, Andrew may have been right, but only Americans can talk about other Americans.

7:38 – Bogut has some moves on O, but can’t finish. Soft MF

After chastising Young City…..Steve Buck says, “that was some dunk” about a minute later.

6:05 – Blatche is taking Villanueva’s play as a challenge and is getting him back with blocks and moves to draw a foul. Makes one FT, Wiz up 39-31.

4:20 – Bogut gets going a little, 12 points….Songaila is simply not big enough for him.

3:52 – Nick Young tries to dunk on Bogut again….too bad he is going from the left side with his right hand. Bogut sends the ball right back to him. But damn kid can jump…..throws down a wind mill on a fastbreak 30 seconds later.

2:40 – The Nick Young Show is getting some high ratings. A strong move to the basket and 8 points, 48-37 Wizards.

1:13 – Not sure about the Bucks perimeter D….the Wiz are driving through the swiss cheese. Bogut is there to defend sometimes….. but that only opens things up for a Nick Young three.

0:45 – An alley….oop? To Brendan Haywood. He was running and receiving a lob from AD in the corner. Perfect fast break offense, ball didn’t touch floor. Caps a 15-2 run leading to a Bucks timeout. 55-40 Wiz.

0:14 – Dominic McGuire is the perfect 9th man….and rising. He’ll have a long NBA career doing what he does, like an offensive rebound and pass to BTH for a dunk.

Half-Run-Down – 57-44 Wizards

  • Haywood: 12 points, 4 rebounds, 3 blocks.
  • 23 points off the bench (1o from Blatche, along with 5 rebounds, and 11 from Young).
  • A. Daniels: 5 assists – 0 turnovers, only 5 team turnovers.
  • Much more energy than Charlotte game, especially on D – holding the Bucks to 36%.
  • Running in motion on offense, 55.3% from the field on 16 assists
  • Charlie Villanueva has 15 points and 8 rebounds.
  • 15 offensive rebounds for the Bucks, astounding.


Wiz start off 2nd half with backcourt pressure.

10:07 – A dose of Royal Ivey and Villanueva taking advantage of Darius Songaila in the first two minutes give the Bucks a quick start, cutting the Wizards lead to 58-51 before an Eddie Jordan timeout.

8:33 – D-Song gives Bogut a little music of his own: A jumper and a nice switching drive on the Aussie.

6:04 – Doesn’t matter…..Bogut ties the game at 63…..and then at 65 with a dunk. The Bucks have scored 21 in the 3rd, the Wizards 8. Hope they didn’t blow their wad using up all their energy in the first half.

At this point of the game, Steve Buckhantz finds it proper to consider Eddie Jordan for coach of the year.

Ovechkin is still eating.

It’s hard to believe that Caron has missed 16 consecutive games.

3:04 – Fool to fool. Andray Blatche makes Charlie V look like a fool with a spin move for a hoop in the post. Michael Redd comes back down and hams up Nick Young, getting to the basket and drawing a foul. Nick Young cries arm push, yet, goes
back down the court and hits a 3 on Redd. Andray bothers Villanueva on the inbounds, causing the ball to go off the back of the backboard, Wizards ball. Nick Young turns it over against Redd. The Bucks goes down in transition and Blatche fouls Villanueva, 2 FTs for him. Quite a 4 player cycle in 60 seconds.

Roger Mason Jr. comes in… 1:45 mark. Don’t remember him being in the game earlier. Evidently he was on the court for close to 7 minutes.

1:28 – Eddie Jordan has had a lot of practice with the “Being Frustrated by the Defense of an Offensive Minded Guard” face….that’s why he’s able to give it so easily at the sight of Nick Young trying to guard his man.

0:38 – Nick Young…..confused about what to do with the ball in transition and only Charlie Villanueva between him and the hoop, appears smart by pulling the ball back, there wasn’t much available. But then he makes up for that good act by almost double-dribbling and taking a forced miss.

0:01 – But Bean Burrito is learning….a strong move by The City closes out the 3rd as the Wizards barely hold on to a 2 point lead. 79-77. Young has 16 off the bench…he’s earned some end of the game run.


9:57 – DeShawn Stevenson has himself on lock down tonight – 2 FG attempts, 2 misses, this one coming on a long jumper set up by Nick Young penetration.

The Wiz are able to get back to up 10, 95-85, with 6:40 left….despite Michael Redd dancing his way into the paint a couple times. After 5 points in the first half, he has 17 now.

4:51 – Nick Young checks out with a career high 19.

5:48 – Jamison’s head is not in it….Roger Mason calls for the ball, but AJ doesn’t assess the situation as the telegraphs his pass. Turnover.

4:51 – On a subsequent possession….Jamison commits his 8th turnover for the game. At least he has 21 points on 10-19 shooting to go with that.

3:39 – Michael Redd is a good, good player. He’s not going to lead a team to glory, but put him on a team like the Bulls, and Chi-town just might be in the conversation again.

2:00 – With a chance to cut the Wiz lead to 5 with two minutes left, Bogut tries to do a little too much, a spin and a bad attempt. AD gets two FTs on the other end and the Wiz take the 100-91 lead.

1:30 – Nick Young, deservingly back in the game, takes it all the way to the hoop. A new career high. I’ve never seen him attack the basket as he has in this game. Check that….attack the basket in a reasonable manner. Right now, his 22 is on 9-15 shooting. I’ve only seen him take one bad shot.

Bogut’s miss hurt, but Young sealed the deal with his basket.

0:40 – Despite the turnovers, Antawn goes to the locker room early a warrior.

What was touted as a must-win, a must-needed win, all over Comcast came to fruition tonight.

In the post game interview….Nick Young still sounds like a little kid. I keep thinking that cookies and gummy bears are going to start falling out of his mouth.

The final is 105-93 Wizards. They covered the 6.5 spread, broke the 202 over, and most importantly, stay a game and a half above Philly for the 6th seed in the playoffs. Box Score

NEXT UP: The Cleveland Cavaliers at home on Thursday

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