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Live Game 61 Blog: Washington Wizards @ Toronto Raptors

Updated: March 8, 2008

Still wondering about the injuries of Gilbert or Caron? DC Pro Sports Report has your back.

Caron’s hip deal is a funny thing….even he doesn’t know when he’s better. The possibility of an aggravation, this being an odd injury; I can’t imagine what’s going through his mind. All I can say is that I feel for ya Tuff Juice. Take as much time as you want as I can only imagine what it’s like trying to gain confidence with hip issues.

Gilbert…..pretty much the same to you. Knee injuries are far more common than those of the hip. So, you can rest a little more assured knowing that you’re not alone. Hey, even I am with you. I had microfracture surgery in late December ’07, and blogged about my experience once, then twice….but never followed up (unfortunately, similar to my dedication to physical therapy). One day.

Point is, Arenas is going through the confidence thing just as Caron. Whatcha gonna do?

Back to the current Wizards: It’s snowing in Toronto. The Pradamaster is a busy guy. DC Pro Sports goes into enemy territory. And I had my preview, so you’re covered.

So let’s start the show….

Oh yea, the DCist is overhearing things in DC. I wonder what I’m going to hear in the upper level or “The Hill” at the Wizards-Bobcats game tomorrow night……

1st Quarter

As Steve Buck tells us to look out for Flying Treys in the Air Canada Center, I wonder if the Wizards can keep up in a shooting contest.

By the way, the company line from Steve and Phil about the Magic game was in regard to all the valuable time given to players such Nick Young and Oleksiy Pecherov.

Hell! The Wiz are down to 10 healthy players, the young players are getting “valuable time” anyway…..I’d rather them get sed valuable time in close games as opposed to meaningless blowouts where douchenozzles such as JJ Redick are running around the court.

11:00 – Haywood starts a little slow down low with a turnover and a miss…..Jamario Moon is throwing bamas off of him on rebounds.

9:20 – BTH checks in with a dunk and a “no don’t shoot it” until he makes it fade-away spinning jumper…..good to see the Wiz going inside on the first 5 offensive possessions (D-Song just got an inside bucket nicely set up by Daniels).

8:40 – Well, it’s already better than last game as Sam Mitchell calls a timeout…his team down 10-2. Safe to say that any team in the world would call a timeout after allowing an Antonio Daniels steal and uncontested dunk and then a Darius Songaila o-bound and smooth spinning hook shot.

6:30 – Stevenson shoots an air-ball 3 with the shot clock running down…..Eddie Jordan gives a mild (just smelled a small dog’s fart) stink-face. The Italian Spazz hits two straight 3s. 10-8 Wiz.

The Raptors are trying to isolate pretty much anyone against D-Song.

2:25 – Nice give up by Stevenson…..after missing 2 3s already…..Jamison gets an o-bound off the 2nd miss, gives it back to Lock Smith open at the 3 point line….DeShawn doesn’t take the shot, he gives the ball back to AJ for the long made 2 after he sneaked in the corner.

Good first quarter for the Wiz. Overall, they did well in establishing themselves inside totaling 10 of their 29 in the paint – along with 8 mid-range points. The Wiz went 2-6 from 3, one miss coming on a last second half court attempt by DeShawn. Toronto could not get into an offensive flow as they shot 33%, they only have 18. 11 point Wizard lead after one.

2nd Quarter

11:20 – Jamison just got his 8th rebound.

Steve Buckhantz tells us that he will keep viewers informed about the Sixer-Sonic game, Philly only being a game and a half behind the Wizards for 6th place in the east. Are we really ready to do this with a quarter of the season left? Start watching what other teams are doing?

9:05 – Meanwhile…..ever since I got back from Argentina, Argentines have been playing well against the Wiz. First, the infamous Nocioni dunk….and now, the Wiz turn the ball over three straight times (4 already in the quarter), 2 of which were consecutive steals by Carlos Delfino. He’s got 7 points and 2 assists to go along with that. 31-27 Wizards.

