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Game 71 Blog: Washington Wizards @ Seattle Sonics

Updated: March 26, 2008
Seattle, Washingtonflickr photo from Simonds

The Wizards need to rebound in more ways than one: rebound from last night’s demoralizing game (for fans) and rebound the damn ball. 55-36. That’s the rebounding total from the Wizards’ time in Oregon. Joel Pryzbilla had 17 rebounds….8 of those offensive. Tonight, I’m going to pay special attention to any offensive rebound the Wizards give up and the responsible party.

The Wizards blew the Sonics out in game 32 of the season, DC side. In that game, Seattle provided us an example of their youthful sloppiness. Tonight in Seattle, the Wizards need to provide a consistent veteran effort.

Sixers and Raptors have both already won, so the pressure is on. I love these late-night West Coast games.

Let’s start the show….

Quarter One

11:42: Sonics get the ball in the paint on the first possession of the game, but the Wizards swarm to the ball and get a steal.

11:02: A purposeful Haywood gets the first 5 Washington points. On defense, the Wizards come out with a slight pop in their step.

10:44: Sonic Offensive Rebound #1: Nick Collison – didn’t catch who he beat.

9:30: After a rhythmic Caron jumper and a slick Stevenson pass to Jamison on the inside, the Wizards get the first punch, leading to a Seattle timeout. 11-4 Washington.

7:44: Haywood makes a move which should lead to him playing more than 20 minutes tonight. 16-8 Wiz.

I gotta comment on Brandon Jennings….with 7 assist and 6 minutes left to go in the first half of the McDonald’s All-American game…..I gotta give him props for bringing back the high-top fade. Check out the pics from Simon On Sports.

6:04: Stevenson with another 3, 8 towards the 20 point prediction…..of course, that also means he might shoot a lot too. 19-14 Wiz.

5:26: Sonic Offensive Rebound #2: Haywood doesn’t put a body on Collison.

5:21: Sonic Offensive Rebound #3: French Petro gets a tip and Haywood watches Collison get the loose ball, 3 for Nick.

4:46: Sonic Offensive Rebound #4: No one puts a body on a hustling Jeff Green whose tip keeps the ball alive off a Watson miss. Green is Caron’s man, but I think the Wizards were in zone.

4:43: Sonic Offensive Rebound #5: This one is tipped up (off Green’s tip) and out by an active Petro to Durant. The team was reeling from

Antonio Daniels is also having a hard time keeping up with Watson. The Wizards desperately lack a defensive point. Gil and AD ain’t cutting it in that area.

3:00: Luke Ridnour makes a wild, hustling appearance…..Earl Watson has been hurt too, he was a game time decision and has 6 points and 3 assists.

0:18: Sonic Offensive Rebound #6: Wilkins slides in behind Caron and Mason to get the bound. No one put a body on him.

The first is over. Stat: Rebounds aren’t going well. 17-10 in Seattle’s favor, 6 offensive. Zero turnovers for Washington though.

Quarter Two

0:18: Sonic Offensive Rebound #7: Donyell Marshall gets a tip running in transition, Wilkins secures it. Very bang-bang. Sonics have a big team on the court: Wilkins, Green, Collison, Marshall, Ridnour . Wizards: AJ, Mason, D-Song, McGuire, Young.

Quick start for Seattle, 10-4 run in first 3 minutes, game tied at 33. The Sonics are pushing the ball and the Wizards aren’t adjusting well in transition defense.

8:27: Sonic Offensive Rebound #8: Songaila is not long enough for Marshall….plus he was side to side instead of boxing out with his back to his man.

It seems that Seattle is getting so many offensive rebounds that it’s hard for me to keep track. says 9. [I missed a Collison offensive board 16 seconds after #8. Nick got a bucket off his board, Sonics take the lead at 35-33.]

You know what has also died down, besides fans against Eddie? (well, after last night…they might be calling for Jordan’s head again after all the love the other day) But I think a consensus of fan approval is building for Roger Mason Jr. I can’t yet call him a “fan favorite,” but to be a home-grown product, what more could you ask?

Watching this game, I realize that I cannot wait until Gilbert Arenas comes back. After a decent start for the Wizards, the killer instinct on offense has subsided. The Wizards have a bunch of guys who can score, but no one with a lack of consciousness to start draining buckets when a pick-me-up is needed.

5:49: BTW…Looks like our hometown boy is letting Luke Ridnour give him the business. 44-39 Sonics.

