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Live Game 58 Blog: Washington Wizards @ Chicago Bulls

Updated: March 1, 2008

Is he in or is he out (for the season)…..what exactly is going on with Caron Butler?

At this point of the season, we can all say that we’d rather Butler heal 100% before returning to the court.

My question is: What the hell is going on with the team medical staff?

MRI #1 says strain. MRI #2 says tear. (yea, yea…that could’ve happened when Tuff Juice tried to come back) The next order: a reevaluation, of course. The franchise is mum on the whole thing because of “policy.”

Today’s Ivan Carter story in the Washington Post gives us hope that Caron might return this season. As Bullets Forever points out, the Times is not covering the latest. Maybe they don’t have a source, maybe they’re waiting for something official.

I had a conversation with a friend a while back about the medical staff for the Washington Wizards. I would call this friend a former team source. And this conversation took place back in mid, late-October…..way before the Caron Butler fiasco (per se) and pertaining to Gilbert’s 2nd time around knee issues. In any case, his assessment was less than complimentary. At the time, I didn’t think much of it….but now……

Hey, who knows? I’m sure they are all professionals who want to do their job to the best of their ability. But let’s just say that factoring in this recent history, the medical staff of the Washington Wizards is less than top notch. Of course, we could just wash our hands of this whole thing and scream Curse O’ Les Boulez until our lungs are sore.

Whatever it may be, the key words are caution and hope. Just as my friend Adam said in his fill in for the Wizards-Cavs LeBron & JV game:

Caron is sorely missed, but the last thing I want to do is rush him back from that hip flexor injury. I had a buddy in college with the exact same injury, and he had to get surgery and miss an entire season b/c he tried to rush back onto the court after that injury.

At this point, I’m not exactly sure what to do or think……so it’s back to the basics: rooting for my favorite, and hometown, NBA team with my full support in the ring.

Argentina was a blast….and I will have some Argentine-related basketball posts in the future. But….it’s good to be back in the U.S. of A. It’s good to have access to the internet at my finger tips. It’s good to be able to catch the Wizards live on TV……

….so let’s start the show.

1st Quarter

  • Curious to see this modified Bulls squad. I thought the trade was pretty decent for both teams.
  • Speaking of Argentineans, Danny Granger was suspended for hitting Dirty Andrés Nocioni the other night…..Granger’s character has been slightly questionable in the past, but knowing Chapu, it was undoubtedly provoked.
  • Jim Boylan calls a timeout 41 seconds into the game. Joakim Noah seems to be hurt and heads to the locker room – Larry Hughes getting his 1st start for Chi-town tonight.
  • Got the Daniels, Jamison, Haywood, Stevenson, Songaila starting lineup – back to the bench for Andray. In the eyes of Bullets fans, D-Song needs to dig himself out of a hole before the clock even gets running.
  • With Gooden in Chi-town now, I wonder if they’re going to go with a Common-Gooden collabo ad campaign.
  • Phil Chenier calls Joakim, Yannick….for some reason, I don’t see this as a good sign for the Wizards.
  • Noah comes back to the court after getting the ankle re-taped and Steve Buckhantz proceeds to call him call him “Yoah” – great.
  • …..oh yea, Bulls are up 11-3 three minutes and 45 seconds into the game with the only Wiz points coming off a D-Song J and a BTH FT.
  • Haven’t seen the Wiz for a while, so forgive me for noticing AD’s high socks if he’s worn them in the last couple games – he reminds me of whats-his-name — Donell Taylor.
  • The Wiz pick things up a little….mostly thanks to Brendan Todd Haywood who has come out really aggressive in the paint. Good to see him throwing his weight around against a physical Bulls team. Chicago timeout, 13-11 lead with 5:26 left.
  • D-Song is all over the court, I guess it’s that “against his former team” deal. He makes a great seat and outlet pass to AD who throws down a dunk, gets fouled, falls down hard, misses a FT, and holds his left wrist.
  • What? Luol Deng was traded from the Suns to the Bulls for Jackson Vroman? Completely forgot about that….Phoenix has made a lot of bad moves despite themselves.
  • After a 12-5 Bulls run, they take a 30-23 lead after 1 thanks to hot shooting to the tune of 63.2% (12-19 FG) — but the eye-popping stat, the Bulls have 10 assists on those 12 FGs, Larry Hughes with 4.
  • Obviously not much going on with the Wiz perimeter defense…..not much discipline on offense either.

2nd Quarter

  • The Bulls are putting on the pressure; Nick Young and Andray Blatche are resembling pipes. It would be nice to make Chi-town pay for their gambling on D….instead, they are converting pressure to points, and a 14 point lead (38-24) with 8:30 left.
  • The Wiz are getting to the line….drawing 2 fouls each on Noah and Gooden, and 3 on Tyrus Thomas so far. But 8-14 from the charity stripe is not going to cut it.
  • Aaron Gray has a perpetual “I just farted so bad that I can’t even stand the smell” look on his face.
  • Lotta volleyball action happening on the Wizards offensive end of the floor….nothing positive comes of it.
  • Andray Blatche comes in like he wants to get those starting minutes back. 8 points, 4 rebounds, an assist and a block in about 9.5 minutes of action.
  • Wiz down 40-30 with 5:32 left.
  • Yet, volleyball action on the Bulls end results in loose balls and points for them.
  • 2:40 – Andray Blatche almost turns the ball over, makes a sweet ass move to get to the basket, but seems to take his jump too far away from the hoop and gets blocked. Nothing much going on for DC as the Wiz are down 46-30.
  • The Wizards, all of them, as just taking *pardon my Spanish* Shots a la Mierda — to the tune of 26.2%.
  • A couple of seams just got ripped. Double techs on DeShawn Stevenson, he leaves the floor after going 1-8 from the field. Steve Buckhantz didn’t “see what he said” — and neither did I, but The Lock Smith got both of them pretty quick after some verbiage with the ref. Maybe the ref just didn’t understand him because of that whole wisdom tooth removal thing. Yea, riiiiiiiiight.
  • Halftime…..and what a sad sight, especially after Steve Buck reminds me that the game was once tied at 18. 52-34 Chicago.
  • Yup, as all too common the following phrase has become: “Nobody is going to save the Wizards.” — I would add, “including themselves” at the end of that.