Giving a team, struggling at shooting, easy points off turnovers is a sure-fire way to let them back in the game.

8:35 – Great, the Italian Spazz is hitting stumbling reverse lay-ups. Phil calls him “agile”

8:20 – More careless turnovers by the Wiz….asking for it with Nick Young and Roger Mason at guards, along with D-Mac, Andray and D-Song in the game.

7:30 – Delfino is going off…..he’s got 11 points, 9 in the first 4.5 minutes of the 2nd. 13-4 run for Toronto. The Wiz are not taking care of the ball…..very frustrating.

7:17 – Nick Young gets the second best dunk of his career (here is his first)…..some dude named Primoz had his arms flailing near the Bean Burrito.

5:50 – Roger Mason is heating up, 2 straight buckets…..somebody has to combat Carlos. 41-35 Wiz.

5:30 – Delfino has McGuire on skates….but he misses the Ginobili-esque lay-up attempt.

5:16 – ….speaking of Primoz, he picked up a tech during the commercial break. Not sure what he was spittin’ mad about.

4:52 – Mason with another three (12 points)…..c’mon, how can you not like Rog?

4:05 – I guess I need to stop calling that Italian guy a Spazz. He’s looking good with 15 points and looking like a mature Yi Jianlian.

2:53 – Again? Seriously? Bargnani hits another 3. I’d appreciate someone bodying him up…….you know he’s fugazi when it comes to being tough….it’s part of the Big Euros Who Can Shoot Threes Bible.

I’m not sure why….and it really doesn’t matter, does it? But that “Near, Far” Celine Dion son
g is playing in Air Canada. I think I will order this shirt soon. Although, aren’t hats a good thing?

1:23 – Jamison is having another one of those 1-9 starts…..c’mon man, why make it difficult on yourself?

0:01.3 – Daniels sets AJ up with his 2nd FG on a nice drive and dish. In doing so, AJ reaches around and grabs his own back. I forgot that he was playing with a sore back.

Well, that’s the half – Washington is up 8, 53-45.

  • The leading Wiz scorers: Songaila (14), Mason (12), Haywood (10).
  • Bargnani has 18 while Delfino has 11.
  • Wiz at 55% FG are shooting 15% points better than Toronto.
  • The Wiz have 8 turnovers, too many. 3 from Haywood, 3 from Toronto.
  • The Wiz have a big 25-14 rebounding edge and the assist edge at 12-9.

3rd Quarter

11:19 – Antawn hits a 3….and then grimaces. 56-45 Wiz. A backiotomy is not what this team needs.

A couple Wiz turnovers, a couple more Toronto points. 58-51 Wiz with 8:45 left.

8:23 – Daniels gets his second dunk of the game on a fast break. D-Song got a nice loose ball recovery and sweet assist. The Lithuanian Swag definitely made the road trip… did the two turnovers he’s had in the last couple minutes. Still, 14 and 5 at this point of the game, I’ll take it. 60-51 Wiz.

6:50 – Calderon is a Spazz too…..a good one at that. Two straight by him makes it 62-57 Wiz.

Can we something else besides the term, “Reach-around foul”?

5:51 – Haywood rejects Calderon’s junk……sending him to the floor in a Euro flop, crumbling like a Jenga tower.

5:47 – Bag-Nanny proceeds to hit a 3 to cut the once 11 point Wizard lead to 2. 62-60.

5:24 – Calderon comes down and gets in the lane again… uh oh Roger Mason……basket, And 1. Raptors up 1.

4:41 – Calderon comes down and gets in the lane again… uh oh Roger Mason……miss, Moon recovers the rock and dunks. Raptors up 3…and yes, I got lazy with the copy and paste, or is it a statement on the Calderon in the paint pattern?

All this gets the Wizards quite discombobulated on offense… to Nick Young for jacking up a couple bad shots, Wiz are 2 for 8 this quarter.