5:16: That’s what they need….Butler gets an eventual slam after TWO Wizards offensive boards on the same possession. 44-41 Sonics.

4:11: Well, after that killer instinct talk, Caron Butler hits a 3. But we know he’s still getting healthy…..hopefully. Timeout Seattle. Coincidentally, no Seattle offensive boards in last 4 minutes.

Good ol’ Xavier McDaniel.

3:54: Sonic Offensive Rebound #10: Spoke too soon, Collison gets Haywood again (and a dunk). A white big is killing Brendan on two straight nights. Would Etan let this happen?

7: Sonic Offensive Rebound #11:
Another Collison rebound…it’s becoming a white haze. The first half ends….rebounds, rebounds, rebounds. 30-21, 11-6 offensive.

Half Stars: Durant has 16 points on 8-13 shooting, Caron has 11 points, 4 assists, and 3 rebounds.
56-50 Seattle.

Quarter Three

9:40: Sonic Offensive Rebound #12: Collison miss, Butler stays behind Durant, Jamison and Haywood linger in lane, Durant (the original passer) tips back out to Collison.

9:16: Jamison must get a “kind bounce” to go 2-10 from the field. 58-54 Sonics.

Jeff Green almost gets a follow, Jamison gets the ball, not sure if it was an offensive.

8:37: AD just got a tech…talking after he didn’t get a call…doesn’t even look like he got fouled on replay.

8:06: Durant taps the ball away from DeShawn, fast break FTs. 63-54 Sonics.

Nothing is going right for the Bullets, Jeff Green is getting the best of Caron Butler.

7:06: Sonic Offensive Rebound #13: Petro gets an offensive rebound right over Haywood’s head.

6:41: Stevenson’s long threes are hitting the shot clock.

This is ridiculous. At this point, the only difference between tonight and last night is the Wizards start to the game….the 2nd quarter wasn’t anything to write home about. This 3rd is dreadful…..and there’s still 6 minutes left!!

4:17: This is a Comedy (and tragedy) of Errors. I really can’t believe the score is 73-56…only 6 points in the 3rd for the Wizards so far. Honestly, this is getting hard to watch, much less pay attention to….I’d rather look for photos on flickr.

Squatch is getting stronger.

2:21: Of course, the Wizards go on a 10-0 run of their own to cut the lead down to 7. 73-66. Sonics squash it with a timeout.

Well, that’s the 3rd…Wizards gets some saving grace by ending on a 12-2 run. 75-68 Sonics.

Quarter Four Big

9:53: Sonic Offensive Rebound #14: No one could react to French Petro.

9:00: Mason with a nice 3….but he can’t lead a break very well after getting a steal, no PG tendencies…..but AJ gets goaltend call, Wiz all the way back within 2 points. 82-80 Seattle.

After being pretty vocal earlier, despite sparsely filled seats, the Seattle crowd is VERY quiet now.

8:25: Mason with a triple. 84-43 Seattle.

7:18: Songaila bucket…..who opened the scrapiness box for the Wizards? They have an 87-84 lead.

6:19: Mason is bananas….just confidently NAILED his 4th three on 4th attempt in the 4th. 90-84 Wizards.

5:45: Ball movement please….Mason to Butler to D-Song — Buckets Son!

5:36: Kid Fresh (or is it Delicious) keeps answering the call, a trey this time. 26 and 7 for KD. 92-89 Wiz.

4:32: Roger Mason is going off with another trey. He may not be confident with the handles, but he sure can make things happen off the bench. 95-89.

3:36: And MAKE things happen again with a driving bucket in transition. 22 points for Roger. 17 in the 4th! 97-91 Wizards.

3:01: Now he’s driving and dropping dimes to Jamison, the Seattle players are chasing ROGER MASON JR.? all over the court. Unbelievable.

All the Seattle fans care about is ‘Save Our Sonics’ chants.

2:27: Butler gets a bucket and that might seal the deal. 101-92 Washington.

And that’s the game, 104-99 Wizards….wow, bailed out by Roger Mason Jr.

Boy, after the beginning of that 3rd quarter, I was ready to get in my car, start speeding to the Tidal Basin, and well… know. But I was saved by a Roger Mason in shining armor.

Eddie Jordan looks happier than I’ve ever seen him look getting off the bench to congratulate the players coming off the court. Two fists pumped in the air and a YEAH!!

Jordan commended Mason and Songaila the most in his post game, with some Haywood props on the side.

There will be none of this tonight in Seattle.

So long Sonics.
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