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So you’re telling me the Wizards beat the Clippers

Updated: March 16, 2008

Sacrifices. I wasn’t able to catch the Wizards-Clippers game in any form last night, well….. (my boy Shamus Serpico became the age of 28 the same day as our Tuff Juice…..unlike TJ, we are all working stiffs and must do our actual celebrating on the weekend, thus, Saturday night dinner)……the “form” in which I’m going to attempt to catch the game is via a practice in web surfing.

Ok, I do know the final score. Being a fan, I was obliged to check game updates on my phone. I also know there was an overtime thanks to Antawn Jamison’s 3 free-throws to send it there, thanks to my boy D-Mac…..the man behind the production of Wizards and Caps games on 980 AM.

Check one: Bullets Forever

If there’s ever been a game before now where a team has played for exactly 5 minutes and 10 seconds and still managed to win the game, I sure haven’t seen it.

Ok…..well, the Wizards have a historical habit of playing down to their opponent’s level. I can understand this happening, especially with Caron back…..still trying to sync up.

Moving on…. Wizards Insider, Gilbert says he is close. Even more of a reason for players to start subconsciously worrying about their minutes and role with the team. Also, both big men, Brendan Todd The Big Headed Monster and the Kamanator (did you know he has brain overdrive?) did not participate in the match.

More on Gilbert on the Washington Post. Nacho Gil is going to get another MRI and if the read is clear, it’s going to be all good, huh? He’s gone through four “full” practices. But in the last quarter of the NBA season, where teams are trying to save players for games and playoff runs, I’m a little skeptical of how intense these practices really are. Take you time Agent Zero. Gilbertology is excited nonetheless.

So what about the game? (Dammit….I really need to sack up and get a DVR) The Washington Post run-down dedicates half a sentence to the brutality of the other 47 minutes and 50 seconds of the game. Essentially, Antawn Jamison amazingly put the team on his shoulders, again. Caron also showed the health of his hip with “sensational” dunks.

Heading over to the box score to get the details. Nothing crazy….or at least nothing that makes the Wizards look horrible. I realize that the final box is probably inflated by a 19 point overtime. 10 turnovers for the game, not bad.

Quick check of Les Bullez. A little more info: shots just weren’t going down and the Wiz missed a lot of FTs. Well, the Wizards did miss 9 free-throws, but they also took 43. The 34 makes means a 79.1%; not bad at all and on the dot for the season home average. The Wizards didn’t boost their FT totals much in overtime, going 4-4.

In other news:

Rookie Al Thornton left the game with a leg contusion. He had 8 points in 12+ minutes of action when he left late in the 2nd quarter. I hope that guy is ok….he’s a ball player. Thornton had 24 and 9 the last time the Wiz faced the Clips.

Speaking of that last Wizards game vs. the Clippers, #52 – Antawn Jamison runs LA. He got a tip in bucket with 0.3 seconds left to seal a win. They rioted in Washington, DC.

React Quotes from Clipper Blogs: has a beef with the refs…..and a staunch defense of their lottery team against any mistakes they made in letting the Wizards steal the game.

“So when Cuttino Mobley’s foul on Antawn Jamison with :02.2 seconds, it’s incomprehensible. Here’s what happens: The Clips lead 100-97. DeShawn Stevenson inbounds the ball on the far side to Jamison outside the arc. Jamison, covered by Mobley, catches the inbound, spins 180 degrees clockwise to square up for the 3PA. Cat has his left hand on Jamison’s right hip. But as Jamison sets and elevates for the shot, Cat actually removes his hand. As Jamison releases the ball, there’s absolutely no contact between the two players. But Olandis Poole whistles cat for the foul and Jamison goes to the line.”

I got a problem here. We all know that when a player is fouled in the act of shooting, he will go to the free throw line. If you would like to go through the entire NBA Rulebook, go ahead. But let me provide you with this passage:

“The act of shooting starts when, in the official’s judgment, the player has started his shooting motion and continues until the shooting motion ceases and he returns to a normal floor position. It is not essential that the ball leave the shooter’s hand.”

Now yes, it’s the refs judgment call as to if Jamison was in the act of shooting. But turning around towards the basket with 2.2 seconds left, I ask, what else was he doing? Cat Mobley’s removal of his hand from Jamison does not matter since AJ was deemed to be in the act of shooting upon the initial placement of the Mobley’s hand.

Game. Set. Match. – The referee made the right call, inarguable.

“A Win Is A Win” is the phrase that’s filling up the Wizards game philosophy in-box.

…..meanwhile, I present the Kamanator on his day off with Kobe Bryant.

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