3:30 – Good Lord….no one on the Wizards knows how to stop the ball……Calderon. That’s not coaching folks, that’s just players not getting out there and playing the game.

2:38 – 6 misses in a row for the Wiz in the midst of a 16-0 Raptors run. Another timeout attempts to get things settled down 69-62.

2:20 – Andray “Where Ya Been?” Blatche backs down against the weak Raptors and hits a baby hook. 69-64 Toronto

When Roger Mason is cold, why do all of his shots seem like bad shots?

1:17 – The Inside Job is working as AJ gets a baby hook in the paint. Wiz down 72-66.

0:38 – Blatche shows his passing skills….albeit the back door cut by Nick Young was a little sloppy. Big hoop nonetheless. 72-68 Raptors.

Finally, the deplorable 3rd ends with the Wizards down 74-68. A 15 point quarter for the Wizards, a 29 point quarter for the Raptors…..the Wiz scored 9 of the first 17 points of the period.

4th Quarter

16 team turnovers for the Washington Wizards in the game so far…..leading to 22 Raptor points. And you know how much I abhor turnovers.

Mason has a much easier time keeping up with Ford as he is not really a scoring threat.

10:31 – The young kids get running and gunning and tie the game at 74.

10:04 – Unsatisfied with narrowly avoiding another turnover, Eddie Jordan calls a timeout to calm this team down.

9:52 – Of course, Nick Young buries a 3 with the shot clock running down…..gotta like how he has that confidence. And all of a sudden, he has 9 points on 4-8 shooting.

8:14 – Young the Hopper hits another 3….now this is what I call “valuable” playing time; helping your team come back and take a lead. 80-76 Wizards.

7:09 – Wow….what a slam by Young, receiving a back door pass from D-Song. Wow again, he put that on two Raptors. Wiz up 84-78.

5:46 – The obligatory heat check fade-away from the corner/wing doesn’t go for Nick. An undisciplined forced shot….gotta live with that I suppose. He’s been pretty damn hot, just wish he could’ve attempted to continue in a composed manner.

4:46 – Just as I was about to type that the Wizards were making it tough on Calderon (keeping him contained, if you will)…..the Wiz get caught sleeping on Calderon and Nick Young allows him to hit a three. Big shot. Tie game. 84 all.

4:34 – Stevenson, continuing his terrible offensive game (1-8, 5 points) gets a charge called on him.

4:00 – The Raptors (Calderon) go down and score, but AJ answers. Tied at 86.

3:47 – Thank god Bargnani misses a 3….but Andray just watches RAAA-sho get an offensive rebound, put-back, And 1. Raptors up 3.

3:10 – Nick Young miss….forced. Roger Mason steal…scouting report…..Jamison and his back hustle for fast-break points. 89-88 Toronto.

2:41 – With the ball back and the crowd getting louder…Roger Mason comes through BIG with a 3. Redemption like that is going to get you the game ball son. Wiz up 2, 91-89.

1:59 – DeShawn, DeShawn…..just give up trying to do anything this game. Traveling on the Lock Smith, too much WD-40. 19th team turnover, 4 of those claimed by Stevenson.

1:38 – Whew….I’ve had hold my breath a lot on a couple open Raptor 3 misses…Delfino with the latest.

1:22 – Big scoop shot lay-up by Jamison…and he got fouled, no call. Poor back. Wizards up 93-89.

0:58 – Yessir, yessir….give him the game ball. Roger MasonJr. with a 3 pointer… daggers yet though. 96-91 Wiz.

0:43 – ….because of a Raptor offensive rebound off a Bargnani 3 miss gets to that damn Anthony Parker in the corner for a triple. 96-94 Raptors.

This has become a pretty exciting game between two playoff teams (ok, Eastern Conference playoff teams who would not even make it out West — and without their superstars) who are fighting for the game in an entertaining manner. The players from both sides are feeding off it’s importance.

43.3 left, 24 on the shot clock for DC — good play off the inbounds for the 2 for 1?