Half Stats I Don’t Feel Like Giving:

  • Getting out-shot 51.2% – 27.9%
  • Getting out-rebounded 29-21
  • Getting out-assisted 16-6
  • Getting out-benched 21-9
  • Steve Buckhantz: “I’m glad you’re with us tonight” — He can’t be that cruel, can he?

< span style="font-weight:bold;">3rd Quarter

  • And Darius Songaila continues to be the lone bright spot for the Wiz. Ouch. (actually, Brendan and Andray weren’t bad…..but what’s “weren’t bad” on a sucky team?)
  • Chicago quick timeout after a 7-0 Wiz run in the first 105 seconds.
  • AJ gets a semi-unjustified charge called on him…his 3rd foul. He gets pretty mad. BTH seems even more angered. AD must calm both of them down.
  • The Wizards seem to believe that they are getting hosed by the refs — down only 9 with 8:32 left in the 3rd, maybe they will play with a chip on their shoulder.
  • It would also help if Jamison broke out of his 1-11 slump.
  • 16-1 Wiz run now….capped by a Jamison triple. 53-50 Chicago, 6:30 left.
  • Make that 18-1 as Songaila “Buries!” a jumper.
  • 20-1 run…Wiz take the lead on a Jamison tip. 5:20 left.
  • 22-1 run…long jumper by Roger Mason.
  • Boylan finally takes a timeout, 5:03 left. I’m still not sure what just happened….a lot of wet net for the Wiz.
  • Of course, Chi-town scores 4 straight after the TO, 57-56 Bulls.
  • The game goes back and forth with some unsightliness from both teams…..but Washington is able to keep their momentum and hold strong with a 3 point lead heading into the final quarter 69-66 (An Andray Blatch dunk off a nice set-up at the buzzer did not count — he should have gotten it off with much more urgency).
  • So what did the Wiz do statistically in the 3rd?
    • Roger Mason Jr aka the Foreman Grill jacked in 12 points on 5-7 shooting.
    • Wiz increased game FG% by 12.4%.
    • Wiz decreased rebound margin deficit by 6.
    • Wiz decreased assist margin deficit by 5.

4th Quarter

  • A little back and forth between the teams…including a nice Nick Young hanging make until…..
  • Oh. My. Lord. An absolute MONSTER dunk by Chapu Nocioni on Darius Songaila. Poor D-Song, they’re printing the posterization of that dunk on a million soccer balls in Argentina right now. CORRECTION: That was Oleksiy Pecherov AKA Stewie and not Darius Songaila — I’m sure that’s not the first time that big white Euros were confused.
  • Wiz still up 3, 75-72, 8:23 left.
  • Great, Nocioni is making 3s with half a shoe on — 14 points, 5 rebounds for him off the bench. Wiz up 79-77 with 6:26 left.
  • RMJ doesn’t care about that fool as he hits a reverse lay-up, 81-77 with 5:34 left — the Bulls are forced to call a timeout with Nocioni’s shoe completely off.
  • Blatche is still balling hard, he has 17 points.
  • Joakim Noah’s FT form looks like a turd flushing down a toilet in Australia. He, nonetheless, hits 2 to put the Bulls up 84-83 with 3:30 left.
  • D-Song makes up for getting dunked on with a big block on a Larry Hughes driving attempt.
  • Andray Blatche is being “worked on” by the training staff.
  • An unbelievably excited Steve Buck gets hyped by a D-Song tip in after a missed FT that puts the Wiz up 87-84.
  • 2:06 – Huge O-Bound and FLUSH by BTH (great play by him, he accordingly crashed the boards after his post entry pass to AJ), Wiz up 89-84….Haywood gets a block on the other end, but the Bulls recovers and Hinrich gets an open 3.
  • Sure glad that Haywood is in at the end of this game. AJ FTs….Big-Time BTH rebound after a Hinrich miss (is ‘Kirk’ really their go-to guy?) and an AD runner on the other end puts Washington up 93-87 with 1:15 left.
  • Uh oh…Nocioni triple after a careless Wiz turnover. 93-91 DC with 39 seconds left.
  • What a break…..(now the Wiz need about 100 more “breaks”). The Wiz almost turn the rock over, the ball gets deflected and somehow lands in Jamison’s hands by himself under the basket. He gets the hoop And1, Wiz go up 5.
  • The Bulls miss on the other end, the Wiz get the ball, Chicago fans boo, Daniels hits 1 FT….and that basically does it.
  • 97-91 Washington Wizards! What a great comeback after being down 20 points and a Lock Smith in the 2nd quarter….and to sustain the game after that. Uhhh….wow?

US-A-OK! What a win….I think just about all of us wrote this team off at half-time, but what a gutsy performance. As Phil C says…there were a lot of heroes tonight. I’m splitting the game ball in 3: to Roger Mason Jr., to Brendan Haywood, to Andray Blatche. Thanks for the welcome back gift Wizards. Box Score

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