Nope, a Wizards turnover. No Wizard really fought to get open and Mason had to make a dan
gerous pass which got picked off by Moon. He gets fouled and knocks down both FTs. Tied at 96, 41.4 left.

No 2 for 1 now.

0:21 – AJ miss….no other Wizard is around, except for DeShawn Stevenson who crashes the boards and GETS the putback! Thanks Mike Wise. Wiz up 98-96.

Oh man….they keep showing those old replays I talked about earlier.

0:13 – Foul on Jamison?? Got Bargnani on the wrist?? Please. They don’t call that foul on a number of NBA superstars. Why not AJ too?

Out of timeouts….Raptor pressure…..13 seconds left….get it to Stevenson…..Raptors take their foul to give around half court.

0:10 – Out of bounds….Nick Young gets the ball….gives it to Stevenson (don’t like that, go with the hot hand)…..ball back to Nick Young (good)….he misses a 3 at the buzzer trying to break Delfino down.

I can’t complain about the shot, or who took it….but Nick Young just isn’t ready.

I hate overtime games….you know, the ones where you already feel like your team is hanging by a thread.


4:00 – You think the Wiz do good to limit Calderon penetration with AJ guarding him…while protecting the 3 point line. This only leaves the lane open for a Delfino drive. AJ answers on the other end with a tough shot. Calderon retorts with an easy jumper. 102-100 Toronto.

3:31 – Jamison the Warrior gets clobbered a couple times, the injustice happens when a foul on the floor, and not shooting, gets called.

3:28 – Stevenson ties the game on 2 big FTs. The Wiz are only 14-15 from the line. Good %, but not a lot taken.

2:57 – Not the time for the “experienced” D-Song to pick up his 5th turnover….a direct chest pass to Calderon. Toronto fast-break makes it 104-102 in their favor.

2:15 – Back with the ball…easy Calderon penetration on Stevenson….lob to Moon doesn’t go. D-Song gets called for a foul on the floor. I don’t know how D-Song gets called for the foul when Moon tried to go over him to get the ball.

1:43 – Tired of watching….AJ takes over with a big bucket. Gotta keep going to him while the back is warm. Game tied at 104.

1:12 – Jamison misses….thinks there shoulda been a call. Blatche gets the rebound and is fouled on the follow (at this point, I notice that Haywood is conspicuously absent from the game). Breath release….Andray makes both FTs, Wiz up 106-104.

0:58 – AJ has the vet hands too….stripping Delfino on an attempt….Raptors get the ball back and Bargnani scores off an inbounds play. Tie game.

Young, scaring me, drives and throws a pass…jumping in the air…to Blatche, who barely catches it, but manages to find a cutting Jamison. Passer to Hoop-er, the result is 2 AJ FTs and a 108-106 Wizards lead with 40 seconds left.

0:30 – Parker misses a 2 off a curl….and Jamison, of course, gets his 16th rebound, gets fouled, and makes both putting the Wizards up 4 with 30 seconds left. Not sure why the Raptors felt they needed to foul. Nonetheless, the game ball is about to transfer to Antawn Jamison.

The craziest sequence to end a game….Calderon misses a 3, gets his own rebound, he misses another 3 (I think), Moon misses a 3, McGuire gets the rebound, turns it over falling out of bounds, Delfino (or Calderon) gets the rock, tries for a 2, gets blocked by Andray, Calderon gets the ball back and barely musters up a 3 point miss at the buzzer. And I could still be totally wrong about what happened, but……Wiz Win! 110-106!

WoW….let me catch my breath…..BIG win and a BIG defensive stop at the end of the game that was just as intense as a game winning shot, aside from the Raptors having 4 (or so) chances at the hoop. The point being, DC got the stop.

Boy, this one feels good. Really good. Oh yea, score board watchers….Philly won in a rout. The win moved from Big to Huge.

[Box Score]

The new slogan for the season should be:
“Washington Wizards 2008: No one is coming to save us.”

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